homerome: Baltimore Deck House Has A Too Late Sign - 09/22/17 08:00 PM
Baltimore has a contemporary  custom home that is TOO LATE !
This is an interesting, unusual and unique property.
It has an in-ground pool and is in the Stevenson area of 21208
The address is 7 Green Heather Court and this is a custom Deck House.
7 Green Heather Pictures
To sell a unique home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: This Baltimore Listing Happened Fast - 09/19/17 06:41 PM
Wonderfully busy day with a three hour class this morning, meeting an appraiser, negotiating an offer and what I thought would be a very short appointment for a possible listing.
This was a referral from a former client but this seller told me, on the phone, that she was not sure she wanted to sell.
I found out quickly ...she didn't mean it. It was her way of being prepared to SAY NO since she had already interviewed another agent.
I was not in that home for more than fifteen minutes when the seller gave me the key and was ready to sign the listing  agreement.
We bonded immediately and I have … (2 comments)

homerome: Does Blogging Work? - 09/18/17 06:47 PM
When asked if blogging works.
I replied with a few questions.
Does one print ad sell a house?  Does one postcard sell a house? Does one For Sale sign sell a house? Does placing the property in the MLS sell it? Does one impromptu open house do the trick? Does one radio show sell a house? Does burying a St. Joseph statue sell a home? Does one nosy neighbor sell a house? Does one blog post sell a listing?  Does networking with others sell a house?  
It's a combination of the above, creativity, experience and a hard work.
There are many other things that blogging has done.
I have … (41 comments)

homerome: A Bedroom Is Not Just A Space For A Bed - 09/17/17 06:17 PM
Following up on last night's blog "what is a bedroom?" this  topic was a discussion on today's radio show. 
What defines a bedroom?
It would be nice if the real estate community could decide exactly what makes a bedroom and stick to it.
Here are some of the pointers. Remember different regions have different rules so check your area and see if any of these apply.
-The room must have a minimum square footage, usually 70-80.
-The room must have a minimum ceiling height...usually 7'.
-The room needs at least a 7' x 7' space  with  7' high ceiling.  You cannot finish  a room with lower ceilings and call it a kid's bedroom. You cannot call … (7 comments)

homerome: What Is A Bedroom Is Not A Simple Answer - 09/16/17 08:49 PM
On my radio show a caller was concerned that a large room on the upper level, with it's own bath room, a door and large window was deemed not a bedroom by the seller and the agent.
  Because there was no closet. But it was advertised as a four bedroom including the room described above.
I will talk about some of the requirements to call a room a bedroom. I'll do that  on the show tomorrow.
Another discovery, when the septic  was checked with the county, found the home was rated for only 3 bedrooms.
This buyer is under contract, wants the house and is asking … (9 comments)

homerome: Do You Really Want A Feature Post? - 09/15/17 08:56 PM
This is the post to read...especially the comments.
Don't throw me any more gold stars. 
My recent post was featured but that is not always a good thing. If you are busy with life and real estate, it takes time to respond to all the wonderful comments from the kind members who stop by to give you support and say really nice things.
Don't get me wrong...it is an honor to be featured, to see that little gold star, to get the instant satisfaction, a pat on the back and
to get this email. 
Reminds me of a post I wrote ten years ago, April 2007. It was featured … (37 comments)

homerome: Selling Starts With The First No - 09/14/17 06:14 PM
 You have heard the statement...
"Selling doesn't start until you hear the word no. 
If you only get positive responses and a yes every time, you would be more an order taker than a sales professional.  This happens sometimes in a real seller's market. More buyers fewer homes...they go fast.
Remember my  first client hung up on me and that was a big NO in my first week in real estate.
When I go on a listing appointment, I go to see if I want the listing...not to see if I can get it. If they are interviewing other agents, I request being the last agent in.
Everybody … (40 comments)

homerome: Love Being Over Fifty - 09/13/17 08:09 PM
Just getting home from a wonderfully busy day of showing properties, followed by a delightful dinner meeting with a group of 9 interesting women.
There was so much conversation that we almost forgot to order dinner.
Joey Chiu's in Greenspring Station

Since it is a bit late, I was looking for a quick topic to post at this hour. I checked my messages ....
My beautiful daughter sent the list below.
If you are over fifty OR know anyone who is, you might enjoy the humor. 
Which ones made you smile?
Did any make you laugh out loud?

homerome: The Good The Bad And The Ugly - 09/12/17 07:31 PM
So the contest is to tell it all...the good, the bad, and the ugly. As someone said go for it spill it, air your laundry for all to see. Let's see what I can come up with.
The Good is my dedication to going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the past 15 plus  years. My motivation is a wonderful trainer who I trust to keep me safe, strong and injury free. With all the hard work, John even makes the hour go by fast and it is fun. Some days when it is cool enough, 50-60 degrees, we go outside … (17 comments)

homerome: I Make My Own Appointments - 09/11/17 06:56 PM
It is very easy to make an appointment on any of my properties.  You can call, text, email or use Showing Time from our MLS.
Quick, easy and it is me that receives the request and makes the appointment.
No waiting for confirmations
My full service is quite simple.
I make my own appointments and I show my properties and I give my sellers feedback immediately after a showing....sometimes while still at the  property.
I have had other agents say this is a waste of my time and they only show high-end property because only the expensive listings need this level of service.
Here is a … (11 comments)

