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Intended to share information, ideas, and tips on buying and selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Written by realtor and radio host, Harry F. D'Elia. This Blog focuses on the creation of wealth through real estate and is involved in teaching others how to conservativley buy and sell real estate to enhance one's current portfolio. Agent's are welcome to follow along and learn from Harry how to successfully meet your clients needs.



SHIFTING SANDS Here is an example of a block wall that is cracking due to tree roots and soil erosion. This happens quite frequently in the Arizona area. The home owner is being forced by the Home Owners Association to fix the wall before a real accident happens. Just another issue to deal with w...
PURCHASING PHOENIX FIX AND FLIP HOUSES AT ARIZONA TRUSTEE SALE TIFFANY AND BOSCO BIDS DAILY AT 10:00AM BE THERE TO WIN Many real estate investors shy away from Arizona Trustee Sales to purchase Phoenix Fix and Flip Houses because it goes very fast. However, this is where my real estate investors ...
SUNDAY AT ITS BEST We were walking down by the Biltmore area this Sunday morning. They had part of 24th Street blocked since the crane was in use as you can see. It seems they were putting in a new AC unit on top of the roof. It was quite an impressive scene at the mere size of this crane. Yes, I...
BEST FROZEN YOGURT IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA MOJO I GOT MINE TODAY I believe I found the best frozen yogurt in Phoenix, Arizona. The name of the establishment is MOJO YOGURT. I host a weekly real estate radio show in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, Many times we have guests on live air show in which we d...
FIRST TIME HOME BUYER CONSULTANT DESIGNATION HOSTED BY OLD REPUBLIC TITLE AGENCY                      I had the honor of obtaining my FIRST TIME HOME BUYER DESIGNATION this week. The class was taught by Marlo Newman of the The Lending Company. Marlo developed and authored this designation to educ...
SATURDAY PHOTO This is a pool that has been neglected for a very long time. We purchased this home at the Arizona Trustee Sale for $67,500. After repair value on this home is around $140,000 located in South Scottsdale, Arizona. The real estate investor will need to invest $30,000 to get this hou...
OBTAINING MY FIRST TIME HOME BUYER CONSULTANT DESIGNATION TODAY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY? I get a call on my cell phone yesterday from my partner. "What are you doing tomorrow at 9:00AM tomorrow morning?" I am doing something with you. Right! I am teaching the class designation THE FIRST TIME HO...
LOCAL ARIZONA REALTOR CALLS REAL ESTATE AND BEYOND TO LEARN HOW TO PHOENIX FIX AND FLIP A HOUSE SUCCESS STORY I would like to introduce you to Chris Potter. He is a local Realtor located in Phoenix, Arizona. He has a passion for Phoenix Fix and Flip houses. He has been listening to my Real Estate...
JOINING MY LOCAL NATIONAL HISPANIC ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA FOR $50 Yes, this is me looking to network with other real estate professionals in Phoenix real estate market. Also, I wanted to learn more this year about first time Hispanic home buyers and assisting...
HOW DO YOU STRUCTURE THE REAL ESTATE PURCHASE CONTRACT? It is another busy day for Arizona Foreclosures when it comes to Phoenix Fix and Flip homes. Are your phones ringing more this week than in 2010? I believe the news is out that real estate is FOR SALE. The real estate investors have decided ...

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