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We're here for you via this HANDWOVEN blog. CALL US (828) 776-0779 to connect with top-notch resources and information, and for prompt attention to your Asheville Area buy/sell/ invest interests. We are Strategic Pricing Specialists, ePRO®, NAR®GREEN, Eco Certified ® Real Estate professionals whose experience, advanced training, and top-ranked quick start guides (**see below**) truly can benefit you. DAILY ASHEVILLE AREA NEWS YOU CAN USE
Selling your house, capital gains, and the 1031-like-kind exchange potentialAsheville Real Estate Journal  Four noteworthy rules of the road for "smart real estate dogs"Listed below are four (4 ) important "rules of the road" about which to be aware when it comes to selling your house, capital ga...
Asheville Investments and Land1031s and  EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTIES Amazing Asheville area tracts of land, land trusts, land preserves and spectacular properties  deserve “special attention.”  This may include selecting a real estate professional who understands and specializes in 1031 Like-Kind Exch...
 LAND BUYS with an eye to the future has been on the mind of our clients... especially the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange folks.  Even though the hunt for “the perfect acreage” moves forward in  almost any season, folks from down south, and north, and west, and yes, even from Eastern North Carolina's ma...
 Creating a Feathered Nest of a Lifetime?  With luck, you will be old some day. Are you planning a place to live in comfort and style? Plenty of light and ease of navigation  may be on the table for discussion- (see photo) -but there's more to consider, and (P.S.) you don't have to be OLD to live...
EXPLORING WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA Market Trends and 1031 Investment Opportunities (part 1) It was a perfect nearly-summer day and  we were ready to explore real estate investment opportunities in the Asheville area. With that in mind, we hit the road early this morning to explore Burnsville, NC an...
YOU may have heard that  that Asheville is HOT in terms of appreciation../.some say 10% annually. For buyers who want to explore investment opportunities as a result, that could be a very good thing. But caution is also in order. Before you jump into tha cute little bungalow that may appear to be...
Summer is on the way to the beautiful mountains and valleys around Asheville , N.C. And with the warm and welcoming day, you will find any number of naturally amazing (and even educational) things to do. Here a list of 10 that intrigue me...and one that I think could be AWESOME. (I'm smiling)... ...
Talk with an old hand in Asheville area real estateAT THE “KITCHEN TABLE”  What makes clients (and I) enjoy “sitting down at the kitchen table” in a relaxed atmosphere to talk about what is important to them?  Our mutual objective is to refine and define their network of referrals. It’s all about...
Asheville Real Estate Journal-Local Knowledge: The Big Win for Buyers, Sellers and InvestorsYou may want to be alerted to a recent news report that underscores the importance of local real estate knowledge for clients.  In the news- a Superfund site -and migration from that site - of toxic chemic...
REAL ESTATE REFERRAL NETWORK ASHEVILLE AREA RESOURCES. KNOWLEDGE. INSIGHT. RELOCATION & INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW.  You can count on our almost two decades experience in Asheville area real estate to offer you insight and knowledge that can be of real value. Our passion for the gorgeous mountainscapes, f...

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