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    Cabin fever.  Outside of Minneapolis do you get cabin fever? That is what you get when you get itchy as winter goes on and on.  I mean itchy as your skin is falling off and you really scratch.  You also have a mental condition in which you are scratching your brain trying to figure out what g...
    As I go to get the mail, I find more and more seed catalogs in the mail box.  Not fair for those of us living in Minneapolis.  It is going to be a long time before we can start our seeds indoors.  It does give one pause to look through the pages.  I was looking at Park Seed this afternoon, an...
lentine's Day is fast approaching.  In school rooms today small valentines and candies are being passed.  When I was a kid this was a really big day.  The party was fun, we all wore red or pink, the frosted heart cookies tasted good, and you cringed when you got a valentine from a classmate of th...
Buyers will drive with me through the neighborhoods of SW Minneapolis that were built in the late 1940's and 1950'S.  They will tell me they look old and too small.  Look again my friends, you need to get in them and be impressed. I just brought on a new listing in the Armatage neighborhood and i...
    Dinner Theaters can get lost in the world of so so food and so so productions.  In many communities I think they have gone the way of drive-in theaters.  In Minneapolis we have a dinner theater that goes back a long ways.  It was one of the venues were I got my taste of love of theater.  It i...
    Minneapolis ad agency Colle+Mcvoy measured the chatter about Sunday's Super Bowl ads and report the Frito-Lay Ads had more tweets than all others including Budweiser. Can you guess the Frito-Lay ad that brought the buzz?  It was the one in which the small boy tells the new boyfriend of his mo...
    Did we living in Minneapolis watch the Super Bowl yesterday? Yes, we did.  We did for several reasons.  I * It is a national event so you must watch it. *You needed to see the ads to you could discuss them at the office. *We wanted to see New Orleans get creamed. *If New Orleans would win the...
    As a kid we did dishes as a family.    There were three of us kids and I was the youngest.  I usually had the scrape and stack detail. My older sister was the washer.  Not sure why age gave her that job, but it did.  I really wanted to play in those bubbles.  My brother was the dryer and qual...
            In Minneapolis in the winter time we get hoar frost.  I have attempted to find out why it is called that, but all I get is scientific information as to what it is.  On our clear nights soft ice crystals form on vegetation or any object that has been chilled below freezing.  It can be ...
    You all laugh with and at Garrison Keillor with his home spun humor, but is is my state of Minneota that he writes about.  It is okay to laugh at his stories about our Lutheran churches and the casseroles with Tatter Tots.  That stuff is more real than fiction.    Minneapolis and the rest of ...

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