taylors: Top Micro City Winner-Greenville, SC - 03/13/10 07:25 AM

We're very proud to live in simple Greenville, SC especially in the northern burb of Travelers Rest.   I did a great deal of research before we picked Greenville as our best place to live.  Every week I run across something new to love about being here.  South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country but Greenville's unemployment statistically is the lowest in the state.
This is from yesterdays paper.   Read more about North American Cities of the Future by clicking on this link and then download the pdf file.
Greenville is the top North American city of less than … (1 comments)

taylors: This ain't the Bible Belt...it's the Buckle! Buying a home in the South - 03/11/10 05:24 AM
Well some of you saw my previous post on Green homes so you're no stranger to the fact that I'm not PC when it comes to both life and Real Estate. And surprisingly my clients appreciate that. It's like going on a date and people tell you not to talk about religion or politics. Again surprisingly, those things come up during showings, listings and throughout real estate transactions with other agents all the time here in Greenville, Travelers Rest and the Upstate.
People moving from out of state are exposed to a great culture shock. We're NICE here! Neighbors will come say … (5 comments)

taylors: Happy to have been BURNED? - 01/28/09 11:04 PM
Ohh did that sound bad? Well sometimes it's a hard working Realtor's job to set the client straight on market, pricing, staging, or buying within their means and of course ..the dreaded agency issues. But that's not what this post is about. You already (I hope) know how to take care of yourself whe it comes to clients. But how do you handle YOU?
During the holidays, Greenville, SC was popping, busier with Real Estate than in the past 4 months. It was exhausting and a great way to start the year, with a plethora of leads and contracts and closings. But … (4 comments)

taylors: Greenville Churches Unite to Remodel Home for Cancer Mom - 09/04/08 05:15 AM
GAIHN  That is the short name for The Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network. A bit like Habitat For Humanity however it is driven by area churches. I'm proud to be a part of GAIHNS latest project through a conglomeration of my church, Springwell in Taylors, Cornerstone and several others that have united with out dickering about denomination or attendance. It's wonderful to see over 200 people who will converge on a small home near the mall in Greenville to remodel this old house which was donated by a local business owner.
The home keys will be presented to a single mom … (1 comments)

taylors: Mountains, Valleys, Amazing Homes- Taylors SC Has it All! - 07/30/08 10:43 PM
I could not believe it when I looked up Taylors on Localism this morning and found not one post. I was shocked. Here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Travelers Rest, Taylors SC is just one burb east, down south that means spittin distance (5 mins away). Besides Travelers Rest, most of my sales have been in this area and you need to know about it!

Ok I had to throw in the cheesy typical house shot but really this is a good depictation, although most of the new construction is highly focused on true craftsman style … (0 comments)

taylors: Travelers Rest SC is getting a Swim Park! Great for Home Values! - 07/12/08 08:10 AM
Here in the lovely foothills of the Blue Ridge Travelers Rest is known for beautiful vistas, high school football, new homes and great parks. My husband and I took my little 2 1/2 year old to our local Northside Park at the base of Paris Mountain the other day to the community swimming pool to find...
It's GONE...completely leveled. BUT the city understood the need for the growing community and is in process of building a fantastic Water Park scheduled to open next Memorial Day! Needless to say we're completely stoked as by that time our guy will be able to … (0 comments)

taylors: Travelers Rest is 200 Years Young and Still Growing!!! - 07/11/08 12:45 AM
As I sit on my porch drinking coffee, I breathe in the mountain air, look to my left at freestanding Paris Mountain and it's glory, and then right to the panorama of the Blue Ridge and wonder why anyone even considering living in the Upstate would want to live anywhere else. Join me for a cup?

So I thought I'd give you a a blurb and a visual of Travelers Rest, SC. The official motto of the burb is:
Get in Your Element. Can you not imagine doing that here?
When you come to the foot of the Blue Ridge … (1 comments)

taylors: HELP! I need help selling 75 acres to Developers???? (edit/delete) - 07/09/08 12:34 AM

Hi Community,
I have a great piece of land prime for development in Travelers Rest, SC. 75 pristine acres, mostly pasture surrounded by the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm trying to figure out how to get it sold to a developer for single family homes. The owner is a friend and the property has awesome location, 20 minutes to town, 5 to the main road 10 to shopping, schools and is nestled in a private valley of rolling hills.  It's a little farther north but the growth is poised to come in this direction.
I need help in … (0 comments)

taylors: If you we're no longer an agent..would anyone notice???? - 06/29/08 08:59 AM
In church this morning the visiting pastor made a great point...
He said if we don't do our jobs in the community and the church as a whole did not service those less fortunate than ourselves then we can only ask the question: If our church closed its doors tomorrow would anyone in the community notice.
It got me thinking the same for my business.  Oh I'm not talking about your meet and greet wine tastings, Chamber meetings or redundant free food at open houses (although those ARE nice). I"m talking about serving your fellow American or Realtor when times are … (1 comments)

taylors: Counsel your Sellers!! ...Buyers Expect the Moon! - 06/27/08 09:31 AM
It's so important now to make sure your sellers really understand what they're up against in the markets around the nation. I haven't heard any market that is a sellers market now. We're all in it to get the best deals for our buyers and still help the sellers recoup some of their investment.
 Greenville and Travelers Rest SC we're still getting 97-99% of list price..for the most part. The large spec builders and custom homes over 300K are really the ones sitting. But for our resales, unless the homes look like a model home...they sit. I'm sure that it's the same … (4 comments)

taylors: It's a Buyers Market but They're Being RIDICULOUS - 06/25/08 04:03 AM
Scenario: Buyer contacts you and wants to look at homes and land in the 300K range, newer house..you know the scoop. You show them what is on the market and make them understand that your area (in this case Greenville, SC, Greer, Travelers Rest and Taylors) are still getting 97% of list price. Yet they've heard the horror stories that the lovely liberal media vomits daily..sooooooo
They come to you with a listing of 450K on the lake, perfect home, been vacant a few months but not by any means an old listing. Of course it's gorgeous and they say they … (17 comments)

taylors: When the Seller is Emotionally Attached to Their Home.... - 06/25/08 03:16 AM
Incredible brick home, awesome neighborhood. Seller needs to sell immediately. So you go in to do a CMA and your presentation and give tidbits on how to get the home showable. The house is covered in LOUD wall paper which the seller thinks is beautiful. You tell her to remove it to make that blank slate we've all pushed so hard for. She refuses. You list the property and it sits..and sits and sits...all feedback from showings speaks of the dating and wall paper.
What would you do in this scenario? Seller moves out and on and now you're stuck with … (5 comments)


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