developing high performing sales teams in real estate: ATTITUDES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SKILLS - 07/16/17 08:00 PM

Look at your real estate business an ask yourself this question about your organization.  Do I spend most of my time developing my team in the areas of skills and knowledge?  I am guessing the the majority said yes.
It seems that when many managers hire people they spend a tremendous amount of time on resumes, skills and knowledge. And yet people usually don’t fail because of lack of skills. It is usually bad behavior, bad actions, or bad attitude.
Several years ago, I heard Zig Ziglar speak. He said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” What do YOU think about when you … (60 comments)

developing high performing sales teams in real estate: HAVE YOU ASKED "HOW AM I DOING?" - 02/12/17 03:59 PM
“How am I doing?” Those of you living in New York City might remember when Mayor Koch used to ask his constituents that question. Asking that question with your business is very powerful because it tells your staff and your clients that they matter.
That they matter is an understatement. First of all, exceeding your client’s expectations is essential to creating loyal clients and increasing your client base. In order to have loyal clients you need to have an engaged and loyal team and you need to know that everyone is working.
"You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” This … (48 comments)

developing high performing sales teams in real estate: IS YOUR TEAM ON THE SAME PAGE AS YOU? - 02/21/16 12:49 PM
Is your sales team on the same page as you?  If you are building a sales team more is not necessary better.  It is much better to have a smaller team that is all on the same page as you.  Have you ever taken a course of action and when you turned around and not one was there?  The best way to see that this does not happen is to make sure that you are a focused leader, that you empower your engaged team, that they will in turn create loyal clients leading to growth and success.
Focused Leader - You … (40 comments)

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