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I just watched relatives walk the winding path of relocating. It brought up that never ending quandary of 'Buy first' vs 'Sell first'. What is best? If you Sell first, you know what funds are now available to you as you look for your next home. You won't end up with two mortgages. But, you are no...
It's like a recurring nightmare .... well sort of ....Homes that have not been marketed properly because the sellers are unaware of the messages their home is sending out. The seller that was surprised that the buyers didn't like the forest that made up the backyard. They loved their deck under t...
Kathy Strieb hits it right on the money! If you are considering listing your home, call in the professionals early. Don't waste your time or money by making the wrong changes to your house. Find out about the market before you begin. The more knowledge the better. Is it ever too soon to talk to a...
As a Burlington Home Stager, I am expected to 'tell it like it is' about a Seller's home. After all, that's what I'm being paid to do. It's my job to tell the Seller the inescapable truth about their home so that it can be prepared for sale. A home in 'move-in' condition attracts the most Buyers ...
As a Stager I can be far more effective if I know the circumstances of the sale. Whether you are a Realtor or the Seller, please tell me your needs. I will respect my client's privacy. Here are some helpful hints: The house was decorated by an interior designer (especially if that is the seller)....
I know it sounds crazy, but, your House does talk to the Buyers!I always tell my clients to imagine that the Buyer cannot understand the local language. The only way they have to tell the Buyer about the features of their home is Visually. That's why it is so important to prepare your home for sa...
Kathy Strieb's description of the two D's is right on the money. Sellers read on and learn how to help your sale.  Remove These Two Things Before You Place Your Home on the Market.   If you are planning on selling your home, there are two things you need to remove before you put that For Sale sig...
Kathy Streib wrote a post about special touches that increase the appeal of a home. It got me thinking about the advice I give my clients.I'm a strong believer in keeping that feeling of Home in a House when it goes on the market. The Buyer should feel like they are Home when they walk inside. Wh...
When the Staging shows hit TV the buzz word was De-cluttering. So what is this Clutter that everyone is talking about? Why is it so important when you sell?Clutter is basically too much of anything. It can be a table full of family photos, a collection of dolls, figurines or fairies.A kitchen cou...
Last week I had the pleasure of working with the daughter of a 92 year old woman who was now going to live in a Retirement Home. The Realtor warned me it was 'dated'. The bathrooms and foyer were pink. There was wallpaper and wallpaper boarders. The kitchen was original. The contents needed editi...

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