homerome: Not The Right House If... - 03/22/17 04:45 PM
Showing the wrong house to a buyer wastes time for everyone.
When the buyer picks a number of houses to view,  go over each one BEFORE you go out.
Research the MLS, tax record and if requested the school boundaries.
 Many times, houses are ruled out by this research...saving valuable time.
This NOT the right house if...
- All bedrooms have to be on same level. This has a first floor master.
-The condo restricts pets and they have "a very small" dog and a cat.
-The buyer is a wheel chair user. This is a split-level house?
-High Condo fees...asks if we can negotiate the fee.
-They must have a garage...you guessed...this … (11 comments)

homerome: Garage For Sale But No House - 03/21/17 07:04 PM
I am always looking for homes with garages.
In our Baltimore weather  we can have all four seasons in the same day. The garage  is a necessary feature for many home buyers.
Right now, I may have the opportunity to sell a garage but without a house.
This concrete block garage has about 1.000 square feet and has lights and electric. 
There are so many uses including an art studio, a get away for the car enthusiast, music studio, private storage and it could even be used to house your prized automobiles.
After all it is a garage.
Located in Baltimore near Amazon, Royal Farms and BJs...
what would … (2 comments)

homerome: My Live Radio Show Makes The Phone Ring - 03/20/17 08:38 PM
Each Sunday at noon, I host a live radio show. Sometimes there are more callers than the producer can handle.
Many other times there may only one or two. It is exciting and keeps me on my toes.
The thing you can't know about radio is that my phone continues to ring after the show and through the week.
A show like yesterday, with only one caller, may sound like no one is listening.
But then the calls after the show are so interesting and I love it when they say they follow the show every week.
Mondays are usually full of calls … (6 comments)

homerome: ActiveRain Can Make The Phone To Ring - 03/19/17 05:15 PM
It  can also bring in texts and emails and it does it with speed. Today after my radio show I was looking for a Realtor® to refer a listing... around $400,000.
If I am going to send a referral, I want to know something about the person. I want to interview that brokerage and that agent.
My go to place, of course, is ActiveRain.  
Checking  profiles of members in the area needed, only one agent  had posted in the past 2 years and only listings. 
If they are an 'active' ActiveRain member the referral process is so simple.
So I went and signed up … (13 comments)

homerome: Gut Feelings Are To Be Trusted - 03/17/17 08:23 PM
Take a moment and  read this post by    
  Debbie  Laity
This is a wake up call to all Realtors®.
You need to be cautious and aware of who you are meeting...especially alone.
I am not telling you to be afraid or scare you.
Being aware is a must.
My comment back to Debbie was the following:
'So happy to be reading this as YOUR blog and not headlines elsewhere. Trust that gut feeling...it is powerful and it works.'
Recently had a potential buyer ask me to meet him at a night at one of my properties that was vacant and on a wooded lot.
For me it was … (16 comments)

homerome: Careful Who You Listen To - 03/17/17 07:24 PM
You have heard the term Consider The Source.
When newer agents ask for my help in real estate...
I warn them to consider who they listen to.
Find someone you really like,respect and admire.
Ask the  agent who has been helpful with a contract, pleasant as a listing agent, kind at an open house and professional when talking to buyers, sellers and other professionals in the business.
There are so many who are willing to help other agents. It makes real estate better for everyone.
Find that person who is  encouraging and  excited with your enthusiasm.
When asking for guidance, make sure you are asking in the right places. … (39 comments)

homerome: Spring Cleaning The Rome Way - 03/15/17 05:59 AM
There is a  March challenge hosted by Debbie Laity, that is a wonderful way to improve the quality of our blogs.
 But for those of us who have been blogging for over ten years, this task seems overwhelming.
I decided to do the blog post cleaning The Rome Way.
Going back to my earlier posts, from 2006 to make  needed corrections, is not something I could see myself doing.
It would be time consuming and unproductive no matter how much this needs to be done. I would have to hire someone full time just for the changes. 
Instead I will continue to use my previous blogs by adding relevant … (8 comments)

homerome: Name Brands...The Rome Way - 03/14/17 06:22 PM
There is a contest this month hosted by Ron and Alexandra and here are the rules. 
'Name three brands outside of the real estate realm that you trust. Then, write a paragraph for each explaining why you trust them. Be sure to include at least one photo you have taken. Finally, share what you have learned about yourself and your values by focusing on these brands and examining why they are important in your life (and your real estate practice). ' 
There are lots of name brands that I could write about including, but not limited to, Lexus special treatment, Apple, Amazon  and my whole house generator. … (12 comments)

homerome: Snow On The Forsythia..A Change - 03/13/17 08:01 PM
It has been a wonderfully busy day...starting early at the gym, food shopping and meeting a seller for final signatures... all before 9:00 am.
While showing my new listing in Butcher's Hill this afternoon, I noticed the forsythia (along with flowering trees) were in bloom. And just last week I was on my front porch sleeveless, sandals and enjoying a sunny 70 degree day. 
There has been a change!
Take a look at our Baltimore weather map.
 Baltimore has had a mild winter...no real snow.
That is changing right now!
We are bracing for a blizzard, high winds and 100%  chance snow.
More pictures tomorrow when I will … (10 comments)

homerome: Spring - Time To Find Buyers - 03/12/17 05:21 PM
It's almost Spring, even though our Baltimore lawns, daffodils and forsythia are covered with snow and ice.
Spring is also the time to start thinking about selling your house and finding a new home.
With so much information available on houses for sale, it’s easy to be completely wrapped up in finding that perfect home for your family. But what about 
finding someone to buy your home?
I set up this page on my web site to help sellers see … (4 comments)

homerome: Change Those Clocks That Don't Change Themselves. - 03/11/17 06:58 PM
Most of our important clocks change to Daylight Savings Time by themselves .
 We all remember the phrase "Spring forward, Fall back" which reminds us how Daylight Saving Time affects all our time telling devices.
There are still some  that have to be manually changed like our wall clocks,  watches, older car clocks and few others things we might miss for a few weeks..
Today is the second Sunday in March and we "Spring Forward" at 2 a.m.
Please don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour.
It is a good idea to remind Sunday appointments of the time change.

