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Why should I Stage my home is a question that I hear as a Burlington Stager. Some Sellers feel that the Buyer should be able to see past them and envision livng in their home. Some Sellers think preparing their home for sale is a waste of time since the Buyer will only move in an make changes. In...
Many Sellers feel that they are ready to Stage their home after watching TV programs about Staging. This can lead to disaster. It is extremely difficult to see your home objectively. You have so many memories attached to each room and the contents. Your memories will color how you see the space....
  Yesterday I was consulting on a home about to go on the market. It proved to be another example of an owner who had made very taste specific choices while decorating. 1. The coat closet by the front door had the doors removed. the shelf and rod were gone. In their place was a bench and mirror ...
  I realize that at the first contact I am an unknown. Unknowns can be scary. But really, I have Ethics! I follow a credo. <- The ASP symbolizes this credo.   I recently talked to two elderly women about to sell their houses. Both were very nervous about doing a consult. Partially because they d...
Shar Sitter shows us some great examples or how a house has to change when going on the market. In 'living' mode you can use the space any way you wish but in 'selling' mode it has to make sense to the Buyer. Don't lose one of the features of your home by disguising it's purpose.It Doesn't Matter...
Will the Staging pay for itself? I don't mind doing it if I will get my money's worth. A FAQ ABOUT HOME STAGING As a Burlington Stager, my clients want to know if Staging is worth their time and money especially if I have recommended a major change. The sale of a home is influenced by Price, Loc...
  FAQ ABOUT HOME STAGING -  You don't smell anything in my house right now do you? As a Burlington Stager, part of my job is to detect odors in a home. If I find any, I have to tell my Client the truth. Yes, I can smell dog, kitty litter, food, mildew, room fresheners etc. The home owner probabl...

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