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Continued from the original post: THE COLOR PURPLE - "Surprise Toxic Mortgages Are The Best" Inspired By:  Surprise!!! "Toxic Mortgages Are The Best!"THE COLOR PURPLE - AND I DON'T MEAN THE MOVIE - PART IIOne of the important components that distinguish a Pick-A-Payment from its cousin, the Pay O...
"I'VE HEARD PEOPLE SAY THAT TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU...BUT I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE, BABE." BARRY WHITE And that's exactly the song that Mortgage Bonds appear to be singing to the 200-day Moving Average recently. In fact, they've touched this level on twelve of the past six...
Inspired By:  Surprise!!! "Toxic Mortgages Are The Best!" THE COLOR PURPLE - AND I DON'T MEAN THE MOVIE - PART IFeatureTypical Option ARMPick-A-PaymentLoan-To-Value (LTV)110% or 115%125%Recast Time Frame5 Years10 YearsIndicesLibor or MTACOSIMinimum Payment1.001.95Type of ServicingSold in Secondar...
Imagine my surprise (NOT) when Business Week came out with its September 21st story on a study conducted by professors at Columbia and NYU that found the "optimal" mortage in a perfect world is an option ARM.  You think this is crazy?  According to professors, Tomasz Piskorski of Columbia Busines...
There's a new Sherrif in town - the Bull is back.Stocks surged in Friday's trading session as a robust jobs report sent the S&P 500 Index to an all-time high record.  The Labor Department said there were 110,000 new jobs created last month, but for July and August there was an additional 118,000 ...
"MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH." Remember the old show "Get Smart", when bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart would describe his latest major goof by holding up his fingers about a half-inch apart, and emphatically stating that famous line? In similar appears the Department of Labor missed s...
I just returned from an invigorating two-day conference that my company hosted for it's Mortgage Consultants.  One of the focuses of the conferences was aimed at identifying the hopes and fears of Realtors in this volatile market place and what we, as trusted partners, can do to help them.One of ...
"ONE WAY TO AVOID MISINFORMATION IS TO AVOID PROVIDING ANY INFORMATION." St. Louis Federal Reserve President William Poole And while that may be true, the markets are hoping for a bit more guidance from the Fed, including Fed Pres William "Everyone Into The" Poole.The Bond market and home loan ra...
October dates have been set for our FREE DRE-accredited classes (see my post:  Free DRE-Accredited Continuing Education (Appraisal, Underwriting, Mortgages & Calculators) Classes will be held in our offices at 28780 Avenue Stanford #375, Valencia, CA as follows:    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH    10:00 ...
MEASURE TWICE...CUT ONCE. And like this old saying advises, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his Federal Open Market Committee probably measured their decision quite a few times before making their recent .50% cut to the Fed Funds Rate. But if the Fed's history of making cuts and hikes in cycles con...

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