homerome: Bottom Line...In Your Pocket - 10/26/16 08:50 PM
 Recently this was asked by Jeff Dowler  in the Q&A:
When you take a new listing do you ask, or does the seller volunteer, what their bottom-line sales price is?  
To me the responses were surprising.      
I don't think I have ever taken a listing that I did not know the seller's  "in their pocket" bottom line price.
Do we always get that number?  No.
Do we negotiate? Yes.
 Do we discuss this bottom line during the listing period? Yes.
As a listing broker I am always working for the seller...no dual agency.
 I know what the seller wants for the bottom line.
My goal is to always get the  best deal … (5 comments)

homerome: Before And After - 10/26/16 09:12 AM
Do you need a simple and inexpensive way to update louvered doors? This style was popular in many mid century homes.
No need to completely replace. 
Just cover the louvered slats with a piece of board.
 Choose a decorative trim, paint and voila you have a modern looking updated door.
Here's the photo showing the  before and after.
What simple decorating ideas do you have to share?

homerome: Right Sizing In Baltimore - 10/25/16 04:56 PM
If you follow me, you know that I choose not to use the term
downsizing.  You may want to watch this  Right Sizing Video done with Carra Riley and Kathy Streib last year. 
Look around at the big house you have called home for the past 20,30,40 or more years. How much of the house are you really using?
If you are like most people, you are probably using only a few rooms.
When making the decision to move, it is those spaces  you need in the new place.
You can still have a gourmet kitchen. You can still have a dressing room. You can still have a patio or … (13 comments)

homerome: 11 Things Not About Real Estate - 10/24/16 09:31 PM
 Received this from a dear friend and even though it has nothing to do with real estate, I thought
it worth reading and sharing!
by anonymous
1. Try everything twice. On one woman's tombstone she said she wanted this epitaph: "Tried everything twice. Loved it both times!"
2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. (Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches!)  
3. Keep learning: Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever... Never let the brain get idle. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' And the devil's name is Alzheimer's! … (10 comments)

homerome: Making an Appointment - 10/24/16 06:02 PM
Today one  my former clients had some free time and wanted to see a house. So I pulled the listing up in MLS and read this 
I clicked the link, put the requested time of 12 noon and within seconds
received the following
text confirmation. 
I called the buyer and told her we were meeting at 11:30 and off I went.
Then there was another text. It came in at 10:47 AM (only a minute later).
It read:
BY : Owner. No showings on
this day
Mon, 10/24 12:00PM-12:15
It was easy to make the appointment.
It was easy to receive the cancellation.
But in the end...we … (8 comments)

homerome: She Didn't Answer Her Phone - 10/22/16 02:23 PM
I was thinking of a title for my blog.
Here are a couple:
'No answer, she must be dead."
" No return texts, she's fallen down the stairs"
I have truly spoiled everyone with my predictability.
I answer phones. I return calls. I respond to texts.  I blog every night.
My friend, who follows me, missed my last post.
(It was boring with only one comment. )
She sent a text and called.
I didn't answer!
With no scheduled appointments... I decided to take the morning off.
When I do check my phone...it is blowing up at 10:30 am.
There were a lot of missed calls.
My best friend, a favorite couple, my daughter who was traveling, my son   and daughter in law Florida...all called within the hour.
How … (11 comments)

homerome: GBBR REALTOR ® Fair Celebrates 30 Years! - 10/21/16 06:21 PM
Wonderfully busy week and I was able to attend the
October 20, 2016
 Martin's West.
Enjoyed being able to see a lot of Baltimore professionals and took two 3 hour CE  classes.  One on Broker Supervision, given by the MREC and Kathie Connelly. The other class was on Agency.
Both were well  attended and well presented.
Met my friend and ActiveRain member Cheryl Ritchie in the Agency Residential class.
Excellent instructor, Bob Flynn, who  made the three hour session go quickly while holding the  audience's attention.
Walked the exhibits a few times, met many colleagues and professionals.  Luckily, my phone kept me in touch with clients, … (1 comments)

homerome: Oops...I Missed An Appointment - 10/20/16 05:27 PM
What would you do?
It was 1:30 when my phone rang. I answered: 
" Hi, Good to hear from you." 
My future new listing client said
"We were expecting you at noon today!" 
How could that be? It was not on my iPhone schedule!
Checking the folder, I found it was in my notes.
She was right. I made an appointment but it was not logged into my calendar. 
 I made no excuses. I forgot!
This, for me, is not acceptable!
I don't make people wait for me. I don't cancel planned events. I am reliable.
Of course I apologized, even suggesting they find another agent.
I would … (25 comments)

homerome: Re8Expo November 17th In Baltimore - 10/19/16 10:59 AM
Are you attending the Re8Expo
in Baltimore?
 Re8Expo is 
taking place Thursday November 17, 2016.
Sheraton Baltimore North
903 Dulaney Valley Rd. 21204
Please sign up early so you can take advantage of the  $75 early registration. 
Who remembers RainCamp when Lenn Harley hit One Million Points?  
How many ActiveRain Members will be attending?
 Leave a comment if you will be attending this all day
 Thursday November 17, 2016
Here is the link to sign up.
Register here

homerome: Another 7 Slade Condo Sold By Margaret Rome - 10/17/16 07:06 PM
7 Slade Condo #601
Pikesville, Md. 21208 
Three bedroom ..two bath..sixth floor condominium in the luxurious Seven Slade ... also known as Suburban Oaks is 
sold and settled. 
We found the right buyers and had a smooth closing today. This spacious condo 1782' is conveniently located in the Pikesville area of Baltimore County. 
Beautifully designed lobby with shallow pool and fountain.  This very special building has :~Separate control of heat & air conditioning included in monthly condo fees~ Swimming pool (water aerobics in the summer)~4 guest rooms (perfect for out of town company)~ Library/exercise room (keep your mind and body in shape)~ Party room/social club (with kitchen for entertaining)and a … (7 comments)

