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Today there are many changes buyout and consolidations in real estate.  Any change involves uncertainty and in some cases fear.  Good communication is a large part of managing change.Recently I met leaders of a Westchester County New York company. The employees felt that there were a lot of chang...
There questions that people from marketing to human resources want to learn.  Thtat question is, "What drives Chemistry, Culture, and Cohesion in today's workplace?"This will be the topic of a morning seminar sponsored by the Business Council of Westchester and Manhattanville College.   You will ...
We can’t seem to find anyone who really wants to put in the effort. How many times have you heard that or maybe said that yourself?   I recently heard the statement from a broker that it is like chasing cats.  Or you may have heard, “Unless I tell them what to do nothing gets done. I can’t trust ...
The challenge has come from Debbie Reynolds for us to air out our laundry, the good, bad, and ugly! Honestly, we all have habits and many of those habits need to be eliminated.  It is not always easy to share but here are mine.THE GOODI have always been organized and focused.  This comes from my ...
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That line from the movie Cool Hand Luke highlights a fundamental problem. There are many times in our business and personal lives where we don’t achieve a desired result from directing, explaining, or urging action. I would like to concentrate here...
Clockwise from left Wayne Zuhl , Phyllis Schneider, Kat Palmiotti , Annette Thor , Debbie Gartner , Grant Schneider .Everyone who attended the White Plains meetup had fun lots of fun.  It was a great time to lea...
There is now a little more than 24 hours before the White Plains New York Active Rain Meetup.Please RSVP to comments here or call or text 914-953-4458.Let's make it a great event like the one last year or the one I attended last week in Delray Beach.Here are the details from the original blog: Tu...
Building your brand in real estate involves your personal involvement.  Since that is the case I have a question.  Does your business still run when you are on vacation?  If you do not have a business where you take time off, then you don’t have a business but rather, you have a hobby. This is no...
The White Plains New York Active Rain Meetup is less than one week away.If you in the New York,  New Jersey, or Connecticut area don't miss this opportunity to network with other Active Rainers.  And if you are visiting please join us too.I attended one last week in Delray Beach, Fl and meet so m...
How do you feel when someone is telling you want they think YOU should do? You probably don’t see their point.  Moreover, you probably deeply resent being “told.” Many times, even if it is good advice, you resist following it.Unfortunately, too many people use the same technique in trying to pers...

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