business coaching in westchester county ny: FIVE KEYS TO MANAGING YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE - 11/12/17 05:51 PM

Since real estate tends to be a 24/7 business you may be overwhelmed to the point of feeling like a hamster on a wheel. You may be spending too much time working in the day to day minutiae you are missing the big picture. Many blame the rapid pace of technology for this dilemma. Technology, while automating things that used to take much more time has also created new pressure. Instant communication on handheld devices gives us the sense of urgency and feeling that we must always be working. Everything seems to go faster, leaving everyone feeling overworked, overloaded, and overwhelmed.   … (28 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER HOLDS CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE - 10/31/17 12:47 PM
I have been a proud member and ambassador for The Business Council of Westchester.  This organization is the gold standard for business organizations.  It's members include companies like Pesico, Mastercard, but also mid size companies and solopreneurs.
The organization also has sub groups for:
Solopreneurs Not for Profits HR Professionals Small Business Government Action (Advocacy)
If you fit any of those catagories and would like to learn more about this organization here is your chance:
Here is the info:
Attendance is free for all interested prospective members.
Date and Time: Thursday, November 2, 2017  5 to 7pm
Location:            Crowne Plaza  66 Hale Street  White Plains, NY
Information … (19 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: EXCEED EXPECTATIONS - CREATE RAVING FANS - 10/22/17 08:56 PM
Consumers do not buy real estate.  They buy you!
Regardless of what we sell we are all really in a service business. People do not buy what we sell. They buy us. If they truly buy us they are a loyal customer. Nothing is more important to a business than a loyal customer. You can be making a lot of sales and have a good income but you will not have that for long if you don’t have loyal customers.
What is the best way to have a steady stream of loyal customers?   Under promise and over deliver.
Customers generally have a level of … (30 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: BALANCE YOUR TIME BETWEEN WORK AND LIFE - 10/08/17 07:06 PM

How can you manage your time, live a stress-free life and have balance? Two things stand out for me. Be guided by your values and have a purpose then stay on course. You can stay on course with your personal GPS.
The comparison to using a GPS is an easy one. We have them in our car and on our phone. We use them to order a car on Uber or we use them to find a restaurant nearby. We have become more productive and less stressed because we have used this very simple tool to help us navigate.
What is so remarkable … (50 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR CUSTOMER WILL BE IN 2020? - 09/20/17 03:08 PM
Business is constantly changing and what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow.  Do you know who your customer will be in 2020? Wondering who is going to be your client in 3 years, or 4 or 5? Does it matter what type of business you are in?  
This is the subject of next Friday's Business Council of Westchester Power Breakfast.
The speaker is Andi Simon, PhD, Principal and Founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants.  She is author of "On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights."
She will tell us:
• Three things you can do right now … (32 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: FIND SOMEONE WITH SHARED VALUES TO HELP DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS - 07/23/17 09:03 PM

How has your Westchester County NY Real Estate business  grown?  Are you ready to hire an administrative person or two.  Maybe you are talking to agents to have them join your team. You might be tempted to reach out to someone with whom you have had friendship.  Be careful.  Choosing someone solely because of friendship ignores the purpose for hiring someone in the first place—the fact that you need someone with specific qualifications to do a job.
Many businesses find that selecting and hiring of the right employee is a daunting task. The same is true for choosing 100% commission people … (18 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: ATTITUDES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SKILLS - 07/16/17 08:00 PM

Look at your real estate business an ask yourself this question about your organization.  Do I spend most of my time developing my team in the areas of skills and knowledge?  I am guessing the the majority said yes.
It seems that when many managers hire people they spend a tremendous amount of time on resumes, skills and knowledge. And yet people usually don’t fail because of lack of skills. It is usually bad behavior, bad actions, or bad attitude.
Several years ago, I heard Zig Ziglar speak. He said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” What do YOU think about when you … (58 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: BEING AMBASSADOR FOR THE BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER - 06/21/17 10:02 PM
I love to take an active role in community groups and business groups.  You get out so much more than you put in.  In my case I joined the Business Council of Westchester when I started my business.  Being an active member of this organization has helped me put my company on the map.
Since developing relationships is about farming rather than hunting I have looked for every way to farm by being a volunteer.  I love the role of ambassador because I get assigned new members and it is my job to help them navigate and get the most out of … (14 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: YOUR BEST FORM OF ADVERTISING - 05/14/17 05:50 PM
Your best form of advertising is your current clients.  That's right, and it is also the most economical.
Peter Drucker said that the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer. It is really that simple. Creating a customer is done through a clear message and marketing but keeping a customer is based on performance. Not enough of us really focus on the retaining customer part of that equation.
How many times have you heard, "what separates us from others is our service."  I hear it all the time but does the speaker really know what that means? And also, … (78 comments)

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