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When traveling into any city, one can’t help but witness the wide variety of architectural expression (or lack thereof) in the commercial buildings along the strip. Often, what is built is little more than a cheap box with a sign out front. It might serve the business purpose of the owner, but do...
The construction industry is slowly recovering from a dismal couple of years and there appears to be hope on the horizon. U.S. architectural firms have reported the fifth straight month that billings have held their own or increased, with a modest improvement in March over the February numbers. I...
It is amazing to me that a company in 2010 can create a product like the iPad. A product that is something that did not exist, I did not know I needed, that I have to own now that they created it. Apple has done an amazing job at creating products, not just improving them, but creating a market f...
I participate in a monthly survey for architects to provide an economic picture of the future. Here is this months less than optimistic report. Work-on-the-Boards survey results for the month of April, please click here: Highlights: The ABI fell sharply in...
Get away from city living with this back-to-nature mountain retreat. Though unassuming on approach, once inside, the house invites the outside in with views of the outdoors from every space. After hanging your coat up in the entryway, you enter the family room that is well lit by natural light po...
“Aging in place” refers to living where you have lived for years, typically not in a health care environment, using products, services, and conveniences which allow you to remain home as circumstances change. In other words, you continue to live in the home of your choice safely and independently...
I often wonder if I do enough. I am a husband, dad, believer, architect, organizer, speaker, teacher, and activist. Can I be all those things at the same time and do them well? Am I leaving everything on the table everyday or am I coming up short by being spread too thin. I want to be super dad, ...
  Good advice on staging a home, very similar concepts when designing a new home or a renovation project. You have to understand space, texture, light, and most important feeling. It is hard to quantify, but Cathy has done a great job describing it here.     When potential buyers are shopping for...
I am working as the owner's agent for a client that is purchasing a new (old) home. The real estate agent negotiated a deal for the buyer (my client) that the seller would repair any structural damage and a few windows that had failed. My client did not want to deal with the hassel of making sure...
business competition is on the rise and everyone should be looking for ways to get an advantage, here is a list of easy ways to stay in front of the pack: 1. Evaluate you Office Energy Performance – calculate your average energy use per square foot of office space and implement best practices to ...

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