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When your dreams go up in smoke. Wildfires in Washington 2015 Well it seems the world is on fire again in Washington State.  This years fires now eclipsed last year’s fire as the largest in state history. Nothing like making history two years in a row. I was returning from a commercial inspection...
Just a flip and a relay and on comes the light- Low voltage lighting and control systems.Wenatchee Home InspectionsIt was to be the new rage. A supposed “economical” system to control your lighting circuits. You can wire any number of switches, photo sensors, timers and other devices to a relay t...
Continuity and Handle Ties- Fun with multiwire branch circuits. I have stated this before that I am not a big fan of multiwire branch circuits (MWBC) in residential wiring. But it is an approved practice and as home inspectors we need to be aware of them and some of the unique characteristics of ...
Out here in the fields- Bighorns in the Entiat Mountains On the way home from a home inspection I stopped to take a few photos of the local Bighorns that reside in the Entiat Mountains.    Swakane CanyonBack in the 1960’s to  the 1970’s  the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDF&W) re-i...
How to destroy an appliance in one easy step…  250v receptacles.  Wenatchee Home InspectionsAhh in the land of home inspections we get to see a lot of fun things. Quite often many homeowners do things without really understanding what the final outcome may be. Here is an example of such a case. O...
When you are done… You are done. Roof Talk.                Wenatchee Home Inspections  They often are out of sight out of mind... on it is very important… your roof. As a home inspector one of the things that most new homeowners want to know is what is the condition of the roof. This is typically...
Melt Down in My Zinsco                                                                Wenatchee Home Inspections Zinsco dates back to the 1930’s as the  Zinsmeyer Company which officially became Zinsco in the early 1940’s then was sold to  GTE-Sylvania in 1973.GTE-Sylvania Sticker on Zinsco style...
The Swarm- Western Subterranean Termites         Wenatchee Home and Pest Inspections  Swarmers or Alates are reproductives termites that are venturing out to start a new colony.We can thank our friend Mrs Spider for creating this lovely collection. The termite reproductives are the winged termite...
Why Sheetrock? Physical properties and Fire Resistance.   Douglas County Home Inspections With my recent post “The World’s most expensive Sheetrock” came some questions on fire resistance and the requirements for fire separation in a garage. The main purpose of the assembly in the garage is to sl...
The missing piece- When roofs are done… They are done!          Wenatchee Home Inspection During a roof inspection and I tell the buyer or owner that the roof is done I often get the same response… “Will it last a few years”. My answer is pretty much the same... I can make almost any roof last a ...

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