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Today's list has a fair number of new faces, including on first blog post that sure did get my attention!  So here are my favorites from last week:Listing Agents In Danger of Misrepresentation ~ A Cautionary Tale Nina Hollander: In case you missed this one, it's quite a "must read"!What is Commun...
Your family has just learned they must sell Granny's house, and it isn't the kind of place that will appeal to the current market.  You know!  All of the people who are learning all they know about real estate from HGTV? The decor is a combination of "That 70's Show" and Chippendale.  Since Grann...
All over the country, the inventory in the real estate market is tight.  More people want to buy houses and condos than there are sellers.  And even when there are sellers, those sellers then become buyers once again - often in the same area in a different price range.So let's say there is a move...
There is nothing quite like opening the door to a vacant listing and hearing the rush of water and noticing icicles hanging from the ceilings.  Agents who live in parts of the country where snow and frigid weather are part of the scene may be more likely to have their vacant listings winterized t...
Tonight I got to a preview of Kurt Weill's "Lost in the Stars", a musical based on Alan Paton's 1948 novel, Cry the Beloved Country.  If you've read the novel or seen the movie, you know this one doesn't have a happy ending.  It's a story set in South Africa during Apartheid.  And the Washington ...
Last Week, I found some really interesting and fun posts, as well as some new and new-to-me bloggers. And finding bloggers I'd not met before is perhaps the most fund part of pulling this together each Sunday morning.  So, the drum roll please:Oh, you mean it won't cost me extra for you to be my ...
This post is really food for thought.  I think it's must reading for everyone who works with buyers.  And if you are the agent in this post, I'd suggest you read the fine print in the Home Warranties you are recommending. A Home Warranty Does Not Replace A Home Inspection I almost choked on my Do...
Pure Fresh Driven Snow: Two Weeks Later! Even after several days in the low 60's, Snowzilla has left some traces of her prowess along the curbs of many of our streets, especially in the residential areas of Washington.  And after a couple of weeks of absorbing car exhaust, dog business and the ge...
This is one of those post that just nails it!  Especially for those times when we are the oar that's out of sync. I have always said in a real estate transaction, there are four main parties, buyer, buyer agent, seller, seller agent. True, there are ALL the other parties, lenders, inspectors, app...
Gail Robinson wrote this post especially for me!  So many of us stay in inapprpriately sized homes for way too long because downsizing is so daunting!  Well, here is some great advice from a blog buddy who is going through it right now. Here I am again, on the precipice of another life changing e...

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