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At Happy Grasshopper, we love greatness. We love the great people we work with, the great town where we’re located (shout out to Safety Harbor, yo!), and we LOVE the constant greatness of our customers. That’s why we’re super excited about a new bit of greatness that’s getting ready to go down! W...
Happy Grasshopper isn’t for everybody. We get that. And you know what? We’re okay with that.  The people who use our service think a little differently and they’re willing to do things in a way that doesn’t fall in lockstep with the traditional drumbeat of, “Sell, sell, SELL!” So when I had a few...
DOSAGE: Use Happy Grasshopper every three weeks to reduce salesiness & increase customer responses. WARNING! Happy Grasshopper is NOT for everyone. Discontinue use if you suffer from any of the following: Inability to smile. Patent dislike of success. Inclination to whine. Insatiable need to talk...
Really? Who said that? Who made that rule? Since the dawn of time, salespeople have been trained to sell … ALL THE TIME. Sell at work, sell in your messaging, sell to your friends, at your coffee shop, at the grocery store, your gym, your mom’s house … you get the picture. I’m not sure who’s grea...
This morning, we've got something a little different for you. Our CEO (and my co-founder), Dan Stewart, had some thoughts about the differences between "pitching" and positioning". One of the biggest problems salespeople (no matter WHAT business they're in) have is that they often don't know the ...
Through our work, we're lucky enough to meet some pretty fascinating, impressive people. Sometimes--often, actually--those people become our customers and we all go on to write shared success stories. For us, there are few better examples of people like that than Laurie Davis & Lisa Archer. They ...
“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” Whether or not you recall this quote from the super-duper 80s classic “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, it kinda captures the spirit of what’s happening the spirit of what’s happening here at HGHQ (that’s Happy Grasshopper Headquarters for those of yo...
We don’t get many complaints from our customers. That’s something we’re pretty proud of here at Happy Grasshopper. Happy customers getting great results are what drives us. There are some folks, however, that simply “don’t get it.” Joe Lucci didn’t “get it”. Until he did. Joe is a cool dude. Like...
One of the most frequent questions we get at Happy Grasshopper is "WHY do your messages work so well?" Given what's been drilled into people's heads forever and ever, ad nauseum, it's understandable that lots of folks wouldn't be able to "get it". How could something that wasn't branded to look l...
Do you remember that movie from the early 90s--Indecent Proposal?  I don't remember it because it was such a great movie, really. I remember it because of the questions it raised. In case you don't recall, the plot was something like this: Robert Redford plays an extraordinarily wealthy guy. On a...

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