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It seems that Craigslist scam is alive and well. It is simple. Someone overseas looks through Craigslist ads for homes. They pick a few for sale, copy everything, and place it in the rental section. Um, sounds like copyright infringement. The person overseas, and at time in the US, sets a drop de...
I just thought I'd change things up a bit by adding a story from one of my books. It is kind of Real Estate related since it is a story about the framework used to hold up the Tabernacle tent. I included a link to the story on my website.Chapter 10 The Tabernacle Framework Wood Frames Exodus 26:1...
It seems most people use one or more forms of Internet social media these days. Internet Social Media (ISM) opens up a whole new field for advertising in the Real Estate market. Smart agents should be able to figure out how to use this as a vital tool to keep in touch with all their friends, so t...
One of the worst aspects about the Internet is all that spam email. In Real Estate it seems we are targets for spam emails, especially those containing viruses. Major viruses usually hit major banks for some reason. Since real estate agents deal with banks on a day to day basis, that may be one o...
Another good reason to live without the Internet is the spying. I look for a product, and then pop over to another site. Guess what. Every website I open has an add for the same product from different vendors. I am dealing directly with the manufacturer on an altrasonic cleaner. I want a specific...
Remember what AR used to be? Sort of a cyber community for real estate. Now all I see is ads to sell real estate. Those ads are all over the Internet. Why waste time posting them here? I don't like the new format on AR. I have not been here for months. I think the other good agents left. Not sure...
Anyone have any experiences with online lenders? I've had a few experiences with them. I can't say I was pleased with their services. In well over 100 closings, I've had a few problems with local lenders. The biggest difference between online lenders, and local lenders is, when a local lender has...
I was just informed there is a new federal law requiring Brokers to hold checks from Title Companies for 10 working days to allow Federal offices to certify the source of the funds. These are certified checks from title companies we refer to as, our commission checks. Has anyone heard of such a t...
What kind of forms do you use? The old hand written forms, or are you set up to do everything paperless? Don't you wish everyone was like that? Do you have Listing Agents insisting Asset Companies need original signatures? So we have to print out the entire contract, sign the last page, and initi...
We know there is not a standard offer to purchase. Except for the cash offer with no contingencies I think every agent has written. I have one saved as a template on Zipform. Offers can be loaded with contingencies, requests, and a host of other vital information. But you would think we could all...

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