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I have been learning how to make videos on my iPhone with the help of an Osmo Gimbel.  I got one just in time for my trip to Florida and just in time to share with Gabe Sanders .  We had lunch last Thursday at Carson's Tavern in Stuart.  I didn't have much time to use it before showing it to Gabe...
Did you know that most people say that communication is their biggest challenge.  It really does not matter the setting.  It could be sales, leadership of a team or simply sending an email.  When you speak or write you are setting the tone.  There are three things that you must evaluate to improv...
I love to highlight entrepreneurs.  I have written about entrepreneurs in Westchester County New York many times.  I also am closely associated with the Just Add One Program   This program helps business owners take their business to the next level.David Vogel, President and Co Founder of Video S...
Although things are always changing many of us say we hate change. We know we must change but we don’t like doing it. We are creatures of habit and we will explore that thought later. We also have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a differen...
How will the new tax code affect you?  Who will be hurt and who will gain?  If you would like to know the answers to these questions you should attend The Business Council of Westchester's program on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.The morning's keynote speaker will be E. J. McMahon, who is founder ...
There are a sizable number of businesses that fun very well as long as the owner is there.  What happens, however, when the owner takes a vacation?  If you are the owner have you ever felt like you can't take a vacation?  If this is the case with you here is the cause of the problem. You have so ...
I am happy to share three of my 2018 goals and am happy that Debbie Reynolds has given us this challenge.  And there is nothing like sharing goal to develop your own accountability.  So with that said here are three of mine.1. Create More Webinars. For several years I have done webinars which are...
What do some Active Rain members remember from when they were new agents?  According to some posts I have read they realized they had to do it on their own because they did not have broker support.  Then too, I have also heard brokers tell me that all that does not matter as long a a person is "h...
As independent business owners we all recognize the importance of community involvement and giving back.  We just had a Active Rain contest regarding this.This is an important topic at the Business Council of Westchester.  On Friday, January 26th a power breakfast will be moderated by my friend, ...
Beginning February 8th we are working with business owners in Westchester County who are working on making their businesses more successful. Some of these businesses are real estate brokerages.These businesses define success through their vision, their values, and goals. Then to stay on top of th...

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