orlando: Interior Design - Should You Hire A Professional, Or Go It Alone? - 06/08/08 11:42 AM
You've been tearing pictures out of magazines, going through model homes, gathering ideas in a shoe box for years . . . now what? How do you begin to put the puzzle pieces of your dream home together? Should you hire an interior designer? Can you afford one? Can you afford not to have one?
For many, the idea of hiring a professional is downright paralyzing! What if they came in to your home and told you to get rid of all of your "stuff" and start over!
Hire a professional or go it alone? Here are some questions to ask … (5 comments)

orlando: In Interior Design - Color Selections Are "Key" To Your Success! - 06/08/08 11:36 AM
Color selections cause powerful reactions and send subliminal messages . . . and will play a critical role in the success or failure of the design of your home!
Marketing psychologists have stated that people form a lasting impression within 90 seconds of viewing an object, place or circumstance. And amazingly, color selection alone can account for 80 percent of the acceptance or rejection of these items. Therefore, because color impressions are both quick and long lasting, decisions about color are a critical factor in the success of any visual experience!
Consider the following when selecting colors for both the interior … (0 comments)

orlando: "Smarter" Remodeling Design Trends To Fit Homeowners Lifestyle! - 05/30/08 03:02 AM
"Smarter" Remodeling Design Trends To Fit Homeowners Lifestyle! "Smarter" Remodeling Design Trends To Fit Homeowners Lifestyle!
By Jeannene Edwards
Remodeling design trends for luxury homeowners in Orlando, Florida and elsewhere have changed... instead of thinking "bigger" they're choosing to think "smarter"! Through renovating, their motivation is not only to update the look and feel of the home, but also to improve the comfort and function of their space to meet the changing needs of their lifestyle. The following are ways to incorporate some of these changes:
Grand Entrances - nothing says "welcome home" more than being greeted by a grand entrance! Stately … (2 comments)

orlando: "Green Building" - A Household Word That's Here To Stay! - 05/30/08 02:52 AM
"Green Building" - A Household Word That's Here To Stay! "Green Building" - A Household Word That's Here To Stay!
By Jeannene Edwards
Green building has started to become a household and industry word here in Orlando, Florida and elsewhere! People are accepting that it is not only here to stay . . . but it is the way of the future!
Yes, the same green movement that has spurred our schools to discourage brown paper lunch bags, and encourage motorists to trade in their gas guzzling SUV's for a hybrid has now crept into the housing market as a growing number … (2 comments)

orlando: Home Staging - A Secret Weapon That Works! - 05/30/08 02:34 AM
Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed model home and said "WOW... I'm Home!"? Did you visualize your family sitting around that large dining table for Thanksgiving dinner, or see yourself curled up on the red leather sofa to read a book? Could you imagine yourself entertaining family and friends in the gourmet kitchen? And the kids... You just knew they would LOVE the "flex room" which had something for each of them! If so, then you have been a successful target of a special weapon builders have been using for many years to get their homes sold... STAGING!

orlando: Home Selling in Orlando, Florida - Which Updates Are Most Likely To Help Sell Your Home? - 02/13/08 11:04 PM
If you're planning on putting your home on the market in Orlando, Florida ... or elsewhere, now is the time to evaluate what needs to be done to get it ready to be shown. It's still a buyer's market, so how can you best determine what buyer's are looking for, and which updates are most likely to help you sell your home quickly, and for top dollar?
As a professional home stager I work daily with people to help them make this very important determination. My advice is based largely on their responses to the following questions:
* What is the … (4 comments)

orlando: You Don't Have To Be A Tree Hugger To Embrace Green Living - 01/18/08 12:13 PM
Green Living in Orlando, Florida and elsewhere is no longer just about hugging trees!  It is about our making a conscious decision to incorporate modern technology, energy awareness, and a commitment to conservation practices in our everyday lives.  And the FIRST step  we can all take toward green living is being aware of our habits that will have a negative impact on the environment, and then SECONDLY taking the necessary steps to change them.
The following are 8 easy tips to help you on your journey to GO GREEN... one day at a time:
1.     Change out incandescent bulbs for energy efficient, fluorescent … (4 comments)

