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Hello to all! I haven't posted in a while and I do apoligize but I just wanted to kind of get some other opinions from you on the seller assistance programs that are out there. I have made a point to start "forewarning sellers" in my listing presentations that this is a possibility and the cost s...
Hi folks I just wanted to share a little twist I have been doing with car magnets and in marketing myself with them. I purchased more than one set( actually five sets of) magnets and I have asked family and friends to help me in my endeavors and place these magnets on their cars as well. It is li...
Hello. again to all I just wanted to give some friendly advice to anyone who is interested in increasing their listings by 1-2 even three listings a week. My first strategy each day in obtaining listings is I set aside time each day to just prospecting. I PRSPECT, PROSPECT, PROSPECT FIRST. I trea...
Hello to all. I know it is late and I am here, full of a late night caffeine buzz, so I thought I would write about a new topic that has reared its little head and come full circle into my real estate life. Partnering with another REALTOR and forming a team is the question at hand and I admit, I ...
Hello To every one! This is a different post than my usual and I am sorry I havern't been on for a while. But I wanted to let everyone know about a brand new listing that is an absolutley gorgeous 6 bedroom 4 1/2 bath Two story. Please click on the link below. If you have any interested clients, ...
Hello. I wanted to just kind of vent here about a topic that came up between my sales manager and myself today and the topic was "too many listing"s. I was sat down and told that I need to SLOW DOWN on taking as many listings that I am taking.  I need to slow down taking as many lower priced list...
Hello,In the past few weeks i have been contacted extensively for advice and copies of the prelisting packages that I have created and put together. I spoke about these packages on one of my posts about expired listings. Before I became a Realtor,  I once had a professional writing business and I...
Hello,I just wanted to share a tidbit about farming. I figured out a way to use the MLS to create a farm without waisting a lot od GAS or time. The tecnique is simple. Do a simple search on your local mls of any particular street but search only "SOLD properties. The addresses and the past MLS nu...
Hello. I just kind of wanted bent and to see if anyone has any suggestions on how to better the signing of contracts by out of state parties by fax. The legibilty decreasing every time is bothersome and each time a page is faxed, At the end of he day  my pages look as if they are one big ink spot...
Hello. I just wanted to give some thoughts and feeling on how and why my business is taking off the way it has. First off I'm not bragging about my business to you all. I am just very excited about being a new agent (only three years in) and seeing the light of day and watching my business grow b...

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