homerome: Learn From Little Kids - 03/10/17 06:42 PM
If you really want to learn to negotiate take some time and observe young children prolong bedtime.
 If you are around kids for even a short time, you have no problem grasping this concept.
 Just watch a child in the grocery store. They see something they want and they figure out a way to get it.  They ask...not once but numerous times and  they use different  tactics. They give something in return.. a hug, an "I love you"  and they change how they ask and always stay focused on the prize. 
And the skilled kids do not lose their cool !
 They … (26 comments)

homerome: A Little Patience - 03/09/17 09:18 PM
How's the real estate market?
My answer to this question...If your home sells it is a terrific market. If it doesn't  the market is lousy.
How's the Baltimore weather?
Today I was sitting on my porch with a sleeveless top and flip flops... Nice weather.
But tomorrow they are calling for snow and a low of 19 degrees at night.
We have all four seasons sometimes in the same day.  So if you don't like the weather...wait a few hours. This would have been a tough week to pack if visiting my city.
Real estate and the weather are local.
So if you're thinking of selling your … (2 comments)

homerome: This Risteau Condo...One Of My Favorites - 03/08/17 08:01 PM
  The Risteau is  one of my favorite condos...you see I sold it to these lovely sellers 20 years ago.
The 40 foot brick enclosed patio extends the living space and the privacy of this elegant 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo at The Risteau.    
MLS # BC969771
 2231 Old Court Road 21208
Lovely open gourmet kitchen with tile floors, pantry and granite.
The second bedroom has pocket doors making this room versatile to use as den, office and/or guest room.
Master suite, abundant storage with built ins, 2  walk in closets, shoe storage and more. Full size laundry in unit.
Open floor plan and 24 hour doormen. 
Garage parking, pool, tennis, 57 … (2 comments)

homerome: Pretty New Listing In Parkville- 8506 Chestnut Oak Road - 03/06/17 06:12 PM
 We have new listing in the Parkville area of Baltimore County.
Click To See Slideshow
Here is the perfect opportunity to own a "NEW" four bedroom home in the established neighborhood of Parkville close to Loch Raven, Joppa Road and the Baltimore Beltway.
So versatile with 2 bedrooms on the main level with a full bath and a powder room for guests. Gourmet beautiful kitchen with stainless appliances, gas cooking, granite counters and porcelain floors. There is an adjacent sun room perfect for dining  with a private door to the patio and fenced yard. 
Upstairs there are two more bedrooms, a full bath, a … (7 comments)

homerome: Would You Like To Be On The Radio - 03/06/17 09:28 AM
Yesterday, I had a guest on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE, my weekly live radio show. This guest is a former client, friend and neighbor.
The discussion was regarding a new installation of a gas heating system in the  home he recently purchased.
Permits were pulled (but only after the work was almost completed ) and Baltimore City would NOT pass the inspection because of code safety issues and an improper installation. The licensed contractor basically said the code was not good and the customer could "go fight city hal! " He also said the home owner was responsible for knowing the code.
 My … (11 comments)

homerome: Brain sPARK - Come Curious Leave Smarter - 03/05/17 09:19 PM
That's what happens when you attend BRAIN sPARK 2017.
Today I attended three sessions at The Park School in Baltimore where my daughter was a student from nursery school through high school.
It was a pleasure being back and participating  in this Park School tradition, formerly known as Brain Thrust. 
 There were 80 presenters in 50 sessions plus supper... all this taking place betweem the hours of 4 to 8 pm.
To me the event was flawless and run with ease and precision.
How do you get a sold out crowd of more than 600 people fed and into 3 different lectures?  
It is … (3 comments)

homerome: Do You Have Any References? - 03/02/17 07:41 PM
Today I spent the afternoon interviewing and being interviewed for a new listing. As you know I love a challenge and the sellers did not want an "average" real estate agent.
The appointment should only have taken an hour or less but the sellers and I bonded with so much in common and the conversation flowed. I think there is a pretty good chance I will take them on and I think there is a pretty good chance they will hire me IF they decide to make this move.
The last question they asked...'If we want references could you give us some?' … (14 comments)

homerome: Get Your Knit On - 03/01/17 07:08 PM
It doesn't always have to be about real estate.
This past week when visiting with my friend Peg Silloway, we went to  Woolworks in Mt. Washington.
 After all Peg is a fine weaver and loves to knit. I enjoyed  watching her and the store owner talk about the different colors, textures, weights and origin of so many beautiful fibers.
If you are a knitter, you always take your wool to the window, or even outside, to allow the natural light to show off the true colors of the yarn.
I did not participate in the conversation but did take photos while in this small … (4 comments)

homerome: Finding The Right Buyer - 02/27/17 07:35 PM
For every unique home, there is a unique buyer. The chemistry has to be there. They must have it and know it was worth the wait.
 Your unique home is no exception!
My Job Is To Find That Right Buyer
 Almost every agent will tell you any house will sell quickly if the price is low enough. In fact there will be agents who comment  below saying this.
With one of a kind properties...it may mean that the right buyer has not been introduced to this home.
My passion is listing, marketing and selling unique listings that are
not Cloneonials. 
Below are a few examples.
Then there was the  house on … (25 comments)

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