homerome: Not About Real Estate But Might Save A Life - 01/22/17 08:46 PM
The following was sent to me by a friend who is also a former Registered Nurse.  This is such good information that instead of sending just to 10 people,  I could reach a lot more by posting to  all of ActiveRain.
Feel free to share it with others. You could even Reblog it for the 6th Annual Jumpstart Challenge sponsored by
Lynn B. Friedman
Please take time to read and share
MAYO CLINIC - DRINKING WATER, very interesting!!!  
Water and Aspirin...
'A cardiologist determined that heart attacks can be triggered by dehydration.
Good Thing To Know. From The Mayo Clinic. How many folks do you know who say … (5 comments)

homerome: Too Late For This Baltimore County Contemporary - 01/21/17 01:09 PM
 2502 Caves Forest Road is absolutely perfect for contemporary lovers.
And we found the lucky buyers and I will be placing the
Too Late sign
on the property.
Lots of light, 9 foot ceilings, gleaming wood floors, 2 way fireplace, brand new kitchen and 3 1/2 new baths plus so much more!
Sitting on a 2 acre private wooded lot with a 2 car garage. 
This is a special home
MLS# BC9767670
Click to see photos of 2502 Caves Forest
For more information or to see another home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Baltimore County Condo With A Fishing Pond - 01/18/17 08:45 PM
The Risteau has a fishing pond so be sure to bring Your Fishing Pole 
Yes, this pond is stocked with fish in this Baltimore County Luxury Condo
You can enjoy fishing without leaving home is you lived at The Risteau
Located at  2331 Old Court Rd.21208  
The Risteau in Photos Click to see. 
 Enjoy the quiet seclusion  and the beauty of the manicured landscaping, trees and brick terraced walks and patios.
 View from the balcony of  Unit #400 For Sale.
 Unit 105 For Sale See Slide Show 
Retractable  awning over the 40 ' patio for gardening and entertaining.
Enjoy easy living with no grass to mow, no snow to shovel and  garage  parking...you and … (10 comments)

homerome: Can You Guarantee - 01/18/17 01:16 PM
In working with a buyer or seller, there are many different personalities and many questions and concerns.
There is the buyer who wants every assurance they are getting the best deal and getting as much as possible from the seller.
There is the seller who wants a 100% assurance that the contract will make it to final settlement.
  With a 40 + page contract, most of the questions and concerns are covered. If not.. add an addenda to insure your point is considered.
When my seller signed a recent contract...they asked, "can I get excited now?''  They were really asking for a guarantee.
This … (24 comments)

homerome: So Many Topics So Little Time - 01/16/17 11:56 AM
There is so  much to write about every single day!
Everyday ...until you hit that wall.
Then it's "oh no what's my subject? What to blog? It's late! I need help! ''
What to do?  
 Go back to your own blogging post statistics.
Check out the ones with the most views, the most comments or the most likes. One of these may trigger an idea.
How to find them? 
Go to the top of your home page.
Click on Stats ( same drop down menu as my blog, drafts, following, my profile ) .
Other things that may suggest a topic:
Go into your emails.
Go into your texts.
Go into your … (11 comments)

homerome: The More Challenging The Better - 01/14/17 06:49 PM
My specialty is selling unique, unusual and hard to sell properties. These are the ones that are exciting to market and a challenge to find that one perfect buyer.
Some people say there is no perfect home..that many compromises must be made.  I think you can find the perfect home and I think you can find the perfect buyer for that special home. Yes, it may take a bit longer. It may take showing a property many times.
It may take many kinds of marketing, professional photography, good copy and different ways to get the properties seen, not just by the masses, but by … (6 comments)

homerome: Buyers For Unique Homes In Baltimore - 01/14/17 01:45 PM
Even a listing agent has buyers that need specific  homes. My favorite  homes to list are unusual properties, contemporary, historic and those  labeled "hard to sell."  And I'm not concerned about days on market for my statistics.
So it is not unusual that buyers looking for interesting properties reach out to me.
If you are thinking about selling  a unique home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Rightsizing In Baltimore County - 01/13/17 09:22 AM
Downsizing is a word I choose not to use. Rightsizing more accurately describes why people need to move. They may actually need a bigger space or different uses of space. It may be to have room for guests and family to visit. It may be room needed for accessibility.  
Look around at the big house you have called home for many  years. How much of the house are you really using?
 Many people only use a small percentage of the house...maybe just a few key rooms.
When making the decision to move, it is those important spaces  you need in the new place.
You can still have … (8 comments)

homerome: Opening Night Threepenny Opera...Friday 13th - 01/12/17 06:24 PM
Friday the 13th of January is opening night for Threepenny Opera in Baltimore.
January 13th - February 5th
Friday and Saturday 8:00 pm
Sunday Matinee
This production of Threepenny Opera,
directed by Michael Blum and musical director Erica Rome,
is playing in downtown Baltimore's
Spotlighters Theatre
317 Saint Paul Street.
 Baltimore Sun Previews Threepenny Opera
For tickets please go to

homerome: Baltimore Has A Butchers Hill - 01/11/17 08:41 AM
In a few weeks I may have a new listing in Butchers Hill.
This is a uniquely inviting neighborhood in southeast Baltimore made up of architecturally diverse brick row houses which date back as early as the 1850s.
All ages including families, students, professionals and retirees enjoy this historic community.
Such a convenient location, Butchers Hill is adjacent to Patterson Park and within walking distance to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Washington Hill, Fells Point, Canton and The Inner Harbor.
Take a look at the map to see this unique neighborhood
Ronnie's Food Market
From Butchers Hill , you can walk to the
Shops at Canton Crossing
If you are thinking about a Butchers Hill … (7 comments)

