homerome: Letter To My Special House - 11/21/17 06:08 PM
 1102 S. Clinton St.
Baltimore, Md. 21224
I have been telling you about this sexy new listing and wanted to share this letter, written by the owner, to her house.
Love when a seller can talk about their property and share so much information.
Selling homes for me is not about sticks and bricks or taking another listing or making another sale.
  Clients are special and unique and this home is also special and unique.
Want to see it?
Want more information?
Want to live in this home?
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: The Whole House Is Sexy - 11/20/17 07:22 PM
This contemporary unique home has five levels, bamboo floors, a glass breakfast bar, gourmet kitchen over looking the great room with fireplace and high ceilings. The master suite and luxury spa bath take up the entire top floor..and has a wet bar, refrigerator and access to the two roof top decks.
Here are the photos
for 1102 S Clinton Street 21224 in Baltimore's Canton Area.
or take a look at the slide show below. 
For more information or a private tour of this home 
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Now This Is A Bathroom ! - 11/15/17 09:57 PM
This truly luxurious spa bathroom features it all...natural materials, textures,  light from the huge window and two walls of glass block.
Would you like shower or a tub...no deciding...there is both.
There is a rain shower, wall shower and corner jetted tub all in the same space. The bright airy space evokes a resort-like feel at home.
This private space is part of the master suite that occupies the entire floor of this very unique 5 level contemporary townhouse in Canton. 
This very special home will be hitting the market soon with more photos.
For information on this one of a kind Baltimore home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Sexy New Baltimore Listing - 11/14/17 07:14 PM
It is hard waiting to tell the world about my newest listing that will be on the market real soon.
Photos will be taken tomorrow and I will be sharing them with you.
So what is a sexy listing?
It is yummy, unique, exciting, one of a kind with lots of custom features. The gourmet kitchen has a pot filler faucet over the 5 burner gas stove.
I will be looking and waiting for the one lucky buyer!
Are you that buyer?
 Took a few photos with my phone and here is my first teaser ad.

homerome: Thank You For Being A Guest On My Radio Show - 11/12/17 11:57 AM
Today I was fortunate to have my friend Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee  also an ActiveRain member in the radio studio.
Our topic... 'How much money do I need to buy a home."  
I love  the spontaneity of  live call-ins from listeners but it is so much fun having the person in the radio studio.
 The hour flew by with our continual conversation. You will be able to hear the pod-cast in the next several days by going to WCBM.com and checking ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE for past shows.
Thank you, Bridget, for being my guest on the radio today!

homerome: A Proud Mother - 11/11/17 10:26 PM
This has been a wonderful day watching and listening to 40+ singers, from  Maryland, DC, NJ, NY, CT, Ohio, NH, NC and Ga,  performing Gilbert & Sullivan.
This kind of Gilbert and Sullivan singing get-together is called a “QWERT,”
so they call this BaltiQWERT because it’s in Baltimore.
This was the 13th BaltiQWERT gathering and the first time it was held at MICA.
My beautiful and talented daughter was the pianist along with Andi Stryker-Rodda.
Casting and program by Michael Blum.


homerome: Don't Change Technology On A Friday - 11/10/17 06:38 PM
Don't ever upgrade or replace your computer on a Friday! Today I updated my computer...going from a  CPU measuring 16'' x 14''x 7'' to this cute little box that is 7" square.
There are always a few glitches with all new  technology and... I 
thought I would not be able to write a post tonight because everything is new. And...it takes  a little bit of time to get used to new things.
If I am able to upload a photo here, I will call this day another success!
Okay...Today Is A Success!

homerome: Baltimore City's Guilford Neighborhood - 11/08/17 04:50 PM
                                                 Guilford in Baltimore                          
                     Guilford Mansion
 Guilford is one of those neighborhoods that seems to have grown up among its gardens and gracious ways. Originally comprised of patents granted to British citizens from the mid-1600s through the 1700s, the area was valued for its "gentle swells, which has many beautiful views of the city and bay." The entire … (0 comments)

homerome: Hurry...You Could Be In Your New Home Before The Holidays - 11/07/17 07:16 PM
If things are in order, it is possible to be in your new home before the holidays.
But you have to move quickly.
Do you have the right real estate agent who is willing to jump through hoops to get you in and settled in a relatively short time?
Do you have EMD funds available right away?
Do you have proof of funds?
Do you have your loan approved...contingent, only, on finding the right home?
Have you researched your inspectors? Title company chosen? Credit and loan verification? 
Just today, I presented an offer and if things go really really well, this buyer will … (0 comments)

homerome: Paying It Forward...The Rome Way - 11/05/17 03:22 PM
There is a November challenge hosted by Belinda Spillman .
With ActiveRain we see members, every single day, paying it forward...helping others and helping each other. This entire platform is a caring group that I am glad to be a part of. 
A few years ago, I wrote about this
elderly couple who had to give up their pet
when buying a condo. Pets were not allowed.
It was some time after-wards that I learned about ESA Emotional Support Animals, Care and Comfort pets, in addition to the ADA protected service dogs. 
This has been  been dealt with some strong emotions from places that are not pet friendly. … (35 comments)

homerome: Will My House sell during the Holiday Season - 11/04/17 07:10 PM
'Will my house sell in November and December?'
I get this question or a statement similar.
  'I guess we can't list at this time of the year.'
If it is not on the market it is definitely not going to sell.
It you take it off the market or release the listing, it probably will NOT sell.
It definitely won't sell if it’s not on the MLS, no one knows about it or it is not being shared with other professionals and buyers.
But...if the house and you are ready to sell, there's a pretty good chance it might.
There's less competition and less inventory and those looking … (12 comments)

homerome: An Extra Hour Of Sleep - 11/03/17 06:40 PM
   It's time to fall back! 
Turn all your timing devices back for day light saving.  Be thankful for the extra hour of sleep! Do you have some friends or family members that might need a reminder?  
 This  change affects all our time telling devices, including computers, alarm clocks,  smart phones, microwaves, TVs, older car clocks, grandfather clocks and the numerous watches we may own. Most of our electronic devices reset automatically. Careful not to lose another hour!  
Good idea to turn my clocks back on Saturday before going  to sleep...so I will be on time for my live radio show Sunday at 12 noon.  

