preparing your home for sale: Selling your house: Paint, paper and presentation - 03/03/14 04:16 AM
If you are going to put your house on the market, you have probably been thinking about the things you need to do to get it ready.
If  you have lived in the house for any period of time, you have probably made it your own. For many folks, this means painting or hanging wall paper. Preparing your home for sale is the opposite of customizing it. Your objective is to make your house as appealing to as many people as possible. Paint your home in neutral colors and strip the wall paper. It really does help!
Wall paper is the hardest thing … (0 comments)

preparing your home for sale: The Devil is in the Details - 11/13/12 10:18 PM
If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, you have probably decided that you need to do some updates. You might be getting the indoors or outdoors painted, you might be replacing the flooring or doing a quick kitchen or bath update.   One area that homeowners overlook is taking care of the small details. After all, most sellers believe that buyers will be focused on the big stuff. While that is true, I would contend that the small details can be a big deal to a buyer.   As I walk through a house with buyers, we … (4 comments)

preparing your home for sale: 'Keeping Up With the Joneses' Pays in Real Estate - 04/22/12 10:35 PM
We live in in a wonderful community in Reston, Virginia. We have known most of our neighbors since about 1994 when our neighborhood was built.  We meet for coffee, celebrate birthdays and holidays together and watch one another's lives change and evolve. Inevitably, every time we get together, the conversation turns to who is remodeling their kitchen, installing hardwood, finishing the basement or making other improvements to their home. There are always some who are smug about the fact that they are not falling into the financial trap of  'Keeping up with the Joneses.'  While it might not make sense to … (17 comments)

preparing your home for sale: 10 Things Worth Spending Some Money on To Sell Your House - 11/29/11 11:19 PM
Yesterday, I wrote a blog entitled, Ten Cheap Ways to Prepare Your House for Sale.
 There are definitely some things, however, that it is worth spending some money on (provided you have it). Most of these you will get back in the sales price or in the speed with which your house sells.
You might not think any of these things is s a big deal, but working extensively with buyers, I can assure you that these things get mentioned all the time!
Remove Wallpaper: You don't want to do it and neither do the buyers. Even if it is nice, and neutral, it … (8 comments)

preparing your home for sale: Ten Cheap Ways to Prepare your Home for Sale - 11/28/11 10:50 PM
With home values down, sellers are reluctant to spend more than they need to in preparing their homes for sale. It is often necessary to do certain things to make your home more attractive and they don't need to be expensive. Here are somethings you can do to prepare your home for sale that won't bust your budget: Paint your front door--you probably have the paint left over from the last time. Remember, first impressions are key! Clean the windows--if you don't want to spend the money for a professional, pull out your cleaning supplies and push up your sleeves and … (8 comments)

preparing your home for sale: Add Value to Your Northern Virginia Home with Fall Planting - 09/19/11 02:08 AM
Fall has come quickly to Northern Virginia. No where was that more evident this weekend than in the number of folks out working in their yards. This is a great time to take an objective look at your plantings and make necessary updates to the landscape. Fall flowers can be a relatively small investment that can provide big impact. Chrysanthemums do really well in our climate and can even be perennials in the right location. I often plant Pansies late in the fall; they provide color in the fall and early winter. Over the winter they freeze and then bounce back … (3 comments)

preparing your home for sale: Sellers: You Owe It To Yourself to Ask This Question - 03/23/11 02:53 AM
You have prepared your home for sale. Your Realtor® listed it in the MLS. People come to see it, so you feel like it is priced reasonably, but after several weeks, there hasn't been any serious interest. Is it something you are doing or just a slow market?This fall and winter, I saw perfectly good homes that were well prepared and well priced sit on the market. The truth is that it is very competitive out there and there are fewer serious and well-qualified buyers out there than we saw in the past. Those who are out there are both serious … (1 comments)

preparing your home for sale: 10 Things to Do Before You List Your House - 02/18/11 02:14 AM
You have decided to list your house. Frankly, you are tired of the maintenance and expense and are looking forward to something that requires less of you. Don't lose your are not done yet! Think of this as the last stretch to the finish line and once you cross, you can move on. A well-prepared home presents as a well-maintained home. You think that potential buyers won't notice the little things? Think again! Here are 10 things I tell my sellers that they must do:
Have the HVAC serviced. Nearly every  inspection report recommends it and most sellers end … (7 comments)

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