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Melt Down in My Zinsco                                                                Wenatchee Home Inspections Zinsco dates back to the 1930’s as the  Zinsmeyer Company which officially became Zinsco in the early 1940’s then was sold to  GTE-Sylvania in 1973.GTE-Sylvania Sticker on Zinsco style...
The Swarm- Western Subterranean Termites         Wenatchee Home and Pest Inspections  Swarmers or Alates are reproductives termites that are venturing out to start a new colony.We can thank our friend Mrs Spider for creating this lovely collection. The termite reproductives are the winged termite...
Why Sheetrock? Physical properties and Fire Resistance.   Douglas County Home Inspections With my recent post “The World’s most expensive Sheetrock” came some questions on fire resistance and the requirements for fire separation in a garage. The main purpose of the assembly in the garage is to sl...
The missing piece- When roofs are done… They are done!          Wenatchee Home Inspection During a roof inspection and I tell the buyer or owner that the roof is done I often get the same response… “Will it last a few years”. My answer is pretty much the same... I can make almost any roof last a ...
Burning Down the House- Wenatchee Wildfire 2015 Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over, Hold tight, we're in for nasty weatherThere has got to be a way, Burning down the house Well my little town made the national news this week.  Not really for the reason I wanted it to.  So a little setup- I wa...
Washington State weighs in on Receptacles in Cabinets Under Sinks.  Wenatchee Home Inspections This has been a topic of discussion about receptacles under kitchen sinks between me and a few inspector and electrician friends. I even called the state head electrical inspector on this exact subject ...
World’s most expensive sheetrock.                         Wenatchee Home InspectionsWhat do you think is the average price for ½ sheetrock? About $10 to $12 for a 4x8 sheet you would be very close. Then factor what the typical cost of installation the cost of materials and installation is around ...
The confluence- a flowing together of ducts                     East Wenatchee Home InspectionLets start with some definitions and concepts- Confluence: a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point the flowing together of two or more streams  Fluid: a substance, as a liquid or...
It is hard to change old habits- Garage Receptacles Outlets         East Wenatchee Home Inspections Well now that I am seeing more and more post 2014 NEC new construction, there are many changes that have come to be.  Washington State was in a code freeze so we jumped from the 2008 NEC to the 201...
I have a swamp cooler… except it is not a swamp cooler.     East Wenatchee Home InspectionsThis is a Swamp CoolerWell the cooling season is now upon us on the Eastern Flanks of the Cascade mountains. With that I have to get back into my Air Conditioner/Heat Pump testing mode. So on this recent ho...

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