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Intended to share information, ideas, and tips on buying and selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Written by realtor and radio host, Harry F. D'Elia. This Blog focuses on the creation of wealth through real estate and is involved in teaching others how to conservativley buy and sell real estate to enhance one's current portfolio. Agent's are welcome to follow along and learn from Harry how to successfully meet your clients needs.
 CLIENT FIRST ALL OTHERS SECOND WHEN SHOWING HOMES I was showing homes to a first time home buyer last week. He wants to purchase a home before the deadline to receive the tax credit. This will be his first time owning home after twenty years. We looked at five homes that day. I thought I would s...
CREATIVE MARKETING STAY BETTER CONNECTED WITH PAST AND PRESENT CLIENTS. BRING A FRIEND ALONG The biggest challenge for all agents is how does one keep in contact with past clients whether past or present. Is there a systematic way to stay in touch? I have found most agents shoot from the hip. Vet...
SUNDAY PHOTO FOR ALL  I always have my camera with me for moments like this one. This is a recent home that we purchased to Phoenix fix and flip it. The grass in the backyard was completely over grown since it has been neglected for months. I do not know the whole story behind this home. However,...
NEW REAL ESTATE ALPHABET ABC REALLY MEANS ALWAYS BE CLOSINGWe are about to embrace another day in the busy world of real estate. All of us are working harder today than ever before to stay in this game. There are far too many people giving up too easily. Why? We have to roll up our sleeves and ge...
PEOPLE ARE MOVING THEIR CASH FROM WALL STREET TO MAIN STREET REAL ESTATE INVESTING   Wall Street continues to have terrible days when it comes to returns, Fortune 500 companies continue to lay off thousands of workers, and people are taking their money out of the stock market and placing them in...
TITLE INSURANCE BETTER EXPLAINED PHOENIX REAL ESTATE Real estate is a part of everyone life. We see real estate for sale or lease on a daily basis via Internet, television, radio, and newspaper. The definition of title means an owner has the right to maintain or sell real estate in his/her posses...
IT IS TIME TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE THE SECOND TIME I have been an active real state agent for the past sixteen years. I have worked for the big box names and no names since I have been an agent. I have learned from my own experience that people decided to do business with people they can trust an...
SUNDAY QUOTE OF THE DAY DECEMBER 4, 2016 The Holiday Season is upon us. Many of us are busy with business, family and friends. Is it possible to get in touch with all people? What does 2017 look like for business opportunities? Many agents are optimistic about the future. However, many of them do...
HARRY'S LIST TO PREPARE A HOME FOR SALE WITH CURB APPEAL   In preparing your house to sell, ask yourself over and over if your house looks like someone else's dream house. Houses in move-in condition tend to be inviting to buyers; houses that are in like-new condition typically sell fastest and ...
REAL ESTATE MENTORS FOR REAL ESTATE 2017 AND BEYOND I have been in the real estate industry for the past sixteen years. I spent the first fourteen years in corporate America. I was thrown into the real estate industry. However, I knew I had to obtain a mentor in order to survive in real estate. I...

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