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  In the 1920's, hand-me-downs were a given.  In the 1970's, hand-me-downs were an embarassment.  Ironically, in some of the most affluent areas of today's cash-choked society, hand-me-downs are in vogue, but for different reasons.  Low impact living is all the rage.  I come from thrifty German a...
It's Thursday morning.  You take a phone call, and while your client is giving you an update on their listing, a bolt of pure white lightening strikes your brain with a STINKING BRILLIANT idea for a blog.  No one's posted ANYTHING LIKE THIS before, so you flip over the pressed paper coaster from ...
Maybe its a sign of a self destructive nature, or maybe I'm just wound too tight.  Or maybe this is the way the Universe works.When I am busy and don't need more business, more business comes my way.  When I want or need that "one cool piece of business", or "that awesome Realtor", the number's a...
Karen MeMe'd me, so it's all her fault.Five things, eh?  This should be easy, because I'm new on Active Rain, and other than those who invited me, none of you know schqwatt about Jaynee Jo.1.  Born and raised on the north shore of Long Island (1957-1972).  Never had a Neuw Yoak accent, nor did my...

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