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SINCE 2006~ THE HANDWOVEN BLOG~ about land and homes on the land in Asheville, N.C. ~ News you can use from The Experts: Land and home trends,“design-for-all”advantage,information from ePRO® NAR®GREEN & Eco Certified ® Real Estate professionals. "Boomers" and "Land Lovers" like us can enjoy the benefits of our experience, advanced training and top-ranked quick start guides. (see below) (:) The Necessary Disclaimer! We disclaim liability for damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on, information contained in the blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to our blogs.
Summer is on the way to the beautiful mountains and valleys around Asheville , N.C. And with the warm and welcoming day, you will find any number of naturally amazing (and even educational) things to do. Here a list of 10 that intrigue me...and one that I think could be AWESOME. (I'm smiling)... ...
Talk with an old hand in Asheville area real estateAT THE “KITCHEN TABLE”  What makes clients (and I) enjoy “sitting down at the kitchen table” in a relaxed atmosphere to talk about what is important to them?  Our mutual objective is to refine and define their network of referrals. It’s all about...
Asheville Real Estate Journal-Local Knowledge: The Big Win for Buyers, Sellers and InvestorsYou may want to be alerted to a recent news report that underscores the importance of local real estate knowledge for clients.  In the news- a Superfund site -and migration from that site - of toxic chemic...
REAL ESTATE REFERRAL NETWORK ASHEVILLE AREA RESOURCES. KNOWLEDGE. INSIGHT. RELOCATION & INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW.  You can count on our almost two decades experience in Asheville area real estate to offer you insight and knowledge that can be of real value. Our passion for the gorgeous mountainscapes, f...
"Boomers" on the Move ~ YOUR Style Any number of "boomers" and older adults seek information from our referral network for what they are calling their "Last Move" to  a "For Ever" home. In that regard,  there's much to think about. This, and posts to follow,  address some of the most common consi...
Any number of our clients are moving onward in their lives – and, as older adults, possibly downsizing.Caring for Clients as They Move Onward is Important.Of  necessity, we have learned to be attentive to specific needs of these clients. In fact, many of our clients - (past and present)-  enjoy" ...
It is well known ( and so documented) that Post50+ People -overwhelmingly-prefer to stay in their own homes. As a result, making wise real estate choices for positive aging is on the radar of many real estate brokers today. Many are tuning-in to the Aging-In-Place market because it is such a fast...
 A REFOCUS KIND OF UN-RETIREMENT- Asheville REALTOR StyleSeasoned (“old”) REALTORS do not retire they simply refocus. Most REALTORS who have been around for a long time have always valued quality of life. We understand our clients’ desire to be alive in the place where birthdays through the years...
at the roundtable  lots of happenings out on the land around Ashevillle.... 
TOMORROW :   *** WEB 5.0 ***  Is it set to address the authentic EMOTIONAL interaction between our clients and their computers? That is something I have have been wondering - wondering, too,what this might mean to buyers, sellers and real estate brokers and our transactions. And then, wondering i...

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