homerome: Sign Up For This- Sign Up For That - 01/10/17 07:01 AM
  Send in your money and...
You will be the top producer if you buy this gadget!
You will be the best agent in the world if you buy this course!
You will be #1 head honcho if you hire this coach!
Sound familiar?
How many emails or calls do you get each week asking you to sign up for something that is going to make you more money or guarantee you leads?
How many are from organizations that you have already paid for  through membership. 
 Remember  the alphabet soup letters  behind your name?
Yesterday when talking with Kathy Streib about our very own AR University, we acknowledged just how much information … (12 comments)

homerome: Community Guidelines Of ActiveRain - 01/09/17 06:54 PM
ActiveRain guidelines are pretty simple and much like running a business or living your every day life.
Do what is right, be honest, make others feel good, offer help when you can, educate yourself  and  make sure to enjoy what you are doing.
That kind of sums up the community guidelines.
ActiveRain, with so many members, may seem so big that you could not possibly be heard. With so many members who have been here since the beginning, you might feel you could never fit in. 
 Start off slow, go read a bunch of blogs and make lots of comments.
Pretty soon you'll feel ready to blog.  
Feel free to write whatever … (53 comments)

homerome: 18 Degrees In Baltimore -Perfect Day For A House Warming - 01/08/17 06:34 PM
Color makes beauty.
Some people have a knack for  making things beautiful.
This afternoon I enjoyed a house warming party for a  former client.....now a good friend.
  I really appreciate how much she enjoys entertaining friends in her perfect new space.
Just look  at this delicious, pretty and colorful table.
The guests were also colorful ,very interesting and the conversation flowed. 
Perfect time for a party...the holidays are over and the temperature outside was 18 degrees.
ººThe warmth of friendship filled this new home!
What a perfect day for a house warming in Baltimore!

homerome: Threepenny Opera In Baltimore - 01/07/17 07:31 PM
Musical Director Erica Rome works alongside Director Michael Blum
Threepenny Opera
Spotlighters Theatre
817 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore Md 21202
When-January 13- February 5
Erica Rome
You're probably thinking
"What does this have to do with real estate?"
Well I'm being a proud mom! My daughter, Erica Rome, is the music director of the production.
If you're in or near Baltimore, please support Spotlighters and this strong cast of singing actors.

homerome: Such A Pretty Home - 01/06/17 07:35 AM
  Pretty Sycamore Farm In A Few Pictures!      
                                            This property is my favorite listing and my favorite sellers for sure!             
                                                                            Sycamore Farm was built in 1812

 Pristine condition inside and out!
Wrap around porch
Of the … (13 comments)

homerome: Ringing and Singing - 01/05/17 03:50 PM
There is another  Debbie Reynolds contest, one that is repeated each year
The first part of this contest is to call an ActiveRain member that you have never talked with before. That, right there, could be a challenge since I speak to at least one ActiveRain member every day.
Who haven't I called?
Vickie Teel
In reading a post written by Vickie Teel I noticed these words in her back to basics post "...getting over my fear of picking up the phone and just doing it."
That, to me, was the perfect reason to call. I left Vickie a message which she promptly returned.
What I found … (14 comments)

homerome: Listings Are The Name Of The Game - 01/04/17 07:14 PM
My weekly ad has a lot of information including  my listings with photos and descriptions,
 It's important to get extensive exposure for my sellers.
It's all about clients and keeping  their homes at the center of attention.
Since listings are the name of the game,
I actively look for unique properties for special buyers.

homerome: They Would Complain If You Hung Them With A Brand New Rope - 01/02/17 07:42 PM
Sometimes you just can't please them and it is no use trying.
There are the people who find fault in everything and with everybody. Thank goodness they are rare!
These people need professional help.
For whatever reason, they are able to intimidate and undermine others. They will try to rule you and the transaction if allowed.
 Some call them toxic clients. Some call them high maintenance customers 
When given a choice, avoid people who are "kindness impaired'' or who don't treat you and others with respect.
These are people who would complain even if you hung them with a brand new rope.
Have  you dealt with these people?

homerome: I Always Answer My Phone Except ... - 01/02/17 05:11 PM
For those who follow me, you know I always answer my phone.
 Always!  Well except
for the times I use this special feature on my iPhone that allows me to
Respond With Text.
 There are three messages to choose, just click the appropriate one.  You can easily change them to suit your needs. 
Would like to know if there is a way to add more than three.
When in a situation that just won't allow my live voice to respond, I have the ability to use the built in reply message.  Since people  seem reluctant to leave a message, it is better than having the caller go to voice mail.
So simple, so efficient and such … (14 comments)

homerome: When The Horse Is Dead...Dismount - 12/30/16 04:15 PM
It is not pleasant when a transaction fails to close. Thank goodness this does not happen often. In real estate there are many reasons that settlement may not happen.
Here are a few of our challenges...
=Condo and association issues
=Home inspection
=Personal crisis -illness, death, divorce
=Title issues
=Code violations
=Buyer and seller remorse
=Change in employment or transfer
But there is another one that is a challenge to deal with.
=Analysis Paralysis which is the state of over-analyzing  or over-thinking.  This  goes along with involving and asking many others, not involved in the transaction, for their opinions.  Decisions or actions are not completed  and the effect paralyzes the outcome. This  does not mix well with buying and … (26 comments)

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