orlando: Realtors and Home Sellers - Are You Crazy Enough To Compete In Today's Market? - 11/22/07 12:17 PM
Drastic times require drastic measures . . . and today's real estate market is certainly seeing some drastic times! Statistics have shown the amount of housing inventory has more than doubled in the last year. Homes in all categories and price points are languishing on the market with no prospective buyers in sight.
You've been scrambling, looking for more and more ways to be creative . . . more and more ways to make your property stand out from the crowd. You've been told to start finding new ways to think outside of the box. Well here is a way for … (7 comments)

orlando: Vacant Home Staging . . . Does It Really Work? . . . Who Can Afford It? - 11/22/07 12:10 PM
As a professional home stager in Orlando, Florida, I am asked on a daily basis the same question . . . does home staging really work? And on a daily basis my answer is the same. Yes, it really does!
The other day I received a frantic call from someone who, because of a job transfer, had moved out of state. He had purchased two townhomes strictly for investment purposes a couple of years ago . . . back when the market was hot, hot hot!. Both townhomes had much in common. They were 3/2's in very nice gated communities . … (10 comments)

orlando: When It Comes To Staging Your Home Think - MONEY! - 11/22/07 12:00 PM
When it comes to Staging your home remember to think - MONEY! Today's buyer is picky, and looking for the PERFECT home. You know, the one that looks like a model. They no longer are willing to walk into a well-used home to visualize!
Because of the huge inventory of homes that builders are now sitting on - and paying interest on - realtors and homesellers are having to find new ways to compete more than ever before. Builders, as most know, have been merchandising their model homes for years because they know this is what it takes to get their … (5 comments)

orlando: Realtors and Home Sellers - "Remembrances Of The Good Old Days . . . !" - 11/22/07 11:55 AM
Oh . . . for the good old days. You know, when gasoline was $2.00 a gallon,cokes were a dollar, interest rates were below 5%, and sticking a sign in the yard and waiting for offers to come in was enough to get your house sold! Hmmm . . . and it seems like only yesterday . . . !
Now market inventory is at an all time high, while prices and consumer confidence are going down. Agents and sellers have had to dust off some old traditional methods of marketing, as well as adopt new ways to capture maximum exposure … (0 comments)

orlando: Home Sellers, Realtors and Home Stagers - 5 Effective Ways To "UP Your Houses Sell Appeal"! - 11/22/07 11:50 AM
One of the first tips I share with clients who want to prepare their home for sale . . . make your home look like it is ready to welcome the possessions of a new owner!
The following is a list of 5 simple, affordable ways you can up your houses "sell appeal" to attract the greatest number of buyers:
1. Begin at the beginning - THINK CURB APPEAL! You've heard it over and over again, but it certainly is worth repeating. First impressions are formed within eight seconds. . . and they begin with CURB APPEAL! Trim shrubbery, prune, add … (3 comments)

orlando: Realtors and Home Sellers - 5 Proven Ways To Help You Find The Buyers That Are Still Out There! - 11/22/07 11:42 AM
No matter how slow the buying market is right now, remember, houses are still selling. So your questions should be . . . who is buying, who is selling, and how are they doing it?
There are definite ways to market in these slower times. What worked in the past is just that - in the past! Those willing to change with the times will survive. The rest will not.
Here are 5 proven ways to help you market in slow times:
1. Brokers - get educated. . . then get your realtors educated. In this market you need to fully … (0 comments)

