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We have prepared a list of Indianapolis Area HUD Homes on the website. Indiana has a whopping 673 HUD Homes available as of Friday morning July 30. Of this number, 461 can only be purchased by owner-occupants at this time. (After ten days, investors may purchase.) There are 199 homes ...
So I thought a dinner table conversation could spill over ot Active Rain.  The sweet corn we ate had 14 rows.  Is that common?  (According to WikiAnswers it looks like it can be as few as 8 and as many as 16 rows, but it is always an even number of rows.) Do you eat your corn left to right, or ri...
Today's list of Indianapolis HUD Homes is one page longer than usual.  In fact for the state of Indiana there are 262 HUD Homes listed with a list date of 7/23/2010.  That compares with 228 with a list date of 7/16/2010.  A normal quantity of HUD Homes available on a Friday morning would be about...
On a typical Friday morning, there are about 550 HUD Homes listed in Indiana.  Last week there were about 600.  Today there are 678.  So if the same number of buyers are getting to select from 128 more homes than normal, what is the result?  More chance of getting your offer accepted. HUD is chan...
The recent past becomes the basis for so many decisions.  I have read that recently an increased percentage of the public think that renting is the preferred alternative to owning a home.  When you compare the monthly payment to the rent amount and factor in recent highly publicized challenges, t...
For the benefit of our clients, we have posted the new list of HUD Homes in the Indianapolis area.  This list includes HUD Homes built 1990 or later in Indianapolis and Surrounding Counties, including Avon, Zionsville, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers and other nearby communities. The list shows some...
For convenience of our clients we have a list of HUD Homes available in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties.  This list was updated 7/9/10 and includes homes built 1990 or later.  With changes coming at the end of July, there might be a short period of time where HUD Homes are not avai...
This is an interesting post about a boiler that is over 100 years old.  And of course it was made in USA.  Now it might be cost effective to replace it with a more energy efficient model, but sure is interesting to see something made to last like that.U.S. Inspect Colorado inspectors, Larry Vowle...
Most of the home centers have separate entrances and exits.  It amazes me to see how many people park near the entrance.  Don't they realize that they are going to be coming out the exit?  In fact, they are probably entering the home center empty handed and walking out the exit with a cart or arm...
Everybody is crunched for time nowadays.  We can learn so much from a resource like Active Rain,  But how do you wade through the enormous amount of information to find those posts that are useful or relevant to your own situation? Most AR users have become familiar with the menu and clicked on B...

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