queens: Should lack of AFCIs be reported? - 04/22/09 12:58 PM
This subject came up at TIJ. I've had reason to think about this lately, and thought it would be nice to kick around here. 
It's safe to assume, that we all report lack of GFIs in a home, even if it was built prior to them being required. But what about AFCIs? Do you report if a home that was built long before AFCIs were required? 
Since my inspections focus more on structure, topography, and safety, I don't necessarily care if something was built prior to a code change, if I think something is unsafe or unsound, I don't care what code says, I … (14 comments)

queens: WEBSITE HIJACKING - 07/05/08 03:47 AM
Hello everyone,
I've been away for a while and it's nice to say hello to all of my old AR buddies and hope to make some new ones.
I guess this is a good time to post this topic, I've posted it before, but the problem seemed to go away. It is now back... worse than ever.
If anyone has some advice as to what I can do to solve the problem, PLEASE HELP!!!
I am experiencing a very frustrating problem. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it happens MOST of the time. Since everyone here is so much … (34 comments)

queens: This guy is not having a good day. - 02/19/08 09:09 AM
I see a lot of strange things driving through the streets of New York. I came across this today on my way home from work. I couldn't help but to stop and take a few pictures to share.
I feel very bad for the man that was driving the truck. He will probably loose his job over this.
They spray paint on the clearence sign coming in does make it difficult to read.
I used to have a tractor, many years ago. Anytime it looked close, I used to inch my way under, hanging out, or getting out and checking. It was scary.
One time, … (17 comments)

queens: What's wrong with the way this circuit breaker panel is wired??? - 02/15/08 11:39 AM
I came across this yesterday. I'm going to  put it out there for a while so we can have some fun. What's wrong with this?
This photo was taken in a multiple dwelling. A 21 story, 200+ apartment type building. I don't know how many of the units are wired this way, but, the impression  got was that it was "more than a few."
Another problem I find in this type of building is fire wall/penetration faults.
In the picture above, you can see that during the conversion of a commercial to residential 16 story building, holes that were never repaired, were chopped to … (19 comments)

queens: Applying Silicone Like a Pro. - 02/06/08 12:35 PM
Well the shower stall is done, and I thought I'd share some more pictures.  As most of us know, tiled joints always crack where there is a change of direction, so I specify applying silicone in the corners.
Having spent years as a glazier, I was "schooled" in the way of "tooling" silicone. I'm pretty good at "free handing", but hate the lump when reapplying pressure on the gun. This technique give me the ability of smoothing out the lumps and not making a mess.

queens: Blogjacking - 02/03/08 05:49 AM
I don't know if this is a "usual" and accepted practice, but here goes.
I find that contributing in different forums has increased my search ratings when someone enters certain keywords into a search. Of course, we all know this.
I try not to "blog" simply for the purpose of "blogging" and I certainly put plenty of effort to keep my contributions original and worthy.
During a recent search, I found that someone has attached their website to a blog that I posted.
When you look at search results, you see my name and a partial of the blog. When you click on it, it brings … (11 comments)

queens: Cricket anyone? - 01/30/08 08:22 AM
Have you ever looked at something and before you could stop yourself, shouted out "Oh smailto:s#@*!"I just left a crawlspace where I encountered this:Image Insert:82.8 KBImage Insert:66.31 KBImage Insert:74.99 KBImage Insert:64.87 KBEach picture is of a different joist. Each and every joist was covered with these guys. I was afraid to pull down any insulation, I thought they would eat me! I would have taken more pictures, but my digital camera was almost out of film.Came across some of this too:Image Insert:57.2 KBImage Insert:66.86 KBEven found a few of these:Image Insert:81.74 KBBut this was the scariest!!!!Image Insert:58.18 KB … (14 comments)

queens: Leaking shower stall... or shall I say shower sink? - 01/29/08 11:15 AM
In addition to doing full Home Inspections and Certified EIFS inspections, I also find myself doing quite a bit of trouble shooting for folks that are having problems in their homes and can't seem to pinpoint the cause.
Today's mission was an intrusive inspection of a leaking shower base. The unit is located on the 16th floor of a high rise building on the upper Eastside of Manhattan. Image Insert:43.85 KBAs you can see, there are no curb walls and there is minimal pitch.Let's look a bit deeper.Image Insert:64.4 KBSo here we have the heart of the problem.Image Insert:67.64 KBImage Insert:83.58 KBImage Insert:40.96 KBIt's hard to tell from … (10 comments)

queens: EIFS Inspections - 09/20/07 02:13 PM
In another forum that I participate in, a fellow inspector that is not familiar with inspecting EIFS had asked for some pointers. Although there is alot more to the process than can be reasonably posted. Below is a copy of a short list that I prepared. 
The copy is edited, there were some photos that I commented on that are not included here. Pleas bear in mind that there are previous messages leading up to this response.

queens: THANK YOU NIMA! - 08/01/07 10:44 AM
A really nice thing happened this past week.
The other evening I received a phone call from a gentleman that introduced himself as Nima Rezvan of Countrywide Loans in Norwalk, Connecticut. He sounded too nice on the phone, so, being a New Yorker I was sure he was trying to sell me something.
Perhaps he sensed what I was feeling, so he immediately assured me that he wasn't a telemarketer and had nothing to sell. He told me he was a fellow Active Rainer and that one of his clients was purchasing a home in New York and needed a Home Inspector. The … (10 comments)

queens: RE Agents/Conflict of interest - 07/20/07 02:04 PM
This is actually a copy of a recent response I made on a different thread. The original is a bit old and has gone through a bit of drift, so I am reposting it as it's own blog in order to give others an opportunity to read it.
It has to do with the discussion resulting fro me stating that I felt it should be illegal for an RE Agent to refer a Home Inspector.
"I believe that no one should prohibit me from making a recommendation of anyone."
I have mixed emotions regarding this issue.
I don't like anybody telling me who I can work … (16 comments)

queens: Challanged Home Inspection - 07/13/07 12:20 PM
Last week I inspected a home in my area. I drove past it the night before just to get an idea of what I may need (ladder wise). I was horrified! The house... a very nice house, was built in a "soup bowl". Every side of the building was pitched wrong! The house was built in an area that is historically a flood area.
I knew that I was facing a "Bad" inspection. Besides seriously improper slopes @ all elevations, there were also a number of water diversion systems and signs of repair, that made it clear to me that water … (18 comments)

queens: CERTIFIED EIFS INSPECTIONS - 06/24/07 04:34 AM
Exterior Insulating Finish System
EIFS (Pronounced EEFS), Exterior Insulating Finish System , is an exterior cladding system is made up of numerous components, that work together form one system.
The components are:
Moisture Barrier
Drainage Plane (optional)
Insulation board. Mechanically and/or Adhesively attached.
Trim and Accessories
Base coat
Fiberglass mesh, embedded in the basecoat
Finish coat
A properly installed EIFS system can provide many years of cosmetically appealing, weather resistant, energy efficient and low maintenance service. An improperly installed or maintained EIFS system can be your worst nightmare.
In most cases of an EIFS system failure, it is not any of the components themselves that have failed . It is almost always an … (46 comments)

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