homerome: Love My Sellers And Their Thank You Note - 04/23/17 03:54 PM
Went to settlement two weeks ago with a very special family after selling this wonderfully unique property.
Below is the note I received after our dinner this past weekend.
"Sadly, the time had come for me and my sister to sell the house where we had shared a deep rooted bond with our parents. This was more than a piece of real estate-it was our home-our sanctuary-a special dwelling filled with much love and countless happy memories. Our parents were so proud of this house their long awaited Shangri-la, designed and built especially for them. This wooded property with with its songs of nature, brought … (9 comments)

homerome: What Happens When You Take Your Home Off The Market - 04/21/17 12:26 PM
What happens when you take your home off the market?
There are times when a seller takes their home off the market for a personal reason, an illness, a vacation or a situation that the house cannot be shown.
Maybe the listing has expired or is withdrawn by mutual consent.
Please note:
These sellers are then  bombarded with calls, letters, postcards and emails from real estate companies, Realtors® and auction companies.
Because there are many computer  programs alerting those who specialize in homes that do not sell. These programs automatically send out letters, cards and  trigger these agents when a home is removed from the … (12 comments)

homerome: 2 Custom Contemporary Homes In Baltimore - 04/20/17 07:15 PM
Baltimore has two contemporary  custom homes on the market. They are interesting, unusual and unique properties.
Similar but quite different one has an in-ground pool in the Stevenson area of 21208
The address is 7 Green Heather Court and this is a custom Deck House.
The second one located at 3422 Old Walnut Rd  21117 is a two story custom built home.
3422 Old Walnut Pictures
7 Green Heather Pictures
To see either home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: My Phone Number Is Important - 04/18/17 07:39 AM
 It's my job to let you know my phone number.
It's not your job to remember.
How important?
Important enough to have it 17 times in my full page ad!
If you cannot find my number...you cannot call me.
If you cannot call me, I cannot tell you about my properties.
Sure you can text me, you can email me and you can reach me from my blog. My number is easy to find...is yours?
You can make contact with me on my web site and you can contact me from my live radio show.
It's important for buyers, for sellers and … (43 comments)

homerome: I Have The Buyers For A Baltimore Home - 04/17/17 03:03 PM
Instead of waiting to see what will be coming on the market, I plan to be proactive using this blog platform, my website and my weekly radio show to find a home for this couple moving to Baltimore in a few months. 
The email below, sent by the buyer, is my guideline for finding the right home.
My wife and I are looking for a home under $240,000. We would like our home to be in the Baltimore suburbs with a  neighborhood no more than 20 minutes away from UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County). We prefer a single family home, but we are also open to … (10 comments)

homerome: What's Your Topic? - 04/16/17 07:31 AM
This question was recently asked on Q&A... by a new blogger Karen Jones Lewis
"I am co-host on a radio show talking real estate. What do you think is a good topic to discuss?" 
This is the same question we ask ourselves when we write a blog.  And it is the same question each week prior to my live radio show.
What do others want to talk about?
You really don't know until you jump in start sharing your ideas and see what kind of response you receive.
You can talk about a listing approach that was successful. You can talk about how a … (15 comments)

homerome: Rest In Peace "Big Henry" - 04/15/17 10:57 PM
We lost a dear man this week...a best friend, colleague and business partner of my Lee Rome. 
My heart goes out to his courageous wife Margie and son David and family who have all  been there with Henry for the past  14 years. We referred to them as Mr. Superman and Mrs. Superwoman. 
Rest in peace "Big Henry"...we love you !
Henry "Gene" Sulkowski, died Thursday, April 13, 2017 at his home in Bel Air, Maryland at the age of 67.
Born September 1949 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and graduate of Pittsburgh University.
He was a successful businessman who concluded his career as President of Tulkoff Food Products in … (16 comments)

homerome: HomeRome Has Pet Peeves - 04/15/17 12:19 PM
 This months challenge is about pet peeves.  Peeve Defined:  annoys, irritates, angers, irks, exasperates, tries patience, gets on nerves, ruffles feathers, etc. Kathleen Daniels  is sponsoring a contest with this in mind..Get real with us and tell what your real peeve is.
This includes agents, brokers, lenders, stagers, marketing, SEO, virtual assistants, website development … you get the idea. Everyone has a peeve which means everyone gets to play. 
 HomeRome Has Pet Peeves
I really believe that one should praise in public and criticize in private but this is a contest that I have chosen to enter, thanks to Kathleen Daniels .
Real estate is my career and my passion and I do … (41 comments)

homerome: From California To Baltimore - 04/14/17 01:10 PM
 The best part of this story...wait for it!
Just received a delightful phone call from John Meussner
That's a tiny bit unusual because it is usually yours truly making calls to ActiveRain members.
John told me about a contact from 3 years ago, who is now moving to Baltimore with his wife. From all of our blogging, John and I knew each other and he wanted this young couple  to be sure they had a contact in Maryland.
This is what John has to say about blogging.
''And for those wondering "how does Activerain work?", or those who've said "I get nothing out of ActiveRain", this is what it's all about.  We … (10 comments)

homerome: Let The Seller Price The House - 04/13/17 05:22 PM
As a listing agent there are different ways to arrive at the asking price for a property. Sometimes sellers are adamant at what that price needs to be. Other times they will take our professional advice based on our market analysis and  expertise. When an owner is set on a specific number that may not be in line with reality...I try a little different approach.
  Using market facts, I include  recent sales,  properties under contract and those  that are currently on the market.
Compare to the seller's home and throw in the online estimates and zestimates. I even find out if they really did use the heavy duty nails … (15 comments)

homerome: A Nice Baltimore Visit - 04/11/17 08:51 PM
Spending time with friends and family, this past week, was a nice  break from real estate.
Take a look at the slide show to see some of Baltimore.
We walked the Inner Harbor, visited  Sideshow at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) and met the delightful owner, Ted. His comment was so true...'Come in shopping and leave smiling!'
We also visited a few favorite restaurants and just enjoyed the lovely spring weather.
With a high of 86º on Tuesday, it was more like a summer day.
It was such a nice visit in Baltimore.

