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One of the major changes in real estate in the past few years is how consumers acquire information. Before the Internet started having a major impact on our business and personal lives, someone looking for a house had to pick up the phone and call us. Gotcha! Today most consumers can – and prefe...
I recently talked to a new HouseHunt agent in Seattle who is thrilled about the upturn in the market and that more people are starting to search for homes again. In fact, he can’t stop talking about it. “It’s so exciting to me,” Billy O’Sullivan said. “I have all these people in my pipeline that...
Old-school networking involves meeting and greeting, attending civic events, phone calls, doing lunch, joining organizations, volunteering and, in general, shaking hands and kissing babies. Social networking is electronically showcasing your brand, promoting your skills, advertising events and o...
"Each client that walks away from the closing table happy with me, is the potential for many more clients down the road.Keeping them happy is my goal. " ~Will Hamm  What do Customers really want?   I was listening to a cd today and it pointed out some very interesting points of what customers wan...
It is a small world (after all) when it comes to getting noticed in the real estate game. That’s because buyers are often looking for something specific in a certain part of town. As the local experts of that neighborhood, that’s where we come in, so I’m often looking for extra tips and ideas to...
There are apps available that produce farting noises or make it look like you’re drinking a beer. Those might be fun to break out at a frat party but not so cool to show prospects or clients. There are a lot of intriguing and inane technological options these days but lets focus on the former si...
As agents we’re sort of new to the technology party and there’ll always be tweaking by agents who want to blend old-school touches with the rapid wonders of gadgetry. One thing we definitely need to be is mobile, and a recent Webinar touted the iPad as a must-have device. That was backed by a cl...
Selling our services to clients and selling their houses to buyers are two different skill sets. After we’ve promoted ourselves it’s time to entice the shoppers. So, how do we go about that? A recent webinar touched on that topic with exposure, photos, open houses and staging being the main stra...
I know the phrase “sphere of influence” has been around for a while but I never felt like it applied to me. It always sounded so empirical, like it only pertained to politicians, leaders of industry or celebrities. I work in real estate, so other than trying to convince someone to use my service...
What have you done for me lately? If you get tired of clients asking you what you’ve been doing in the last week, day or hour to sell their house, there’s something you can do other than scream or try to recall from memory all the work you’ve put into the effort. A recent Webinar touted Merge, a...

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