homerome: Help Find Sprinkles A Home - 10/16/16 05:11 AM
We need a very special Baltimore home.
Sprinkle's owner and my friend writes:
"Sprinkles is a five and a half-year-old Puggle, adopted as a 10-month-old puppy from the MD SPCA in January 2012.
She has had a splendid life until this year.
In the last 12 months, "her" daddy passed away, she lost her one plus acre fenced backyard, complete with deer, squirrels, and foxes. This was the result of selling our home.
Now, she is relegated to apartment living and not happy walking  on a leash.
Finally, this past June, her beloved companion dog died from complications of old age.
As result … (11 comments)

homerome: What Can You Buy For Under 1 Million In The Baltimore Area - 10/15/16 11:44 AM
You can own an incredible property on 34 acres in the Hereford School System! A beautiful stately home built in 1812 and built to last.
1560 Blue Mount Rd
Watch Slide Show 
Beautifully maintained and in pristine condition, this southern colonial is surrounded by spectacular views from the wrap around porch and high ceilings with 10 foot windows with the old wavy glass!
Modern updates throughout from the Buderus state of the art furnace and central air conditioner to the heated kitchen floors and green house window in the first floor laundry.
Five working fireplaces, five bedrooms with attached baths,  hardwood floors and … (13 comments)

homerome: When Did It Happen ? - 10/15/16 11:31 AM
Didn't notice when I went into the store but 30 minutes later there it was.
I was so sure it was all green when I went in but a half hour my iPhone captured this view from the parking lot.
The colors changed and Fall is arriving.
The brilliance of the autumn season is here.
Are you ready for the change?
Are you even aware of the change?
Baltimore is getting more Beautiful !

homerome: It Is OK To Hang Up On Them - 10/13/16 07:57 AM
When I get a phone call that is a telemarketer or other solicitor, I am as polite as possible. but after a  No Thanks, Not interested... enough is enough.  I just hang up.
The good thing they will never get through to me again.
I make a new contact in my phone and label it SPAM. 
Never again do I take that call.
I know a lot of you don't take numbers not familiar to you.
I am not looking to lose potential buyers and sellers.
To most of us it is just an annoyance but speaking with an elderly person this week, I found out … (15 comments)

homerome: Friendship Food & Artful Decor - 10/12/16 10:05 PM
How lucky I am to be invited to share the New Year with clients who are now friends. The food, the friendship, the art... all beautiful.
My friend Jean bought a lovely home less than a year ago and I love the way she has used her art and color to make this place warm and welcoming.  
 Jean has a wonderful comforting personality just like my friends, the two good looking guys, Jim and Dan.  
It was a lovely evening and Jean made it seem effortless. That is the sign of a perfect hostess.

homerome: Friendship Food & Art - 10/12/16 10:04 PM
How lucky I am to be invited to share the New Year with clients who are now friends. The food, the friendship, the art... all beautiful.
My friend Jean bought a lovely home less than a year ago and I love the way she has used her art and color to make this place warm and welcoming.  
 Jean has a wonderful comforting personality just like my friends, the two good looking guys, Jim and Dan.  
It was a lovely evening and Jean made it seem effortless. That is the sign of a perfect hostess.

homerome: The First And Only Time - 10/11/16 03:06 PM
The first time I saw a suitcase full of cash at a settlement table was in the very beginning of my career.
The buyer walked in and placed it on the table and opened it up. I don't know what happened but it disappeared faster than lightning. After an hour or two the settlement proceeded and all seemed well. Keys were exchanged, papers signed and the house was sold.
A couple of years later I receive a call from the IRS and the FBI wanting to meet with me.  I told them my schedule was full.
My next call was to my husband and … (15 comments)

homerome: A Beagle Named Franki - 10/10/16 05:37 PM

This past March I shared
  Not Time To Say Goodbye
 and a few months later 
Saying Goodbye To Franki
The Maryland SPCA did the above story in their
Fall 2016  newsletter ANIMAL TALK.
Take a few minutes and read the article written by my friend and Franki's mom, Karen Colvin.
Not only was Franki special to her family but to me also.
I loved this dog as though she were mine.
Such a beautiful spirit, such beautiful eyes such a good soul...
I even carry her card with me to tell people about service animals.
Rest in peace sweet Franki. I love you.
Look how one special family and one special pet made such … (7 comments)

homerome: Does Blogging Have A Positive Effect On My Business? - 10/08/16 02:04 PM
My recent post about writing 3000 posts over the past ten years received the following comment:
 ''May I ask if you've found blogging to have a positive effect on your business?''
Take some time and read about my real estate blogging journey.
 Ask yourself a few questions. 
Does one print ad sell a house?  Does one flyer sell a house? Does one For Sale sign sell a house? Does placing the property in the MLS sell it? Does one impromptu open house do the trick? Does one radio show sell a house? Does burying a St. Joseph statue sell a home? Does one nosy neighbor sell a house? Does … (30 comments)

homerome: Bart & Ballet Need A Baltimore Home - 10/07/16 06:41 PM
Need some kisses and willing to give some belly rubs? Take a look at Bart who is waiting for you to come visit at the Baltimore Humane Society.
Then take a few minutes to look at Ballet.  She likes chin rubs, lazer pointers and  wand toys.
If you have room in your heart and in your home,
call the BHS a call at 410-833-8848

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