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Remember 2005, when real estate sales were peaking?  Here is a comparison of all MLS sales for the Southeastern Wisconsin MLS. April of 2009 1407 April of 2005 3642 Sales are at 38.6% of what they were just a few years ago. We need a stimulus package that works.  If the banks are offering to pay ...
With the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit it seems many agents have forgotten the other incentives for buying a home. The $8000 first time home buyer tax credit is only the beginning.  What about the tax advantages saved every year?  Paying a $100,000 mortgage may cost you $600 a month but ...
Where is the upswing in business we usually experience in April?  I see the amount of listings going up, but sales are still at a trickle.  I think we need to push our elected representative to allow the $8000 tax credit for every home buyer for 2009.  Any better ideas?  It doesn't appear the maj...
http://www.ohmygodonline.com/index.html   True Christian Ethics Lets imagine for a moment you write a book.  Not just any book but a book about God.  Let's imagine the Holy Spirit had a big part in putting this book together.  The Holy Spirit provided you with experiences, brought all of these ex...
This chart shows the sales figures as gatherd by the Greater Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin MLS.  
According to the Greater Milwaukee Realtors Association the number of active agents has dropped from approx. 5000 in 2008 to around 4200 in 2009.  This has created a void in more than one area but for some reason has created a boom in the field of advertising scams.  My in box is stuffed with e-m...
I looked up the sales figures on the MLS for the past couple of years.  These figures are for all of southeastern Wisconsin, all properties.    4532 Sales all of MLS from Jan 1 to Apr 2009. 6031 Sales all of MLS from Jan 1 to Apr 2008. 8078 Sales all of MLS from Jan 1 to Apr 2007 8506 Sales all o...
The home sales market is rebounding in the Milwaukee area.  January and February of 2009 have seen a high volume of sales in foreclosures.  The first week of April has seen an increase in sales in suburban homes under $200,000.  This has been achieved with little or no government involvement. Pas...

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Dennis Herman

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