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We have a winner… cue the trumpets!Before we get to the lucky winner (and his charity!), we’d like to take the time to thank all of the ActiveRain participants for their super amazing submissions. While the winner was drawn at random, we read each and every entry. Contests such as this aren’t sim...
When it comes to real estate, there is one unavoidable truth: leads are life. Whether you’re the type to hoard thousands of lukewarm leads or foster a few scalding hot ones, they’re what drive your business - and your success.Of course, if leads were easy to come by and, more importantly, close, ...
 This month marks 5 years since we launched Happy Grasshopper, and 5 years since our very first blog post on ActiveRain - how time flies! =) We've been reflecting on how we got here, and just how grateful we are to the people who have helped us grow. Word-of-mouth has been the foundation of Happy...
Most of us have at least some experience with CRMs - software, often with reminders that help you organize and reach out to your clients. The problem is, CRMs often evoke more questions than answers. Do I really need one? Are there important features to look for?The answers to your questions is a...
They aren't following up.  Seriously.  I've seen the NAR stat that the average real estate lead only gets 1.4 phone calls and 2 emails, but I didn't believe it.   When I decided to start searching for my next house, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to conduct my own research.  I emai...
“I Have 100% Confidence In Happy Grasshopper.” Those are the words of Chelsea Peitz, Director of Marketing forFidelity National Financial. Now one of Happy Grasshopper’smost ardent supporters and advocates, Chelsea wasn’t sure about us when she decided to try our Be Awesome With Email system back...
I’ve just returned from a week spent with some of the brightest minds in real estate. At Real Estate Connect New York, two thousand of real estate’s innovators and most curious folks gathered at Manhattan’s Grand Hyatt to seek, to learn, to discuss, to forge, and to propel their businesses forwar...
Your customer database should be your most valued asset.  You can slice it and dice it in a million ways(maybe even a million and one), but there, sadly, is one part of it–a part that often sits there, glowing brightly like a neon sign on a roadside motel–that most people flat-out ignore. We’re t...
We say it all the time: our customers are amazing. And it’s true. Not only are they a fine bunch of folks, they’re about the smartest and most creative bunch around. Every time we turn around, one of them is using Happy Grasshopper in a way that makes us smile. They’re constantly taking the tool ...
  As with any tool, no matter how simple it is, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use it.Take a hammer, for example. Its concept is simple enough, right? You’ve got a nail, its poky end poised and ready to get lodged into a piece of wood. You hit it with the hammer–one swift strike–and the ...

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