Today we needed a half page filler in our magazine and this comes from Bonnie, her first post.   H O P E    We've placed our hope in many things, haven't we? hope (hōp) v - the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well.                   n - a person or thing in whi...
After watching some news during lunch today, I had to turn it off. I was getting depressed with how all the items of the day were being presented. I am convinced that if CNN, MSNBC, FOX or any other main stream media press were actually at that pool of Bethesda when Jesus healed that one man? The...
The following is an excerpt from a book we've read and re-read since we've discovered it. It's called When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— A JEWISH CUSTOM It was the custom of a Jewish father to take his son to the ...
In a little over a month, we'll embark on a trek across country to take our youngest daughter to her school. It's called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and it's in Redding, CA. Everyone we have ever heard of going there has said it's nothing short of total life changing events, every sing...
I've checked into this and it is an accurate transcription of his actual speech... this is not right wing rhetoric... This is how we get things done in America. I will stand with my Texan brothers and sisters on Aug. 6th, will you? Governor Rick PerryTranscribed speechLongview , TexasMay 23, 2011...
This gets my goat.
...when we complain about some type of behavior in others, and we're really honest with ourselves, we have the same problem? Why is that? If you already disagreed, don't waste your time reading further, you aren't ready yet. But if you agree please read on. I believe that it irritates us simply b...
I remember, the scene in The Passion when one of the others crucified with Jesus asked Him this question. "You Fool! Why Do you embrace your cross?" The answer is really simple. That cross was you and I. That cross was 10's of billions of people before Jesus came and after. He loves us that much....
The Old Testament put forth a very tough trial by which anyone claiming to be the long awaited Messiah would have to meet. 333 prophecies concerning who he was would need to be met. To add to that, the Rabbis and Pharasaitical leaders of Jesus' and His parents day added to it. Because of the numb...
Just had a birthday last week. I love birthdays, it doesn't matter how old I get (54 now), I still feel 12 again each one. I think it's one special day that everyone gets. It's not about the gifts you get, (I got a paperback book "Heaven Is For Real" and a Packer Super Bowl hat ooooweee!) it's ju...

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