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BARRETT -JACKSON AUTOMOBILE AUCTION PALM BEACH, FLORIDA APRIL 5 TO 7 ,2012 The tenth annual Barrett-Jackson auto auction is in a few days. It features classic cars, muscle cars,exotic,  hot rods ,and rare one of a kind vehicles, such as the Amphicar ,that goes into water. BARRETT -JACKSON AUTOMOB...
BE A KNIGHT IN SHING ARMOR ! A SIMPLE ACT OF KINDNESS Try it today. A simple act of kindness towards someone. You will be surprised how  happy you will make their day. Give someone the right of way at a stop sign, at the grocery store, let someone with  two items in front of you. Going to your fa...
WISH YOU HAD SUPERBOWL PICTURES ? OR THE ROYAL WEDDING IN ENGLAND ? Yes it is true , a lot of you did not spring for these verrrrry expensive tickets to these events. But , not to worry, I have good news, in case you did not know it.  You can take pictures of your television screen, provided it i...
BOCA RATON,FLORIDA STATISTICS FOR FEBRUARY 2012 I f you were one of the people waiting for the market to DROP some more, you missed the boat . Listings for February 2012 were up 5.6% over last year. Closed sales were up  21.5 % in February. BOCA RATON,FLORIDA STATISTICS FOR FEBRUARY 2012  There w...
WHEN THE INTRACOASTAL BRIDGE OPENS , THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN BOCA RATON, FLA. We needed  a stop light on the intracoastal on Monday, as the yachts from the W.Palm Beach yacht show over the weekend headed south to Ft.Lauderdale and Miami. WHEN THE INTRACOASTAL BRIDGE OPENS, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN...
PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE FUN ,LADY , DEEP SEA FISHING, SKYDIVING IN FLORIDA It's a fact of life, people want to have fun. I guess after the long work week, we look forward to the  weekend and what we can do for fun. PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE FUN, LADY DEEP SEA FISHING ,SKYDIVING IN FLORIDA  South Florida of...
MUD IS FUN TO PLAY IN , COME TO SOUTH FLORIDA AND EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF In South Fla. it is not all about the beach and getting  tan, having fun with Mud Buggies, four wheelers and motorcycles are a lot of fun with friends. MUD IS FUN TO PLAY IN, COME TO SOUTH FLORIDA AND EXPERIENCE IT FOR Y...
This is a post from Dennis Burgess in Lake Mary,Fla. All comments should be directed to him.Also check his other recent blogs. Thank you Check my blog "our military inspires me ". Our soldiers worked hard for our  country and our freedom. Give them a break. LOVE AMERICA ? HIRE A VETERAN TODAYLove...
INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. TODAY MARCH 24 &25 2012 It is that time of year for the 27 th annual boat and mega-yacht show in West Palm Beach ,Fla. along Flagler Dr. It is estimated there are more than $ 350, million dollars worth of  yachts here, Everything from fishing boats to...
MANSIONS AND MEGA- YACHTS IN BOCA RATON AND HIGHLAND BEACH,FLORIDA THAT'S ALL I SEE ! It is true, the Snow-birds are here and they bring their Mega -Yachts to the beautiful blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.                        WWW.FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM MANSIONS AND MEGA- YACHTS IN BOCA RATON A...

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