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The monsoon rains in Snowflake have been plentiful and we are enjoying it as do our gardens. already at the 10th of August and it's been cool almost every day. The cuddling wheather at nights reminds me of why I moved here from Phoenix. The Sweet Corn Festival is coming soon. You like sweet corn ...
I've been thinking about why I live in Snowflake, Arizona and I'm reminded of the things that first brought me here. One day while living in Phoenix, AZ, where I had lived for 18 years. I was traveling home and ran into road construction. It was 115 degrees the air conditioning had broken and nee...
The gold miners sometimes struck it rich. Most often they made many others rich. It is well known that in many cases the people who made the money, were not the miners but those who sold them stuff. Such as the Booze, Brothels, stores selling shovels and picks, Levis etc. From the start they paid...
Some day I want to write a book titled So You Want To Be A Realtor. I just wonder what the new licensee going to Real Estate School thinks they will be doing. Having driven an 18 Wheeler in my younger days, I remember thinking gee that job looks easy. They just drive around all day smoking cigs l...
 Below are a few of my video blogs hope you like them. you can view them at Joel Lawson   Recent blog posts Catching Wild Pigs Stimulus package my @#$ Ripped Off By Big Business and Goverment Snowflake Log Home Integrity Realty 72 Acres W/Small Living Quarters and 3...
Look folks we have been duped does no one wonder or question the things we have been told in the past. Well I guess we should expect that when people can be sold junk, on their credit cards at 23% interest, for only $19.99 by people who tell us they are throwing in something additional for free t...
Please view my video blog it's short
Middle Class Bail Out   Listen Up America our government looked you in the eye, looked all of us in the eye and said we need $700 billion. It's an emergency without the $700 billion, you won't be able to borrow and spend. You won't be able to borrow the Money to send your children to indoctrinati...
Who did we really bail out. Having built our own modest home and I mean built it with our own hands. Starting on a raw piece of dirt that we could afford picking up a shovel and going to work. Watching over the years, as many people thought that there highly mortgaged beautiful home made them mor...
What keeps housing from rebounding?                                                    4/29/2008 As a real estate broker in a poor market, I've tried to investigate why builders continue to flood the market with new homes.  I have asserted in the ...

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