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Ooooh the smell!!!  Wenatchee Home Inspector Well, we all have heard it… "they don’t build them like they used to." In many cases that really is a good thing. Here we have a plumbing stack that was terminated right by the bedroom window.  Well, there are obvious reason why this is not a great ide...
Wednesday's Yuck.  Wenatchee Home InspectionsSomedays you just have to say yuck.  Home inspecting does have its days.    “There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum.”Tom Robbins  If you find any errors or have additional information that would expand on any code, building standards or ...
What are you missing? Wenatchee Home Inspection  On home inspections having the right tools are always a must and often a blessing. Here was a great example. When doing an IR scan of the ceiling I find a dark blue to black area of the wall area in the front room/kitchen area. This was the unmista...
New Battery Power- is it Goodenough? Wenatchee Home InspectionWell, it has yet to be seen if this can pan out in large scale but one of the co-inventors of the Lithium-Ion battery has made another breakthrough. John Goodenough has lead a team with senior research fellow Maria Helena Braga from th...
What is the creepy crawler in my presence?Wenatchee Home Inspection What is this little bugger that is covered in legs, with a black to greyish-white colored body (they can also be yellow)? Their legs with a flurry of movement surround their body and propel these little creatures in quick, dartin...
Wiring a disposer… is it that hard?Wenatchee Home Inspector  Well if evidence is based on observation it must be because I see so many disposers not properly installed.Having the wiring not properly installed and secured is a recipe for a bad day. All electrical connection and wiring need to be ...
Do want to be a cave dweller?    Wenatchee Home Inspections Kronborg Castle- DenmarkSome people find inspiration in the doing. Here is a short clip from CBS Sunday morning a while back on Ra Paulette’s cave creations. Truly is amazing what with a little time, perseverance and love of what you are...
If it does not look Right!Wenatchee Home InspectionsI teach several home buyer’s classes every year to prospective new home buyers. One thing I tell them is when they are looking at homes if something does not look right more times than not it isn’t. Here is an example that most people when they ...
Merry Christmas from Wenatchee “May the spirit of the season bring you closer to those whom you cherish so much. May this be a year of celebrations for everyone, Merry Christmas to all.”   “Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man ...
What were you thinking? Whirlpool baths, receptacles and GFCI’s.Chelan Home Inspections Quite often I find that whirlpool baths/Hydromassage bathtubs, or as many call Jacuzzi Tubs (which is a manufacturer name kinda like Kleenex or Xerox), that have missing accesses for the motor and electrical c...

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