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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Home Jane Realty - BRE# 01439865
A Los Angeles real estate broker specializing in absentee owners and out-of-town buyers. If you are not local to Los Angeles, or near the property in question, you need someone to act as your right hand throughout the process. That is where I come in. Just sit back and relax! You are in very capable hands.
Working in the real estate industry is not for the faint of heart or for those who need instant gratification. In my ealier days in the biz I had my share of listings, but as my marketing graduated more and more towards focus on my website the leads that came in were primarily from buyers and ren...
Those of us who blog on a regular basis know that we serve one master, Google.When I first started blogging the concentration wasn't specifically on how to please Google, it was more about building an attractive website and finding the right IDX. The IDX in the early days was what brought visitor...
Sometimes the job of of a Los Angeles real estate agent is nothing but fun.An 80 degree day near the aquamarine water and spectacular coastline views. I forget that I am actually working.. I chose this photo because of the contrast between the reflection of the blazing sun on the water and the re...
Much as I love showing houses, planning to visit more than around three of four becomes a challenge. I have my "foolproof" system. I plot out the homes on the MLS and generally start with the furthest one and work my way back. I really hate to end up having to end the showings at the furthest poi...
I haven't entered a contest in a long while so I thought I would see if I could use any of my photos to enter this one, after all they are just sitting on my computer. I am certainly far from the world's best photographer but now an again the camera does the work for me. This entry is to for the ...
I am not a sports fan but I must say I am a huge fan of baseball, and specifically The Dodgers. This has been an exciting season that will probably end in the usual Division winning, playoffs losing disappointment. But enough about that, that's not the subject of this post.I grew up in the U.K. a...
I check new listings manually every day on the MLS rather than setting up automatic notifications and I look forward to checking out each new listing to see if it matches any of my clients' needs. (Patting myself on the back). One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a new listing put on the market...
As Realtors® we are in the service business. Yes we are comission based. Yes we don't get paid unless we make a sale. No we certaily don't make as much money on rentals as we do on sales, and for the amount of work involved in helping renters we feel it may not be worth the time we invest. Howeve...
Yep, back on that pesky subject of my website. I'm not obsessive!When you have a website as old as mine - it's collecting a pension - you have to know that things are deteriorating slowly (not as fast as I am).I cannot even count the number of broken and redirected links, both internal and extern...
This isn't a part of the world I ever wanted to visit, but when I saw a cruise that covered Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China at a reasonable price it was too good to pass up.It certainly is a different part of the world, and it makes you appreciate what we have in the West. Los Angeles ...

Jane Peters

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