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I almost hit the center median while driving home on I-75 tonight.  It's a couple of hours later and I am still in disbelief at what I heard.  As Sophia on the Golden Girls would begin, "Picture it.  Dallas.  2008.  A skilled REALTOR who blogs frequently and has a lot of opinions is driving home ...
I try to look for and emphasize the good news in the real estate market... and there is a lot of good news out there.  Interest rates are low, buyers seem to be interested in buying again after what seemed to be a slow 4th quarter of 2007.  Well priced and well updated homes are in high demand in...
Sometimes all my blogging and commenting gets jumbled up in my mind and it leads to interesting thoughts...  Most recently this occurred when I wrote a blog entry where I humorously suggested the possibility of adding personal physical statistics like you would find on a dating website to my busi...
I've been calling on For Sale By Owner's lately.  Not a very methodical effort on my part, but as I find them I call.  And I often get the same response that agents have heard a million times... "I am selling the house myself to save the commission."So, I could pull out a bunch of statistics from...
There are some days that I manage to find humor in silly things... I should begin by specifying that my website has a web statistics feature that allows me to see how people found my website, and if they used a search engine, which keywords or search terms they used to find me. One of the interes...
On December 20, 2007, President Bush signed legislation that created a three-year window during which home owners will not be taxed on debt forgiven during refinancing or the sale of their home.  This is very significant for those homeowners considering a Short Sale. Until the Mortgage Forgivenes...
An article in today's newspaper confirms what many local Realtors have long been preaching... that Dallas area home prices are least likely of any nationally to see a decrease in home value.  Why is this?  Simple actually, because Dallas never saw the double digit home value increases that many o...
I recently attended a talk by a university professor on how to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.  He went through many suggestions and examples on how to accomplish this, but one suggestion he made stood out among the rest to me: "Focus on what people say, not how they say it."There ...
I will typically start my days with a few moments of reflection and introspection.  It helps focus me and gives me perspective for the day ahead.  Sometimes a part of this routine is searching for a quote on a topic I feel fits that day's agenda.  Today that theme was "speed" and I have been stuc...
I recently heard on the news that the average time it takes to sell a house in Dallas is 80 days and that the median price of homes has actually risen (very very slightly).  Compared to many other markets in the report, Dallas was near the low end of the DOM scale, only Denver was lower.  These a...

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