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Electric Heat Pump Water HeatersChelan Home InspectionsI think we will see more and more of these Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) as the energy code requires to achieve a certain amount of energy credits based on structure size.http://www.energy.wsu.edu/Documents/Table_406_2_Energy_Credits_2012_WS...
The Upside Down- Stranger things of InsulationChelan Home Inspections             A popular TV show is “Stranger Things” which features the Upside Down, which is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the normal world.  The Upside Down is devoid of human life much like the crawlspaces I v...
Wednesday Wilds in Home Inspections- How long to do it wrong?Wenatchee Home Inspections. I have wonder why so many that flip or renovate homes actually take as much time to do something wrong as it would to do it correctly. Here is an example, a simple drain from a bathtub. Whoever did the work u...
In memoriam of my Grandmother - Alzheimer’s diseaseI have just read this interesting and moving article on the late great Gene Wilder and his wife and their struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. This brought memories back of my grandmother who too was inflicted with the disease.Article Link-http://a...
How do you know? Energy Compliance-Washington State Energy CodeChelan Home Inspections New construction in Washington State requires builders to hit some energy efficiency marks, or as the code state credits. The number of credits you will need to achieve will be based on the size of the home.   ...
Should you stay with R22 or its replacement refrigerant R-421A?                     Wenatchee Home Inspections HVAC systems are not cheap and making a decision to repair an older system versus replacement has many varying factors. A little background R-22 ( Freon) was the popular refrigerant up t...
3 prong grounding type receptacles on 2 wire Ungrounded System.                                               A little history                                Wenatchee Home Inspections  We see this all the time during home inspections in homes typically from the early 1960’s backward. Using a gro...
Manufactured Homes and HVAC -Wenatchee Home InspectionsIn Chelan County and surrounding areas Manufactured Homes typically come with an Electric Forced Air furnace. These systems have to be listed for use in a manufactured home. The most common units I see are Colman, Kelvinator, and Intertherm. ...
Grounding Electrode Conductors and a splice. Wenatchee Home Inspections  In general, the grounding electrodes and their conductors create a connection of the electrical system to the earth (earthing). The earth is considered to be at zero potential. The second function of the system is to dissipa...
Crawl Space lighting and GFCI protection in the 2017 NEC.Wenatchee Home Inspection As home inspectors in Washington state, one of our SOP requirements is to report missing GFCI protection where required. Washington State Standards of Practice-(WAC) 308-408C-110 Electrical system.(e) Verify(iii) G...

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