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There are a handful of companies across the U.S. and in Canada that advertise to offer a business credit building package or are "verified lenders." Some are legitimate. Some are not. In part, the internet has created a breeding ground for scammers to collect money from people looking to start ne...
Common Names for Shelf Corporations: -Aged Companies -Shell Corps   Definitions:   Shelf Corporation - literally a company (LLC, Inc, partnership) that was filed with the state a long time ago and sat on a "shelf" ever since.  The company has been doing nothing, getting dusty on a "shelf" while t...
The first couple years of a startup business is when you will be tested the most. You spent months pulling all the pieces together and finally got your door open. You popped the champagne cork when you made your first sale and now you're down the road a few miles getting slammed with all the litt...
Every time we turn on the TV, all we see are gloomy things about our economy.  Debt is out of control and no one is paying it back! Lesson learned - people can't be trusted to manage their finances and debts.  Banks learned that the hard way.  All credit cards and other forms of consumer finance ...
There is a tendency for people to think when bad news about the economy strikes the worst thing they could do is attempt to start a small business. This could not be farther from the truth. There is no such thing as a bad time to start a business, provided you go about it the right way. Check the...
To anyone who has been denied a bank loan for a small business, it may seem that the proverbial door of opportunity has closed. Many choose to continue looking for a solution. For most that are determined to start a small business, alternative business financing can be a feasible solution.   Ther...

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