homerome: SNAFU or Hot Dog! Everything Is Normal - 09/10/17 02:21 PM
When I took the Wickman course many years ago and something went wrong, I remember Floyd's words.
 “Hot Dog!  Everything’s normal!”
 .. everything from a canceled deal to difficult client... 
Why?  Because it helps  focus on the big picture...it is the key to staying on track.
Most days have at least one challenge.  How you handle it will decide your success or failure in that moment – and in your career.
Today was one of those days.
Without going into details, I had callers on the line for my live radio show but due to a technical glitch, I could not get to them.
I also had two Realtors® visiting in the … (10 comments)

homerome: Tell Me About Waiting - 09/09/17 12:20 PM
After 2 decades in Real Estate, the majority of clients come  from referral and repeat business. I limit the amount of listings at any one time. If someone wants to list with me and I don't have room, they  go on my waiting list.
The waiting list is something that started early when there were people I didn't want to work with. For them, I used to say, "I have a waiting list," figuring they would say, "Forget it!" and go somewhere else. But I found that some sellers and buyers were impressed that I was able to turn down a listing and often they … (25 comments)

homerome: It Is A Special Day! - 09/08/17 10:01 AM
Thank you all for the good wishes, the emails, the cards, the texts, the Facebook and the phone calls.
I so appreciate being remembered. My best friend even called me at midnight.
 Afterward I took out some precious cards and letters from my Lee flooded with wonderful memories.
I am so thankful for what we had for so many years.
Before noon my daughter came over with goodies and her favorite rainbow cake. Good that I was at the gym this morning.
And there were also flowers.
Today a very special person sent me this message.
"Dear Friend...
I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. !!!🎂⚘😚
Please don't Cheat 1 min. … (11 comments)

homerome: Need A Pick Me Up..Pick Up The Phone - 09/07/17 08:12 PM
There are occasional days in real estate that agents get down. Maybe they are on overload, not enough sleep, family emergencies,  a challenging transaction, dealing with a kindness impaired or truth impaired person.
 How do you get out of that funk?
Here's one idea.
Remember your favorite clients...the ones you really helped, the ones that were in tears at the settlement table, the ones that brought you flowers to closing, the ones that wrote that fabulous testimonial or who remembers your birthday 10-15 years later.
Make a list of these raving fans...the ones who really appreciated your help and expertise. 
Pick up the phone and … (15 comments)

homerome: The Price is Right The Rome Way - 09/06/17 03:32 AM
 Part 2 of Tony & Suzanne Marriott's September Challenge
Pricing is one of the most important steps in getting a property sold.
If you are selling cookie cutter homes, in a development, just do the comps. A good CMA will tell the story of the correct price.
Frequently callers ask at what price I would list their home. 
  I won't  give a list price without seeing the house.
The information I can share is what the house is assessed for, what other homes are active, what prices the homes in the area have sold for, how long similar homes are taking to sell and what homes have been withdrawn, expired or not sold. 
Any home … (6 comments)

homerome: Looking For The Right Home - 09/05/17 03:02 PM
I have clients who want to down size or right size as I like to call it. 
They own and built a custom large home on 3 acres. No longer do they  need this much space and are looking for simpler lifestyle and more free time. 
Everything is just perfect and the way they planned it. They are thinking ahead...an early retirement. They want to be on the water to go fishing and crabbing and have access to  boating.
But they are not sure they are ready for a condo which, to them, is like being in an apartment. 
They want more privacy, without the upkeep, much smaller than their present … (8 comments)

homerome: Labor Day The Rome Way - 09/04/17 09:36 PM
Lovely Labor Day spent with my best friend in Annapolis. There were so many people with the same idea.. enjoying Maryland's capital city.
We started with a walk at Quiet Waters, a beautiful park that is also pet friendly. We  took in the views of the Chesapeake Bay from the gazebos before we walked down to the water's edge. Our next stop was a break for icy frappuccinos  and people watching at the dock in Annapolis.
From there we walked up to Easy Street Gallery where we met Megan, the owner whose birthday was yesterday. So much eye candy that I started photographing some of Megan's favorite art pieces, did a … (11 comments)

homerome: Second Chance In Baltimore - 09/02/17 08:16 PM
Today was my first visit to Second Chance in Baltimore.
I met my friend and trainer John along with Erin and Hadley.
What a fun afternoon touring this amazing building.
Second Chance is a 501(c) nonprofit that gives a second chance to materials, people and the environment. 
Instead of demolition, this wonderful company deconstructs homes and buildings... salvaging the usable items.
The items are made available, to the public, in  200,000 square feet of retail space.
Click below to see photos from my visit today.

The reclaimed materials along with other donated items are offered at a discount. Each piece has a price and dates with … (12 comments)

homerome: 8506 Chestnut Oak Rd is Too Late - 09/01/17 07:05 PM
 This renovated Parkville home in  Baltimore County is Too Late.
We have a ratified contract.
Too see what you missed 
Click To See Slideshow
Here is the perfect opportunity to own a "NEW" four bedroom home in the established neighborhood of Parkville close to Loch Raven, Joppa Road and the Baltimore Beltway.
So versatile with 2 bedrooms on the main level with a full bath and a powder room for guests. Gourmet beautiful kitchen with stainless appliances, gas cooking, granite counters and porcelain floors. There is an adjacent sun room perfect for dining  with a private door to the patio and fenced yard. 
Upstairs there are … (4 comments)

homerome: Full Service The Rome Way - 09/01/17 04:35 PM
Here is my definition of "Full Service" The Rome way.
 Part I of Tony & Suzanne Marriott's September Challenge
To start with, I limit the amount of listings that I choose to take, including those under contract. I have had one of my busiest times with multiple recent closings so that new listings had to be on hold.
They are on my waiting list.
With all my recent closings...inventory is low with quite a few properties going active in the next month. I am taking a bit of a breather right now.
This is how I am able to make each of my clients feel they are the only ones I'm … (9 comments)

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