homerome: There Is Room For A Solo Broker - 05/25/17 01:24 PM
 There is a lot of talk  in the industry today about “teams” and how dominant they are in this market.
Will the sole practitioner move into the background?
But I think there is room for a solo broker and weekly radio host.
Here is my way
The  Rome Way.
• Communicating with clients and making all appointments. 
• Outsourcing tasks that take  time away from interacting with  clients. 
• Choosing to work with clients I like and respect.
• Having a full pipeline with a waiting list for new clients.
•  Keeping a daily real estate journal also known as blogging.
There Is Room For A Solo Broker.

homerome: Baltimore Homes For Sale - 05/24/17 12:06 PM
Are you looking to find  a home in the Baltimore area?
Take a look below and see if any of these special properties could make you want to move.
Unusual homes are what I like to focus on.
More exciting, more creative advertising, interesting houses and even more interesting people. 
Do you see any property, above, you would live in?
Are you looking for a unique home that is not a typical cookie cutter home?
 Let me know what you have in mind. Do you want more land, do you want  contemporary, do you want a rancher, or do you want an old … (6 comments)

homerome: CRS Tip Of The Week Thanks To Margaret Rome - 05/23/17 04:36 AM
Early this morning, actually late last night,
I received an email from Susan Swartz at CRS..
''CRS Tip of the Week: Thanks to Margaret Rome who provided this great tip:- (Susan Swartz)May 22, 2017 12:08 PM   Understanding the Downsizing Trend  
The first step to attracting and serving downsizers is understanding why clients downsize in the first place. The number one reason people downsize is because their home no longer suits the life they want to live. For that reason, I call it rightsizing instead of downsizing. It’s not about what homeowners give up: square footage. Rather, it’s about what … (9 comments)

homerome: They Read and They Call - 05/22/17 12:16 PM
What do kitty cats, horse races, getting enough sleep, missing a day of blogging and scams have to do with real estate? 
These were a few of the topics I have written about in the past couple weeks.
Professionals from around the country have commented and I have talked to other members about these subjects. The scam discussion was a topic on my radio show.
 One of my new sellers is an animal lover and this kind of transparency solidified his choice of using me.
Clients, both past and present, have mentioned these articles and two  even suggested a name for my friend's kitty. Missing a … (17 comments)

homerome: This Cheswolde Colonial Has A Too Late Sign - 05/21/17 06:51 PM
 6232 Blackstone Ave in the Cheswolde area of Baltimore
is under contract.
Lucky buyers have a ratified contract on this brick colonial with 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths.
There is a separate in-law/ guest suite  with a private side entry containing 3 rooms and full bath. 
 There is a new gourmet kitchen that has 2
 gas stoves, 2 dishwashers, 2 microwaves and 2 stainless sinks... 
in addition to the granite counters, a breakfast bar, a pantry and 1/2 bath with door to the level backyard. 
The lucky buyers did not miss the bay window in the dining room with  the fireplace or the spacious living room with another bay window and gleaming wood floors.  … (5 comments)

homerome: Lookin At Lee - 05/20/17 12:19 PM
It was three years ago today (the week my husband passed away) when I got a call from Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents. It was noisy outside my house from the sounds of the nearby Pimlico races where the Preakness was about to begin.
When I told her what the sound was...she immediately said "my" horse is running and she mentioned California Chrome.  
I responded CHROME...that is the winner!
Came into my house and found out  the race was taking place in the next ten minutes. We turned on the TV and I said get your bets in … (15 comments)

homerome: Baltimore Preakness May 20th at 6:45 - 05/19/17 09:47 PM
Preakness is run on the third Saturday in May...that's today May 20, 2017
and Baltimore is home of  the 142nd  Preakness Race.
Above are the horses running and I have a favorite horse.
We will just have to wait until the evening when the Preakness  is scheduled to take place at 6:45 p.m.
Will your favorite horse be a winner?

homerome: Name This Baltimore Kitty - 05/18/17 01:30 PM
My dear friend Karen has rescued a beautiful one year old tabby from the Baltimore  SPCA.
This handsome green eyed boy is friendly and oh so sweet.
He loves being petted, climbs right in your lap, cuddles and nudges for attention.
 He is quite affectionate for a feline.
But he needs a name.
The only challenge now is finding a name for this special good looking fella?
Will you help Karen by suggesting a name
for  her new kitty?

homerome: Too Late To Ask For Advice - 05/17/17 12:26 PM
A comment by Nina Hollander on yesterday's post Strengths and Weakness made me think of this situation quite a few years ago.
A neighbor called and asked my advice about selling her house.  She did not want to sell but a relative thought it was a good idea..to get rid of the large house and rent an apartment.
I found out she owed nothing on the house, loved the house and was living there for the cost of the taxes, maintenance and utilities...much less than renting.
She was relieved that I did not ask her for the listing.. I left without a listing and felt good.  My neighbor  called … (7 comments)

homerome: I Need Some Sleep - 05/16/17 07:54 PM
My main strength is my nurturing nature to help clients do what is right for them.
I have talked sellers out of selling their homes and I have talked buyers out of purchasing what I thought was not the right home.
I have encouraged buyers to rent rather than buy.
I have convinced potential sellers to stay in their present condo rather than go to assisted living.
  Just recently I helped long time friends who 'thought ' they wanted to sell their home and move to a condo.
I took the time to show them numerous places, ran an ad for a particular development and … (11 comments)

homerome: The World Did Not Come To An End - 05/15/17 09:23 PM
How busy? Too busy to blog!
And the world did not come to an end.
It doesn't happen often that I miss writing a daily blog. But I didn't write one yesterday. 
Occasionally , I allow real estate to interfere with my ActiveRain time.
( I did make time to speak with a member.)
Spent my blogging time making appointments last night for an out of town buyer.   
I am a listing agent but this was a personal referral and favor for an ActiveRain member. 
And it takes time to narrow down the showings, the areas, the likes and dislikes for someone you've never met. 
It was worth it. We showed 7 … (12 comments)

