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Staging is all about Marketing your home. We want your home to appeal to the type of Buyer that fits your category. So, step outside and look at the houses around you and who is living  in them. Is your neighborhood full of young families, first time home buyers, empty nesters, seniors? This is a...
Selling your home can be very stressful. Keeping your home show ready disrupts your daily routines.This is why I always encourage my clients to create a Last Minute List and put it in their Last Minute Box. If you have a cat or a dog with a big swishing tail or a small child that loves to climb a...
Whenever I work with a client that has 'the Vision', I get the same reaction. They assume that because they can envision how a house will be for them that all the buyers have the same ability. They expect Buyers to be able to size a room, see past their possessions and tell where they will sit th...
Looking back on eleven years of consults, I see the same misconceptions about selling a home keep popping up again and again. By sticking to these theories you can make it harder to sell. 1. No art on the walls. Often when the Seller paints to help the sale of their house, they feel they should n...
It's not too often that I meet a Realtor who has never used a Stager these days. In my area, Staging has become the norm when selling a home. I was referred to this Realtor by colleague. Thank you! The agent wanted to know how it worked. I began by telling them it was my job to switch the seller ...
 When you decide to sell your home there will be many choices you will have to make during the process. Will you go with a Realtor or try selling it yourself? Who will you choose to represent you?What should the list price be? As a Stager, I know that each Seller has a budget and wants to work wi...
I'm a 'Tool' and proud of it! What kind of 'Tool'? I'm a Marketing Tool!Just like the MLS listing and photos, newspaper ads and brochures, Staging is a valuable Marketing tool. The sale of a home is influenced by Price, Location and Condition. Staging deals with the Condition of the home.  As a B...
As a Burlington Stager, I work with sellers in all the areas of Life. My client may be selling under duress due to financial problems, the death of a loved one or an impending divorce. It is my job to help them work through the process of preparing their home for sale within their present limitat...
As a Burlington Home Stager, one of the hardest concepts to get across to a client is how the 'Focus' of their home has to change. When you are living in a space, the Focus of the home is on you, the owner, and your needs. However, when you become a Seller, the Focus of the home must change to th...
Have you noticed that more and more homes in your area are being torn down and a new 'McMansion' goes up? It's certainly happening in my neighborhood. So, is it really worth preparing a home for sale? My answer would be a resounding YES!Why would you limit yourself to one type of buyer? A develop...

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