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Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Imagesmarket Earlier this week I blogged about Hollywood celebs' multimillion dollar properties taking a hit from the housing slump. Now it appears, not even the rich and famous can dodge the foreclosure crisis sweeping the nation. Among them is Michael Jackson. H...
  As a dog lover and avid watcher of the Animal Planet show "Animal Precinct," nothing tugs at my heart strings more then when I see an abused or neglected animal find a loving home. This morning, a friend of mine sent me an article from a community newspaper that reported that an alarming number...
Some economists are analogizing the current housing problems to an image of a falling knife. Despite proposed bailout plans from government officials and lending companies, attempts to stop the market from falling any further has done little to stop the bleeding. A report released on Monday from ...
Adding to the fast-growing number of home foreclosures across the country and ballooning high-interest mortgage payments, another phenomenon is surfacing from beneath the depths of the housing market slump. An article in Friday's New York Times, "Rescues for Homeowners in Debt Weighed," reports t...
At Sunday's 80th Annual Academy Awards show, Hollywood's elite bedazzled spectators with their flashy baubles, couture gowns and sleek black tuxes as they strutted down the infamous red carpet. But while hot designers like Oscar de la Renta may be able to work wonders on the fashionably challenge...
  When my boyfriend's parents came down from New York to Chicago last summer to help him find a condo, they couldn't believe the vast number of new construction projects underway. From the North to the South Side you couldn't drive less than half a block before spotting an oversized sign advertis...
I'm a Sci-Fi, "Lord of the Rings," technology gadgets kind of geek. While my DVR still gets me scratching my head at times, I don't love it any less. With over 1,500 different vendors showcasing at this year's International Home Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla., it was hard to visit every nail-dri...
It's been a really good year here at Homescape. I don't usually take the time to toot our own horn in my blog, but when good things are happening in our own backyard, I like to share it with you. Yesterday Homescape announced a partnership with Realogy Corporation that will give us 700,000 more h...
Are you tired of staring at those dull cream-colored rooms in your home? If your washed-out walls need a little flare, you may want to brush up on the hottest or coolest color trends before you run out to buy the paint. Home design experts at this year's International Home Builders' Show in Orlan...
From politics to home design, everyone seems to be echoing the rally cry for "change." With a slumping housing market and consumers asking for more amenities, interior designers and home builders are working to sway from the ordinary cookie-cutter models and differentiate themselves to win the he...

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