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 My Network is Simple Follow Me    My friend Praful Thakkar  asked us to write a post about our Network . Mine is really simple to follow . I write a blog on Active Rain . I am sad that more Real Estate companies do not encourage their agents to write about Real Estate It has been a blessing for ...
 Cleo my Siamese cat joins me as soon as she sees me checking in on the Orchids . I talk to them and ask when they will bring us beautiful flowers . She watches them closely but only when I enter the room to speak to them and tend to them . She does not look at them any-other time that I notice  ...
This post is in answer to a Featured postZillow's 'Instant Offers' Controversy Distracts Us  By Dave Fratello    Keep your Ears  Eyes  your  and Mouth Open - reading this post reminds me of the picture of the Three Monkey's one hold their Mouth the other their Ears the other Eyes . I am sorry but...
 Summer is sizzling at Delaire Landing Condo Community on the Waterfront . It seems once again Delaire Landing is a Hot and popular place to live .  Snooze and you will lose the condo of your dreams .Let us take a quick look at what is available  for sale as of July 13 2017 as reported to the Tre...
Happiness is determining what loan is best for you  When I speak with my clients I always insist we have an initial meeting Sometimes in fact many times lately I have clients who are buying homes with cash  I also like these clients to speak with my mortgage banker  There may be reasons that they...
 The single over fifty woman movement is on the rise It seems woman would rather be independent and single Many have been stuck in an unhappy marriage for years Now they want out -they work and are financially able They have friends they travel and want to be free They do not want to have to answ...
As a Real Estate Agent we need to know there are options for our clients . They depend on our knowledge Under this Fannie Mae option the spouse or co-borrower retaining the property can refinance the property up to 95% LTV in stead of 80% LTV.  Again this is a huge advantage when a property has d...
  It is Hot Hot Hot this summer in the Bakers Bay condo market this summer in waterfront in Philadelphia Pa . It seems everything is selling as fast as it hits the market if it is priced right  So let us talk quickly about what is available for sale at the present time . The Mid Rise the building...
As you may know, this week has been very difficult in Philadelphia. Concerned citizens can take a stand as you see in the post below about a Prayer Vigil to be helpd in Center City on Thursday evening at 6pm at the corner of 18th and Lombard where one of the incidents this week happened. We canno...
Did you know today is Palindrome day  a word phrase or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards   That is right  today is 7 -11-17  The store 7 Eleven  is giving away Slurpee all day in honor of this date Many years ago a very intelligent young man a son of a Real Estate Associate of mi...

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