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when you planned your business this year? Sometimes it's the tiniest thing that makes a difference in whether something works or not. That's where the systems come in that you hear so much about today. When you sat down to make a plan for 2008's success, you may have chosen up to five models or s...
I just read an articule about YAHOO and how they are considering a layoff and retuning to get their edge back. They are behind Google and we don't say I'm going to yahoo and find some information=Google has almost become a verb! It made me think of the real estate business and how we need to thin...
I had to share this: My oldest daughter sent me this-she knows I teach REALTORS how to be more effective using technology and it just tickled my funny bones to shaking today to see these two comics. Hope it give you a tremble or two as well! If not-Pick up the phone -this too shall pass! 
The Federal Government has realized (finally) what all of the bad press has been doing to the housing market and that affects many people's jobs. I always tell people who ask for housing advice to follow the jobs. If they are relocating check out the job market even if you are transferring for a ...
Of the top ten cities in the U.S two of the top ten are in Texas and both are seeing an INCREASE in home values! What are you saying when someone asks how is the market? I saw an articule yesterday where a long time broker in another southern state was crying the blues over the state of the state...
UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE on 10906030   Now $50K under new builds in the area!We are looking for highest and best offers on this property. I will be happy to get you in just give me a call or check in with CSS if you are a professional. This home is great for people who need an e...
Nightline suggested just last night that NOW is the time-to BUY while the rates are down and the inventory is up. Two days ago the Federal Reserve bank dropped the rates by 3/4 of a percent: the largest single drop in 20 years. This opens the door to a very unique opportunity. This opportunity is...
May I share an interesting lesson that I learned from someone younger than I was, a few years back. She was the daughter of a friend that had been sent to recuperate in the US (I didn't ask why as she was a bit withdrawn on that topic) She wanted to workout so we set up a time and place and gathe...
You know sometimes I end up speaking to people in other countries during my workdays. Today I had called India for help on their 800 number 5 times and I was more than a little bit peeved when they continued to cut me off and disconnect every time they put me on hold. I didn't know at the start t...
March 15, 2008 the downpayment assistance programs are going to end. So IF you are thinking about buying a home and think that you might have wanted to take advantage of this program, NOW is the time to be calling. Right now. It can take up to 30 days to close from contract to closing. I do know ...

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