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Garage receptacle requirement for 2017 NEC. Wenatchee Home InspectionWith the ever changing scope of the garage new requirements are ahead for the 2017 NEC (National Electrical Code).Below is a new requirement for garage receptacles.THE NEW: 210.11(C)(4) – DWELLING UNITS – GARAGE BRANCH CIRCUITS ...
2 and 4, 2 and 4…. When do we start counting kitchen receptacles?Wenatchee Home Inspections  2 and 4 for a drummer is usually a good spot for snare. But what about kitchens?  Common in modern kitchens is receptacles(outlets) have a required placement on any kitchen countertop that is foot wide or...
Warped, Issues with prefab fireplaces.  A fire danger, hidden right in front of you. Chelan Home InspectionsA very common appliance in homes, especially homes built after the 1960’s is the factory built, or prefab fireplace. People love their wood burning appliances and to get that traditional co...
                   A mop sink, is all the rage!    Wenatchee Home Inspections Very common in commercial settings is a mop sink or what we used to call them “janitors sink”.  Being low to the ground and larger they are very handy for those performing janitorial clean up. It not too often that you ...
Sometimes I am inspecting a home for two occupants. Chelan Home Inspections Home inspectors are trying to look out for the new home buyer. Often I find that the home is already being occupied by another. Here we have the House Sparrow that has taken up residence in the soffit of the home. These c...
Chelan Home Inspection Services.Grandfathers:  I hear this on many occasions when doing a home inspection - “but it is grandfathered.”   Well, that may or may not be true and to assume it is a wrong way to think of anything.  We have rule changes in building codes typically for very good reasons,...
Fresh air intake, new homes, and we all need to breath fresh air. Leavenworth Home Inspections Most people just do not think about it. You buy a new home and think it should not have many problems, you hope!  Now the issue is that you as a home buyer most likely do not know what is required for n...
I Spotted the Spotted Towhee I took this photo  of a Spotted Towhee  in the Okanogan County  Wa during a home inspection. Spotted Towhee-Pipilo MaculatusFun Fact: Both parents feed the nestlings. Young leave the nest about 9-11 days after hatching.  “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life i...
The Eagle on the Methow River I spied this majestic fellow on my back from a home inspection in Twisp Wa. Bald Eagle-Haliaeetus leucocephalusFun Fact: The largest bald eagle nest on record was 9.5 ft  wide and 20 ft  high. It weighed more than two tons.   “There is an eagle in me that wants to so...
The StripperSometimes you just take too much off.  Don’t be a stripper. Hire the right people to get the job done… correctly.  “I would have made a lousy stripper. I'm just not very comfortable exposing myself. “ Robin Wright     NCW Home Inspections, LLC  is a Licensed Washington State Home Insp...

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