los angeles rentals: 7 Problems when Looking for a Los Angeles Rental Property - 06/09/14 03:57 AM
Finding a good rental property in Los Angeles is difficult at the best of times. Inventory, although improving, is still low, rents are rising, and the good homes lease quickly. Some of the following itemsto are going to make finding a good lease more difficult:
Bad credit or no credit. The first thing a landlord is going to want to see from a prospective tenant is their credit history. Anything lower than a score of around 650 is going to be a problem. This is going to be an ongoing problem. What are some ways around this? Work on repairing and/or … (4 comments)

los angeles rentals: What Does it Mean When a Los Angeles Home is Listed for Sale AND Rent? - 02/25/13 03:55 AM
When looking for a Los Angeles home to buy or rent you may find something on the market that is listed in both categories.  What does this mean?
In the days when it was a buyers’ market then probably the owner needed out for one reason or another and was not sure he or she would be able to sell the home.  So they put it on the market for sale.
Now, with low inventory that would probably not be the reason.  It could be that the owner wants a certain price and if they don’t get it they will rent their home … (37 comments)

los angeles rentals: Moving To Los Angeles? Need Help? - 09/19/12 08:18 AM
Many of the calls I get are from people moving to Los Angeles, from out-of-state or overseas.  These people need help above and beyond the usual real estate agent services provided.
You are most certainly going to want to rent before you commit to buying a home in Los Angeles, and you are going to be somewhat overwhelmed by the choices you may or may not have.
We can discuss your options which will depend on your needs.  Where are you going to be working?  Do you need a specific school or school district?  Do you want a specific lifestyle – near restaurants, shops, outdoor-living, … (13 comments)

los angeles rentals: Los Angeles Rentals. How Do You Handle Bad or No Credit? - 09/11/12 03:01 AM
Los Angeles Rentals with no credit or bad credit? A few of my rental clients are looking for Los Angeles rentals will less than stellar credit or no credit.
The sad part is they often don’t know that their credit will not meet the standards of a prospective landlord and are shocked when they are refused.  One hit on your report, a late payment, something about which you may not be aware, can drive your score down, so you need to check your credit report at least once a year.
What is considered good credit? In my experience landlords are looking for mid … (17 comments)

los angeles rentals: 10 Tips for Finding a Los Angeles Rental Home - 07/31/12 02:13 PM
Are you looking for a Los Angeles home rental?   If you have been following the Los Angeles real estate market then you will know that inventory is low.  It is the same for Los Angeles rentals also.
Here are some tips for finding a Los Angeles home rental in this competitive market:
If you are looking for a rental under $2,500, use Craigslist, Westside Rentals or drive around and watch for “For Lease” signs.  You will get the most choice this way. Over $2,500 it will probably pay to use the services of a Los Angeles Realtor®.  This will save you a lot of time and the frustration of trying to coordinate … (21 comments)

los angeles rentals: Moving to Los Angeles? How is the Rental Market Right Now? - 05/05/12 07:57 AM
You are planning on moving to Los Angeles, and are wondering about the rental market.
Well, it is hotter than ever.  Prices are rising and properties in good areas are going quickly.
Yesterday I went to the first open of a single family rental in Westwood, and the place was packed.
You probably are not ready to buy before you check out some of the Los Angeles communities, because you are not sure where you will want to end up living.  Renting for a year is a good way to find out.  And the easiest way for you to narrow down your search is to use a Los … (25 comments)

los angeles rentals: Rent a Luxury Home in Los Angeles - 08/26/11 05:45 AM

I am getting a lot of calls lately from people looking for luxury homes for rent in Los Angeles.  Often these are calls from assistants doing a preliminary search for their bosses, so having a Los Angeles real estate agent help with the search is going to make life so much easier.
Los Angeles homes for rent are going extremely quickly, not quite so much on the luxury end but  if the property is something special, then it too will go.  For that reason having someone watching the listings come on the market real time can improve your chances of getting the home you … (20 comments)

los angeles rentals: Renting a Property in Los Angeles - Westwood - 05/21/11 08:24 AM

You are moving to Los Angeles and are looking for a rental property.
I thought it might be useful if I broke down the Los Angeles rental property market by area to help you make your decision.
Here we will discuss rental properties available in Westwood.
Westwood, in West Los Angeles, is home to UCLA, and as such, rental properties are at a premium with a mix of:
Single family homes – there are presently 16 available from $4,500 to $25,000 per month
Condos – there are presently 69 available from $1,800 to $29,000 per month.
Of course this is what … (18 comments)

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