real estate investment: Buy Low, Sell High - 12/22/08 02:03 PM
Remember the basic fundamental rule that we all learned about investing? Buy low, sell high. Was the rule, "buy at the lowest point, and sell at the highest"? No. Why not, because market timing is pretty darn near impossible. The only was people time the market right is via luck, a crystal ball, or lots of praying. Anyone can time it right once in a while. (Like the saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day). If you get caught up in always trying to time things perfectly, you will never reach your potential because you will be … (5 comments)

real estate investment: Rental Market - On The Way Up? - 03/30/08 03:36 PM
With all of the talk about foreclosures, (sorry about using the "F" word!) I can't help but wonder one thing... Where are all of the people going to live?
I have owned multi family homes in different parts of CT. I sold my last property in 2006, as it was getting really tough to find good tenants and the property valuations were still pretty high. I'm in the process of looking again for my own investments. I think the multi-family market is back to making some business sense again.
With prices down, interest rates down, and people back to the rental market, I … (3 comments)

real estate investment: Another day, another $3.20 per gallon - 03/30/08 12:55 PM

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was hilarious. In an instant, you know by looking at the gauge that as you fill up your tank, you empty your wallet. This was emailed to me from a friend. I must say, it is pretty creative, whomever thought of it.
Walking Uphill In The Snow Both WaysThen the next day, I took my Hyundai to the gas station. It took $54 in regular unleaded. I've had the car for a few years now, but I remember when I bought it, it only took $18 from dead empty. I can remember pulling … (5 comments)

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