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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.
If you've tried selling you home in the last many years you probably have seen quite a hit in equity. For awhile it seemed as if the prices would remain at rock bottom forever and that we'd just 'have to learn to deal with it.' Sellers have eaten the brunt of the damage as we've watched the value...
When it comes to buying and selling real estate it may feel a little like playing a game. The goal? To settle into "home" safely and in the perfect timing. Whether you are selling or buying there are strategic moves that you can take that will simplify the process and make the game easier to play...
Yeah, yeah. This might sound like a bitter diatribe by the time I'm done, but I'm going there anyways. I have upwards of thirty saved auto searches through the MLS. Not all of them are active buyers, but they are professional "lookers" and it makes life a lot easier than me punching in their sear...
You might be scratching your head and wondering whether it is time to move or time to stay. Each homeowner has to answer that question for their own needs, but let me give you a few compelling reasons why selling your house right now might be a GREAT idea. 1. Price are on the Rise In most areas a...
Shiver Elk River 2013Yes, we crazy Minnesotans have to find great ways to enjoy the seasons. Shiver and plunge events are becoming ever popular around the state.Elk River celebrated this year's event in high fashion. Starting at 8am pulling the ice blocks out of the lake and securing the area for...
I cannot imagine what it is like to jump in a lake at 30 degrees.... 20 degrees... ZERO degrees. I don't want to know, but I am HAPPY to sit on the sidelines supporting those who do and take their pictures being silly.Elk River SHIVER 2013 is only a few days away and there is great anticipation o...
There are some folks that feel that the road to purchasing a home is an easy one. The reality is... it might be easy on paper, but usually isn't so clean and tidy in real life. For many it's the struggle of cleaning up debt, managing and saving a down payment, and timing it all between life circu...
Do you take time to create New Year's Resolutions? Do you reflect on the past year with your 'top' moments and 'bottom' moments? Do you think about how it could have been different or what the new year has for you? Long around Christmas I start thinking about the year that's passed and the blessi...
I am humbled to have made this top ten list. Things in my world turned a bit whonky this fall and I haven't been on much, but I think of the Rain every day. After the first of the year I'll be back in full force. Until then? I guess I'll just have to rest in the idea of knowing that my voice has ...
Are you a snowbird? How far south do you fly in winter?Do you wait until after the holidays or travel earlier in the cooler season?I can quite imagine that last weekend's storm really threw some late flyers for a loop-d-loop. After all.... what else would you dream of in a dozen inches of snow?T...

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