homerome: Pet Friendly All About Real Estate -Listen On Sunday Radio - 11/02/17 07:17 PM
Just a  week ago I wrote about the President's reception and the wonderful work of the Maryland SPCA
  Finding a home for rescue animals. 
Karen and Romeo...SPCA rescue. 
Since being inspired by the organization and how vital they are to our community, I have invited Katie Flory, Community Affairs Director, to be a  guest on this Sunday's live radio show.
As a real estate broker, I get questions about pet policy and whether a condo, HOA or neighborhood is pet friendly.
It is not always an easy answer. 
The neighborhood may seem okay for pets and then you find out there is a fencing restriction.
You may see … (7 comments)

homerome: Thankful For Thankful Contests - 11/01/17 08:01 PM
Do you know about ActiveRain Contests?
If you click at the bottom of the screen, you will find  a column that reads 'Explore ActiveRain'' and the next to the last entry is the "Contests" section.  Click it.
There are two special AR members that are hosting the November challenges and both posts have been featured. You can tell by the little gold stars.
 Both contests can be entered by all members.
It would be so special if everyone takes a few minutes to take part and enter early. 
By not  waiting until the end of the month... your ideas could help others.
The subject is simple and November is the perfect time to pay it … (11 comments)

homerome: Reasons For Releasing A Contract - 10/31/17 06:10 PM
When a buyer or seller wants a release...deal with this as soon as you are aware. 
As  professionals, we need to manage the contingency dates, documents and all the various inspections. We need to stay in close contact with our buyers, sellers, inspectors, co op agent, contractors, appraisers, title company, lender and anyone else involved.
As professionals, we need to recognize when the deal is no longer viable, do the right thing for all involved and when necessary be able to say
 NEXT ! 
Below are a few reasons for a "fall through."
=Condo and HOA documents
= Home inspections
=Buyer's remorse
= 'As Is' clause with right to terminate
=Personal crisis -illness, death, divorce … (9 comments)

homerome: There Is An Easier Way! - 10/28/17 11:44 AM
Showing instructions on a property.
The above were the directions in the Multiple Listing System.
If you read it a couple of times you can figure out when the listing can be shown.
A simpler way to give the showing time would be 
Available daily 12-8 pm.
Think there  is a reason why this one has been on the market for a while?
Reminds of an old saying by my friend and mentor Floyd Wickman:
''Don't sell with blah, blah when you can sell with blah!"
When selling a home...please make sure your showing instructions are easy to follow and not like this one.

homerome: This Is Not The Rome Way - 10/26/17 08:04 PM
In making an appointment today for one of my repeat clients, I got this message from our MLS system.
Appointment confirmed lock box code is #0000. (not the real combination.) Same when calling for another  appointment, the receptionist gives the same information. 
Again in a real estate office for a settlement, I heard the front desk person say loud enough for me to hear in the next room.." That's a Go and Show" and gives the address and combo lockbox code. To me this is no safer than placing a key under the mat.
Today the showing appointment was made very easy, very quick, very convenient … (14 comments)

homerome: Finding A Loving Home For Rescue Animals - 10/25/17 08:31 PM
Before arriving at the President's Reception tonight I received the following letter:
'Dear Margaret, Thank you for your generous gift to the Maryland SPCA! Many of our animals came to us from heart breaking situations of abuse or neglect . Others were abandoned and unloved.
But, because of your generous donation, the pets in our care will have nutritious food, a warm bed, medical care and the opportunity to find a family.
Your continued support and compassion gives homeless dogs and cats a chance to find the love they deserve! Once again, thank you for your support .'
Sincerely, Wendy E. Webster
Director of … (11 comments)

homerome: Edmart Delicatessan Best In Baltimore - 10/24/17 07:32 PM
Located at 1427 Reisterstown Rd. right in the heart of Pikesville, is a very very small Deli with great big wonderful treats.
It is not a new place. In fact it was opened in 1958 by Marty Lev.
And now his warm welcoming daughter, Shelly, makes you feel right at home.
From the homemade chopped liver to the awesome brisket, to the chocolates, to the beautiful custom dairy and deli trays...it is amazing how so much good food can come out of such a tiny space.
Take a few minutes, stop in for a treat.
The staff is so friendly...you are going to want to stay … (4 comments)

homerome: Sooner Rather Than Later - 10/22/17 06:06 PM
When you are thinking of selling your house, don't forget to check out the agent before you sign that listing agreement.
Call to see how they answer questions on their current listings. Get references and make contact.
Check out their marketing of other neighborhood homes.
Take a look at everything your agent is doing on your home.  Look at those photos and  actual listings to see what the public is seeing.
Sellers and listing agents should be a team in marketing the home. 
 Sellers need to be proud of the marketing and feel good about their choice of agent. 

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