orlando: Home Stagers - Shoot Straight From The Hip! - 11/22/07 11:19 AM
As a professional home stager you have a responsibility to your client to shoot straight from the hip! You are there to tell them exactly what they need to do, in your opinion, to get their house sold!
The following are a few thoughts regarding how best to proceed:
1. View the home through "buyers eyes" gathering quick, impromptu 'first impressions' of the exterior and interior. Critically look from all angles, front back and side views. Identify the problems. Create solutions, paying special attention to the curb appeal and entrance of the home.
2. Do your homework. Learn the demographics of … (0 comments)

orlando: Realtors and Home Sellers - Why "As-Is" Condition Works When Selling Cars - NOT Houses! - 11/22/07 11:06 AM
OK, so you made the decision to put your home on the market. It sounded like such a good idea at the time, but now you're feeling overwhelmed. Where . . . and how should you begin? The answer - begin at the beginning! Look at your home through "buyers eyes", the same eyes you are going to look through when you are the one out looking for your next home. This can be a difficult task because over time we become so accustomed to our surroundings, it's hard to see them at all. You may want to consult with a … (3 comments)

orlando: Home Staging For Condos - Six Tips On How To Avoid Having "An Elephant InThe Room"! - 11/22/07 11:00 AM
When staging condominiums there are fundamental principles which MUST be applied. Too often sellers believe the art of home staging and condo staging is exactly the same thing. This way of thinking will cause them to make their FIRST mistake . . . which could result in their condo sitting along side countless others . . . long after the buyers have gone home!
The following is a list of additional mistakes to avoid when staging your condo for sale:
Think Square Footage - Many condominiums have limited space. When planning your furniture layout, instead of thinking square footage . . … (9 comments)

orlando: Home Sellers - Send The Cat To Grandmas House - 11/22/07 10:53 AM
It has been well established that when people are house shopping they buy what they see. What you may not have been told however, they also buy what they smell!
As a professional home stager, my primary job is to meet with Realtors and home sellers, go room by room with a critical eye, and tell them honestly and exactly what needs to be done to best prepare their home for a quick, profitable sale.
I have written many articles on the art of home staging . . . addressing demographics, and how to use them to target your broadest spectrum … (5 comments)

orlando: Green Design - 12 Easy Ways To Efficiently Upgrade and "Green-Up" Your Bathrooms and Kitchens! - 11/22/07 02:47 AM
No matter what your favorite color is . . . when thinking of your home, it needs to be GREEN! With growing concerns over rising energy costs, global warming and protecting our environment for future generations, the desire to "Green-Up" has dramatically increased.
There are affordable ways that homeowners can upgrade their bathrooms and kitchens to make them more water and energy efficient. The following are some easy ways that have been suggested by the National Association of Homebuilders to "Green-Up" when remodeling:
Water Heater - Replace your existing water heater with a money $aving, energy-efficient tankless model.
Showerhead - A … (0 comments)

orlando: Home Sellers Alert- Top Ten Mistakes That Cost Home Sellers Thousands Of Dollars In Today's Competitive Market! - 11/22/07 02:33 AM
Everyone knows that selling your home in any market can be an exhausting experience, both emotionally and physically.  But selling in today's market, glutted with standing inventory, has become especially challenging for sellers and realtors alike!
According to new data released by the Census bureau, the vacancy rate of homes for sale in this Country is at it's highest level since the bureau began tracking it forty years ago.  This is not good news for the multiple thousands of people who presently have homes on the market.  The prospect of being stuck with a house that doesn't sell for months on end … (10 comments)

orlando: Don't Sell This House - 5 Sure Ways To Mess Up The Sale Of Your Home! - 11/22/07 02:25 AM
Are you the kind of person who says . . . "thanks, but NO THANKS. I can do it MYSELF!" . . . or, better yet, your favorite song is Frank Sinatra's, "I Did It My Way"? Well, if you are, then this is definitely the article for you.
Based on my experience as a professional home stager and model merchandiser, I am going to give you five fool proof, easy, do-it-yourself ways to keep your house from selling in todays very competitive real estate market.
Just follow these simple guidelines:
Continue to think 'Inside The Box'
The climate of the … (9 comments)

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