first time home buyer: Do It Yourself Home Repairs or Hire a Professional? - 08/06/10 05:20 PM
Its easy to get lost in the bliss of owning your new home, but there are the technical concerns that come with many pre owned homes. During your contract, you will have an inspection performed on the house. This provides you a great guideline for problems you will need to tackle once you move in.  Television shows have sprouted up on small projects you can do at home—giving lots of inspiration for Saturday projects.  But the most important part of this will be deciding what you are capable of fixing yourself and when you should hire a professional.  For any cosmetic … (6 comments)

first time home buyer: Refinancing Your Home Mortgage: A Smart Choice? - 07/26/10 05:15 PM
Now, when mortgage rates are at record lows, refinancing gives hope of lower monthly payments. But, its a different scenario from years ago, when you received cash back.  Instead, you may have to pay cash upfront when you refinance if your loan-to-value ratio is greater than 80%- most lenders will require you to pay private mortgage insurance. Before you sign a contract to refinance, sit down with a calculator to determine whether the savings from a cash-in refinancing are worth the cost. The most important issues: •How long you plan to be in your home. With a conventional refinancing, you will … (0 comments)

first time home buyer: Texas Home Buyer Series, Part IV: Choosing a Home Warranty - 07/22/10 04:55 PM
Once you have an accepted offer on a house, there are several reports to order: an appraisal and termite inspection are the big two.  Beyond that you should decide if you would like to get a home warranty.  The purpose of a home warranty plan is to protect yourself against unexpected costs related certain appliances or home systems breaking down.
Depending on the plan, home warranty plans can cover air conditioners, washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.  Every plan is different, and you should be sure to read the fine print of each one you consider. Some plans will cover any and … (2 comments)

first time home buyer: Texas Home Buyer Series, Part III: Shopping for a Home - 07/21/10 04:19 PM
After you have chosen a location and know how much house you can afford, the fun part starts- shopping for your home.  Nearly 85% of people begin their home search online, to get an idea of what is available and of houses want to tour. 
Your real estate agent can search the MLS- Multiple Listing Service, for all houses listed in your area, that are listed by an agent or broker. Also, one real estate agent can show you all the homes listed on MLS, it is not necessary for you to contact each individual listing agent to set up … (0 comments)

first time home buyer: Texas Home Buyer Series, Part II: Mortgage Pre-Approval - 07/20/10 05:42 PM
Mortgage Pre-Approval: Your Most Important Phone Call
Purchasing your first home (or second or third) is an exciting decision.  But, before you jump the gun, be sure to make a phone call to one of the most important allies during the home buying process: your mortgage loan officer. During this phone call or office visit, the loan officer will pre-qualify you for a home loan. 
There are two different initial processes with a loan officer: pre qualify and pre approval.  To be pre-qualified, you are providing basic, overview information on your current situation, credit, income,etc.  To be pre-approved you … (0 comments)

first time home buyer: Choosing The Best Mortgage Broker For Your Needs - 06/01/10 03:29 AM
The first step in buying a house is to secure the financing of your loan.  This allows you and your real estate agent to know how much house you can afford.
Choosing a mortgage company, especially the right company, can mean the difference between a happy experience or a bad experience. When you are ready to start your home search, you have 2 general options:
Work directly with a lender. Lenders loan out there own money.  They typically have their own force of in-house underwriters and loan programs. Work with a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker has access to many different direct … (2 comments)

first time home buyer: Home Buyer Tax Credit Expires - 06/01/10 03:16 AM
Good Afternoon,
Today marked the first deadline for the Home Buyers Tax Credit program. In order to qualify for the tax credit, you must be under contract on a house, and close by June 30, 2010.
Just because the tax credit program has ended, does not mean you should be discouraged from looking at buying your home. It is still a strong buyers market and interest rates are still attractively low.
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first time home buyer: Lessons Learned - 1st Time Home Buyers Give Tips - 06/01/10 03:11 AM
For those embarking on their first home purchase (or second or third), you are in a whirlwind of decisions and options.  HGTV put together a list of tips and advice from people that have gone through the process and what they wished they had known in the beginning. 
Top 5 Tips: 
1.       Decide location versus space before searching for a home
2.       Don’t commit before you’re ready to buy
3.       Sweat equity can save thousands (Simple DIY remodeling/touchups)
4.       A down payment is never a bad investment
5.       The school district will affect home value
More Tips from Recent Buyers

first time home buyer: Darling Home in West Allen's Waterford Trails perfect for First Time Homebuyer - 1916 Palisade Dr., Allen, TX 75013 - 09/14/09 05:38 AM
Purchase Price - $259,000
Don't let your clients or first time home buyer's miss out on this opportunity in Waterford Trails, located in West Allen. This Darling home is move-in ready and doesn't need one thing changed. It's perfect for those with small children or teenagers. If you're clients are retired, then they'll enjoy the low maintenance of landscaping. The backyard is not the largest, but it provides plenty of room to relax and enjoy the evening sun. If you like privacy, then you'll enjoy not having a neighbor behind you. The street located behind the house is very quite and … (0 comments)