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Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspection- Gaskets, now we are talking gaskets!  "It's a brand new home so does it really need an inspection?" - Part 2 As stated before all homes are built with inherit weaknesses that can have long term effects on the home. Here we have some framers that probably ran ...
Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspection- Nice Shiner! We have all heard this.  "It's a brand new home so does it really need an inspection?" The short answer is yes! Even new homes will have some issues. And we sure hope they are minor. All homes are built with inherit weaknesses. Such as; complex r...
Okanogan and Waterville Home Inspection- It's Potty Time! Many times bathrooms are designed to maximize the space used. With that said it is easy to have a few things not meet some minimum requirements for bathrooms. Doorways should have a clear opening and should be at least 32". This would requ...
Chelan and Waterville Home Inspection- Why do I feel so naked? So I get back from an Inspection. I busily writing up my report and had to head to a meeting. I get halfway there and this ugly feeling comes, I am anxious and feeling, yes "NAKED".   I had left my cell phone on my desk.  Now comes th...
Wenatchee, Chelan and Okanogan Home Inspection-I'm exhausted or not!                                               I know the discussion of dryer ducting and cleaning has come up many times. But I thought I would show a very good example of how quickly things can go bad (this is not a very old ho...
Wenatchee, Chelan and Okanogan Home Inspection-New Laws for Rat-Be-Gone The EPA through the FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) has made a decision that will effect what products, and how it‘s configured, can be used by the consumer and PCO's (Pest control operators) The o...
Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Home Inspections- Per-P(l)EX-ing situation   The world of domestic water supply piping was destined to change when an English chemical company produced the first polyethylene plastic (PE) in 1933. In 1968 a German inventor, Thomas Engel, developed a method that chemic...
Chelan and Douglas County Inspections- Do you like to vent?    (Loop Vent In Cabinet )             Venting an island or peninsula sink can be tricky and cannot be accomplish the way other fixtures are vented because of the distance from walls (where the vent would normally be).   There are a few ...

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