going green: 10 Tips for Living Greener - 06/12/08 04:41 AM
One: Ditch the Paper Towels!Instead, pick up machine washable micro-fiber cloth towels to use all around the house. Thousands of tiny little fibers literally grip and hold onto the dirt and bacteria.
Two: Java ScrubDon't toss your used coffee grinds into the trash. First, spoon some warm grinds into your hands and mix it with your favorite hand soap and scrub away. The grinds will exfoliate dead skin off your hands and clean your hands. Scatter the remaining grinds around your evergreen shrubs and trees - it's an energizing fertilizer.
Three: Soy CandlesWhen burning candles around the house, be sure to … (1 comments)

going green: What is Renewable Energy and How Can We All Benefit From It? - 06/04/08 06:39 AM
 I have found that many of my friends, family, neighbors and other community members know very little about renewable energy and how it can truly benefit all of us. With the cost of utilities rapidly rising and our air quality decreasing, there is an increased amount of concern and more of us want to learn how we can make changes to improve these issues. Besides simple lifestyle changes, we can implement renewable energy sources. Our Federal Government has been studying and working on many programs and options for years and here is what I have found on Solar, Wind and Geothermal … (3 comments)

going green: Ways to Save Gas and Reduce Global Warming - 05/30/08 02:07 AM
Use public transportation. Ride the bus (after all, it is free in Park City and the buses use bio-diesel), ride your bike or walk.Carpool.  Check out www.erideshare.com to find someone to share a ride with if you can't find anyone.
Telecommute. Work from home every chance you get.Combine errands and walk between stops. Go to the grocery store and the post office in one trip rather than two. Use the pharmacy and bank inside the grocery stores when possible. Walk to other stores rather than re-parking.Slow it down. The faster you drive, the faster you burn gas.  Avoid rapid acceleration and use … (4 comments)

going green: Natural Gas Cars - CNG Fuel - Almost Driving For Free - 05/29/08 09:52 AM
How many people out there know about natural gas cars? Of those, how many know about the environmental benefits, and the bank account benefits?  Everybody might find this interesting.
While the national average price of gasoline is now $3.60, some residents of Utah are happily filling up on compressed natural gas (CNG) at $0.63 per gallon and in California it’s $2.50 per gallon. Utah has the country’s lowest price for CNG, which has understandably caused a surge in demand for vehicles running on a fuel that one man described as “practically free.”
So far, CNG vehicles haven’t made a blip on … (7 comments)

going green: Going Green or Saving Green - 10/19/07 10:05 AM
Which one is it these days?
With such a big movement towards "going green", is the way we think really changing? There are so many studies out now talking about Global Warming and the severe consequences that will result from the lack of immediate action. My thoughts sit somewhere in the middle, where I do think there is a problem, I don't think it is as detrimental as people make it out to be. That being said, I do think that we have to change the way we think and do business to prevent major problems in the future.
Some things are difficult to overcome … (0 comments)


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