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SINCE 2006~ THE HANDWOVEN BLOG~ about land and homes on the land in Asheville, N.C. ~ News you can use from The Experts: Land and home trends,“design-for-all”advantage,information from ePRO® NAR®GREEN & Eco Certified ® Real Estate professionals. "Boomers" and "Land Lovers" like us can enjoy the benefits of our experience, advanced training and top-ranked quick start guides. (see below) (:) The Necessary Disclaimer! We disclaim liability for damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on, information contained in the blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to our blogs.



An “Oldie Couple” down the road from us has gone au naturel— their landscaping choices, that is. (for more photos on LEED and Green homes ->)    Soon after they did this, many of the residents in the neighborhood expressed concern that such “adventures”  - the cessation of mowing and weedin...
Tactical Urbanism - Open AshevilleOpen Asheville is approaching "tactical urbanism," an idea that's recently gained increasing attention nationwide, with a small project. The organization is demonstrating a way to change a particular area for the better and create a model for larger initiatives i...
 How My "Oldie" Real Estate Clients Overcome Negative StereotypesSO! ...seems that society, consumer marketing and the  media offer images that  reinforce negative stereotypes of "Oldies".... who are portrayed to be...bad drivers, set in their ways, repeat storytellers (like 40 times, ) absent-mi...
 The Duke Don't Dance- North Carolina's HOT NC Reads   Just discovered: The Duke Don't Dance (TDDD)  a novel by Richard Sharp- a good-good read for the summer. Don't get me wrong- this is not some paperback to take to the shore, simply an entertaining bit of fluff .... au contraire- it is, accord...
Looking for Asheville Mountain Land? One thing I can guarantee,when you get the “nudge”  it can be a real adventure. Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to  land that simply “speaks” to you. The sale of land is a unique activity in the practice of real estate.   There’s much to consid...
The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) founded in 1979, is the oldest and largest sustainable agriculture organization in the Southeast. The organization has  farmer-driven, membership-based 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  It helps people in the Carolinas grow and eat local, organic foods...
    How to Invest in What is Important to You. The Potential of the 1031 ExchangeAsheville Real Estate JournalFor people who grew up in the 60s, the “silent” and the “boomer” generations, over 80 Million now between the ages of 44-to-73-or so, investing wisely for happiness in the decades to come...
      The photo above entitled "The Light, The Storm, The Rain and The Mountains" taken from our cabin-  (in NOT typical weather for Asheville, July, 2012 ) was caught via  my SONY Cyber-shot . It reminds me of events over  a lifetime.  We see the mountains- their rocky surfaces pushed up by tect...
  10 BENEFITS of Green Development- Asheville Style          Countering a misconception about the financial viability of going green in real estate development, this white-haired investor in the idea of a sustainability and New Urban community is excited about her research and the benefits she ha...
 Asheville Real Estate Journal- The Engage Your Age Series UN-Retirement - Aging with Class: In our research on the “Perfect Nest” for  the Silent and Boomer Generations we focus on where and how aging people choose to live. Personally, as a REALTOR® I love the idea of creating a home space that ...

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