homerome: Final Settlement Is Final - 05/13/17 10:12 AM
Or is it? 
There was a  five-hour home inspection as well as many other inspections including termite, radon, chimney, well, septic, water testing, structural, roofing, plumbing, electrical and a few more that I may not remember.
Buyer was given all paperwork on appliances and other warranties with names of contractors. Buyer even met with seller and  seller's contractors until all issues were satisfied.
The evening before, there was a final walk through with the original inspector...lasting 2 hours.
We had a smooth closing and FINAL settlement.
 On several occasions the buyer continues to contact the seller, the buyer's agent and the listing agent about items of concern.  This is a first time … (10 comments)

homerome: Share Your SCAM Examples Let's Get The Word Out - 05/11/17 04:34 PM
Yesterday I wrote a post about a "scam letter" that  two of my sellers  received in the mail.  
It sounds like Baltimore is not the only area that has innocent sellers thinking that someone is ready to buy their home.
Many of you have seen this in your market place. Thought this would be a good topic for my Sunday radio show.
There are phone scams asking for money to pay for your deed.
There are calls saying they have the buyers.
What are you seeing in your area?
Would you be willing to share your examples with me and I will mention you on the … (13 comments)

homerome: Surprise There Is No Archie ! - 05/10/17 08:18 PM
Two of my sellers have shared a snail mail letter received this week. They were both identical, both on yellow lined paper with the same  message...only difference is the inserted address which I have blocked.
It's a clever a 'hand written' note but looking closer it is a red computer font.
 The return address on the envelope is a post office address.
When you call the number, there is someone wanting to ''buy'' your home. You must give them your name and address of your property.
Surprise there is no Archie!!
Have you received a letter like the one above?

homerome: It's Okay Not To Win Them All - 05/09/17 06:54 PM
Recently went on a listing appointment and loved both the house and the sellers.
My criteria  for taking on a new client is honesty, integrity and follow through.
This was my kind of unique home and I would  have been proud to represent this couple.
In my research, I asked about their former agent who sold them the house. They were upfront and told me they had a meeting lined up. I told them if I had sold them the house, I would have wanted the opportunity to work with them again.
They followed through by calling me after that meeting. 
Yes.. you … (16 comments)

homerome: Baltimore Open House Tuesday 6 - 8 pm - 05/08/17 06:36 PM
Open House Tuesday May 9th 6:00-8:00 pm
Please join us 
6232 Blackstone Ave 21209
MLS #BA9825045
 Would you like to have a brick colonial with 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths?
Could you use a  separate in law, guest suite or home office with  private side entry containing 3 rooms and full bath? 
 Would you like to cook in a gorgeous new gourmet kitchen that has two...
2 gas stoves, 2 dishwashers, 2 microwaves and 2 stainless sinks? 
 Would you enjoy granite counters, a breakfast bar, a pantry and 1/2 bath with door to the level backyard? 
Don't miss the bay window in the dining room with  fireplace. Check out  the spacious living room with another … (7 comments)

homerome: How I Choose A Client - 05/07/17 06:00 PM
This is what I'm looking for...honesty, integrity and follow through.
I go out and preview many more properties that I actually take on.
Love seeing the most interesting, one-of-a-kind unique houses from extremely modern, to historic, to outside the box customs, to contemporary, to waterfront and everything in between.
Sometimes there is a  home I fall in love with and sometimes I fall in love with the owners and just want to work with them.
They are 100% sure they want to sell and 100% sure they want to hire me.
Recently one of my  former clients referred me to her dear friends. My pipeline was … (8 comments)

homerome: Why Wouldn't Your Friends Use You - 05/05/17 05:30 PM
Recent posts  have been written about working with friends and relatives. Many say this is not a good idea but I have some concerns about the reasons.
IF, and that is a big if, you are the best agent, why wouldn't your true friends want to hire you?  And why wouldn't you want to work with them?
Many friends, colleagues and relatives have used me to list and sell.
 And I have also made decisions NOT to work with certain friends, former colleagues and relatives.
Knowing personality traits, it would not be possible to meet expectations.
It is a business decision no different than interviewing sellers.
Do I really  want the listing?
My commitment to confidentiality is … (45 comments)

homerome: Pikesville Colonial Is Too Late - 05/05/17 02:09 PM
 Pretty brick colonial has a Too Late sign!
 7005 Deerfield Road
Colonial Village
Pikesville, Md 21208
MLS BC9930753
Click To See More Photos
We found the lucky buyers!  
This young couple are in love with this brick single family home, including....

the first floor addition,
the 3-5 bedrooms
the fireplace,
the wood floors, covered with carpet,
the screened porch,
the finished lower level,
the replacement windows, 
the  friendly neighborhood,
the one way street and
the side-walk going all around the neighborhood
and more!
 7005 Deerfield Road
Colonial Village
Pikesville, Md 21208
MLS BC9930753
Too Late

homerome: Nothing But Raves! - 05/04/17 05:52 PM
 How many times can you thank a wonderful Realtor® for doing an outstanding job for special sellers?
My answer - never enough.
These sellers were Baltimore buyers  and I was delighted to refer them to  my friend and ActiveRain member Andrea Bedard. 
What a perfect match and the sellers cannot stop thanking me for the introduction.
Andrea did a perfect job..from the staging, the photography, the negotiation, the contract, the walk through and the final settlement.
Did I mention the home sold in a week?!
The epitome of above and beyond expectations is how I would describe this wonderful professional Realtor®, mother, colleague and dear friend.  
Thank you … (15 comments)

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