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"New home sales rise unexpectedly in April" is an article posted on MSNBC's website highlighting the silver lining in the housing market. Though housing prices in Las Vegas remain at an all time low there is great news on the horizon that home sales will get better. Though much of the nation is s...
Statistically speaking the Las Vegas real estate market for Luxury Condos is all but diminished. Recently there was a report in the Las Vegas Review Journal about the Vegas Grand Condos searching out Las Vegas Realtors to market and sell the property for them. Unfortunately many who have placed t...
Nevada is one of the leading foreclosure markets in the world and when there are desperate people there are those there to take advantage. Las Vegas real estate foreclosures are primarily causing much of the real estate slump in Nevada which means that you must be most careful and aware of the fr...
One of the best things that you can do as a home buyer or sellers is to get educated. One of the greatest things about the internet is the freedom of information. Not only can we get information from the net but the real beauty is that we can also share information with others. Pay attention home...
I just got through reading a great article on Realtytimes.com that all homebuyers should be aware of. If you've got a sweet deal on a Las Vegas home right now you had better make a jump on it right now. The future holds for Las Vegas less square footage in homes and higher construction costs. Wha...
Now, more then ever you need to be competitive and aggressive in the sale of your Las Vegas house. With more and more competition popping up everyday you need to find a way to stand out in the crowd. Here are a few ideas to talk to your Las Vegas real estate agents about... 1. Offer Incentives - ...
Don't get caught doing what you may ask! Unaware nearly 40% of homebuyers are driving prices higher according to an MSNBC report, "No-money-down mortgages are still happening". Many cash poor homebuyers are still buying homes with no money down. How do the do that you may ask? Well, it is very si...
Forbes announced the Top Outdoor Cities in the United States and our Las Vegas ranked number 8. It's hard to argue this point considering over 350 days of sunlight and numerous activities for all ages and sizes. Part of the joy of being a Las Vegas real estate agent is the opportunity we have to ...
We have some great news to report about the Las Vegas Real Estate Market! The BUYERS ARE OUT! THE BUYERS ARE OUT! For the fourth consecutive month home sales in Las Vegas are up. This time about 20%-30%. The even better news is that home prices are continuing to drop. With the glut of foreclosure...
Have you considered selling your Las Vegas Home on the Auction? Imagine! 20, 30, 40 people stampeding through your home clamoring over each other in a bidding war. All this for the same home that has sat on the market for the past 6mo with only two visitors, you and your agent. What changed? Las ...

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