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  Don’t know about you but I’m one.  Sometimes I’m asked to do this and sometimes I’m not.  It doesn’t matter your age you have done this.  Sometimes I ask another person to be this and they usually pull through for me.  By the way the meaning of (bren ser) a person who reminds another of somethi...
He said what?? I don’t believe it. OK now that you have got that out of the way no need to type it in word cause it’s not there. Everyone knows someone who is this. It may be your parents, teachers, broker or whatever but you know someone who is this. The meaning of (syood) a person who affects k...
  I was at the weekly meeting and the principal broker brought up this word.  I must admit I never heard of it until today.    This caught my attention and when I looked it up it’s a wonder why I did not notice it earlier.  Want to impress your clients use this word in a sentence.  The meaning of...
  If you are married you have it, if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend you have it.  If you have ever been in love you have experienced it.  If someone loves you, you have it.  Now I guess you’re wondering what it is, well sunshine I’ll tell ya the meaning of (dwen’de) a special quality or charm t...
So those of you with inquiry minds do you know the meaning of this word before I give you the meaning? You do this without thinking with your contracts and clients. Come on put your thinking caps on and give it a try. OK I have given you enough time if you haven’t figured it out by now the meanin...
  I read this in my Webster’s © and I laughed out loud even though there was no one in the house except for me and my dog.  No need to go trying to look it up I’ll tell you the meaning in a moment.  I just could not let this one go and pass it up.  I really like the ones my wife has as I want to ...
As the story goes a plane was on its flight from point a to point b. All was going well and then they received a notification on the panel the rear door was not shut properly. The pilot went to investigate and as he pushed on the door to make sure it was shut properly the door came open. All the ...
Talk about a tough one this is it. I experience with when my wife gives me a hug and a kiss. This is actually a byword and the original was the name of a city in Italy. Since then it has had several meanings but this one is something we all crave. The byword (-rit’ik) meaning is extreme luxury an...
  Well alright then when reading my Webster’s© and finding this word I looked at my study book from my classes.  No where could I find this word but we deal in this every day.  I thought it was interesting and therefore I posted it.  The meaning of (tur’me.nes) a boundary or limit, a boundary sto...
  Yes it even happens to me.  I need to remotion at least two of my signs.  I don’t like doing this but if you’re an agent you need to do this from time to time.  I know of some agents that do not do this.  They continue to let their signs stay in the same place.  So anyway I don’t want to get in...

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