homerome: A Seller A Sale and A Radio Show - 04/10/17 09:06 PM
What an enjoyable hour on Sunday when my recent seller came on as guest to discuss some of the details of listing and selling a property.
We talked about how we met and his experience with a former listing agent. We talked about the feedback from all the showing appointments. We talked about three different home inspectors with findings from a good sound home  to another inspector on the same property calling almost everything "marginal" including the new roof, new appliances, new oil tank, new radon system and new septic system. This was done in a 94 page home inspection.
Four calls came in ...3 were from practicing … (10 comments)

homerome: Three Strategies For Getting Your Offer Accepted. - 04/08/17 02:31 PM
Share 3 strategies, tips or ideas that increase the chances your offers are noticed and accepted..this challenge is sponsored by the real Debbie Reynolds 
Most of the time I am the listing agent but when working with a buyer, I treat their offers as though there were competing against other offers. After all why not put the best offer forward to help ensure  your buyer does not lose their "perfect" home. 
Financial qualification is a must. Not just a "baloney" letter from an unknown lender... stating:
To whom it may concern...based on the information given, you are approved to buy a house for x amount providing … (24 comments)

homerome: Unique Baltimore Home Found The Right Buyer - 04/07/17 03:28 PM
Final closing happened today. Everyone left with smiles.
The sellers, the buyer and the real estate agents.
Sandie Langrall, with BHHS, is a very knowledgeable and most professional  Realtor® and a pleasure to work with.
Sandie was on top of everything and made sure communication flowed easy. 
Thank you Sandie Langrall.
This was a special transaction and  I really appreciated working with you!
2502 Caves Forest Road is a beautiful contemporary home, custom built by Howard Rodman, and we found the perfect buyer!
Click to see photos
2502 Caves Forest Rd.
Owings Mills, Md. 21117
Directions : See map above.  
Park Heights Ave  (north of Greenspring Valley) turn left on Velvet Ridge … (3 comments)

homerome: Homes In Baltimore Under $200,000 - 04/05/17 06:49 PM
There are some parts of the country that this price would not even begin to purchase a home.
Baltimore has some good buys.
There are single family homes, condos and townhouses.
Below are  four in Baltimore County all under $200,000!
...and one more in Baltimore City!
Think outside the box... these could also be perfect for first time buyers, singles, graduates, newlyweds, and those who would like to share a home or condo. This may make more sense than renting for many years.
Either buy it together or purchase one of the homes under $200,000 and have the other pay rent.
Maybe you have a friend, sibling or … (2 comments)

homerome: Center Hall Colonial In Baltimore County - 04/05/17 11:24 AM
Spacious  three to five bedroom  brick  center hall colonial with 1st floor addition. This area could be a guest suite with 2 bedrooms, an office and family room or media room. Fios is available!  
Enjoy the change of seasons on the large screened in porch.
Eat in kitchen has built in table, microwave, dishwasher, GE side by side refrigerator, Maytag electric stove and a window over the sink.
Family dinners are a pleasure in the  separate  formal dining room with built in corner cabinet.
Enjoy the  ambiance of a wood burning fireplace in living room and of course... wood floors.
The windows have been replaced … (6 comments)

homerome: Find The Negative ...Bring On The Positive - 04/04/17 10:03 AM
When talking with sellers, I always find out what they think are the negatives of their home.
Sometimes they are the same ones a buyer would consider positives.
 Tell me why you think a house won't sell and I will find the type of buyer who wants that feature. It is another way of looking at the same property.
Here's a few reasons owners thought their home would be hard to sell.
The railroad goes right by the house.  There is a tennis court. There is a  pool. There are 2 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The beltway wall is their back fence. There is … (17 comments)

homerome: How Do You Check Out The Neighborhood - 04/02/17 08:58 AM
How do you check out the neighborhood BEFORE you live there? 
This was  a question on my radio show today.
And here are  a few of my suggestions.
Take a walk in the neighborhood at different times of the day, evening and weekend.
What are your concerns?
Is it the noise, parking or traffic ?
Find out if the neighbors have pit bulls or a teenage rock band?
Maybe you need good reception for your HAM Radio...a request from one of my legally blind  callers today. 
Do you have  children and need a specific school system?
Do you want to be in a neighborhood that has your contemporaries?
 Do you … (11 comments)

homerome: If There Is A Question About Ethics...Stay Away! - 04/01/17 07:17 PM
When I first got into Real Estate more than 25 years ago, I remember the wise words of Bill Flynn who was one of the owners of O'Conor Piper & Flynn. That was the name of  the company that I started with. His words had meaning back then and they still do to this day.
"If there is a question about ethics, stay away" 
Think about it!
If you are even thinking  something may not be ethical, why go there?
You don't need to see it in a legal form.
It does not have to be in the COE (code of ethics) … (14 comments)

homerome: Find Your Wish With The HomeRome Niche - 04/01/17 01:18 PM
How do you explain a Niche?
As many of you know, I specialize in unique, unusual  and even hard to sell real estate. These properties are certainly not for the average buyer and it takes a while to find the right buyer for these homes that are a far cry from "cookie cutter'. 
I have been in touch with the seller of one of
my favorite contemporary homes 
and today on Facebook, this former owner posted this photo of her house...note the date April 3, 2010...that was seven years ago. 
At present, I am featuring  a mid century modern contemporary, a Deck House, an 1812 farm … (20 comments)

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