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Archive for the '1031 Exchanges' Category Honolulu 2nd Home Seller? April 23rd, 2008 categories: 1031 Exchanges, Reasons To Sell I received an email update from Cindy Naito, of First American Exchange Company, regarding the tax treatment of a second or vacation home. Goods news. Until now it was ...
Days on Market and Negotiating in Honolulu May 30th, 2008 categories: Negotiating, Views of Honolulu In my previous post on negotiating the price of a property, I state that one of the important question to ask is “How long has it been on the market?” Ah yes! The old days on market question! Days...
What Price Should A Buyer offer On A Honolulu Home? May 29th, 2008 categories: Honolulu Real Estate 101, Negotiating This picture was taken this past weekend during a visit to Hanalei, on Kauai. The fish was interviewed and then released to his family. No fish was harmed in the making of this blo...
Honolulu’s Landmark Closing…For A While. May 28th, 2008 categories: Rants & Riffs, Views of Honolulu One of Honolulu’s great landmarks is closing soon. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel will have a seven month $85,000,000 make over. This is great to hear because the last time I was there it still had the ...
Honolulu: Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Your Family! May 22nd, 2008 categories: Fun & Living, Views of Honolulu Wow! Honolulu was just selected by Best Life Magazine as the best place in the United States to raise a family. Even with the high cost of living, I have always believed this to be tr...
Honolulu Crash Pad Could Help With Mortgage Payments! May 14th, 2008 categories: Reasons To Sell Do you have an extra room in your home or apartment being used to store dust or junk? Given Honolulu’s International Airport, your room could be turned into a cash flow cow. A recent article in the LA...
Oh the value of a view. Over the years, I have noticed that a view brings an “X” factor to the sale of a property. An “X” factor is something that brings additional value to a sale. “X” factors may not be immediately measurable, yet they are real, and people are willing to pay more for a house wi...
Colorful Honolulu House May 20th, 2008 categories: Honolulu Real Estate 101, Views of Honolulu Color, color, color and more color! Color is in, in Honolulu! This home is full of color and it makes me proud to be an American because it shows our freedoms at work. There are parts of the world where...
Honolulu Foreclosures, Is This A Good Way To Get A Good Buy? April 21st, 2008 categories: Buying Honolulu Real Estate, Honolulu Real Estate 101 That is a definite maybe or maybe not! Let me start by saying that in Honolulu these are two methods of foreclosing on a mortgage. For years Hawaii was a...

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