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September 9, 1978 was a day that changed my life.  I am so thankful for my wife Phyllis.  We met at Sears when I was a store personnel manager and were married a year later.  I am so thankful that Sears sent me to that store in White Plains NY.Our years together have been filled with happiness in...
Are you ready to take your Westchester County NY real estate business to the next level? Although many say yes they do not know what that means.  First, you need to know where your business is now. Then you can see where you want to go.  Businesses like people go through growth stages and many dr...
We have  been given a Countdown to Thanksgiving challenge by Debbie Reynolds. Today I am feeling very thankful for all of my new neighbors.  I was greeted by my new Florida neighbors from the time I moved in last May.  As an occasional resident they offered to help.We came down for two and one ha...
Since real estate tends to be a 24/7 business you may be overwhelmed to the point of feeling like a hamster on a wheel. You may be spending too much time working in the day to day minutiae you are missing the big picture. Many blame the rapid pace of technology for this dilemma. Technology, while...
For those of you near Stuart Florida, a great choice for a meal is Mulligan's Beach House.  We had a great Sunday brunch there this week.  Mulligans is located right on the water in Stuart at the Stuart River Walk.What really matters to me and to many others is that a restaurant have good food bu...
Many great individual performers are rightfully promoted to manager or team leader. But you need to understand that there is a difference between being a great performer and leading a team of great performers. In fact, a great leader does not have to be the best performer or know the individual j...
I have been a proud member and ambassador for The Business Council of Westchester.  This organization is the gold standard for business organizations.  It's members include companies like Pesico, Mastercard, but also mid size companies and solopreneurs.The organization also has sub groups for: So...
Successful Realtors look at their service through the eyes of their team and through the eyes of their clients. Seeing through others' eyes requires that you listen and understand. More important than that, you need to continually listen and measure your results. This is not necessarily as easy a...
If you haven't done so already you still have another week to enter the contest - TIME MANAGEMENT IS NOT A TIME MANAGEMENT ISSUE. We have had some very informative submissions.  There have been many examples of how people have structured theirs lives.  If you have not read the posts take a look. ...
 Consumers do not buy real estate.  They buy you!Regardless of what we sell we are all really in a service business. People do not buy what we sell. They buy us. If they truly buy us they are a loyal customer. Nothing is more important to a business than a loyal customer. You can be making a lot ...

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