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Buying or selling a home in Orleans or Ottawa? This blog will give you real estate tips, open houses in the area, listings available, and more. Real Estate... it's all about You!



Orleans, ON is a suburb of Ottawa and growing daily.  One of the questions, I frequently get asked - where do the people come from.  Believe it or not from everywhere.  People are transferred from other parts of Canada, the US and quite a few from Europe. This evening I was showing a couple of ne...
Home inspections can turn up interesting issues.  My suggestion when selecting a home inspector, get referrals, speak to a couple before making your final decision.  Ask for years of experience, knowledge of construction, is he/she certified or just someone that had some business cards printed. Y...
Another type of gardening - Container gardens Can't convince yourself to work in garden beds, container gardens can be quite attractive and easy to do:  Here are a few hints.  Container  gardens can brighten up a patio, deck, balcony.  Use various types of pots in different shapes and colours.  A...
Your tired of paying rent, you've scrimped and saved and ready to make the next move.  So, you decide to visit Open House properties and new home builders and you start DREAMING  of the possibilities.  Here are a few things that you need to do before your start looking: 1.  Visit your mortgage br...
15 QUICK & EASY PROJECTS TO UPGRADE THE YOUR HOUSE Spring is here and you want to sell you house.  There are many things that you can do and lets start with the outside. 1.  Ins't the driveway supposed to be, you know BLACK!  When people drive up to your house do they see a nice smooth driveway, ...
Yesterday, I hosted a Baby Boomer and Senior Seminar.  We had a great turnout.  The speakers, a mortgage broker, Murray Groen from Mortgage Brokers; a financial advisor, Dan Levesque from Prosphere; a funeral home director, Guy Souligny from The Heritage Funeral Home; a lawyer, Stephan...
Pre-liting inspection - What's the purpose? Here are a few benefits: 1.  There will be no surprises when an offer is presented and the Buyers have an inspection done and come with a list of issues to either be fixed or asking for a price reduction. 2.  You can ensure that the major components of ...
Over the last few years, Orleans, ON has grown from a small village that had one or two small restaurants into a huge suburb of Ottawa, On.  .  Orleans has the regular restaurants i.e.  Boston Pizza, Montana, Kelsey's, one seafod restaurant, a few sport bars but what we are lacking is a steakhous...
When deciding to put your house on the market - consult your real estate agent  (REA) before starting any renovations to update your property.  Your REA not only can provide you with an evaluation of your house but can recommend various trades people that can save you time, money and frustration....
Ottawa Real Estate is going strong and property value is going up - EXCITING! for sellers.  This week I received a call from a financial planner who told me that one of his client's was approached by a RA who told him that he could sell his property and that he had clients waiting with a fistfull...

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