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Welcome to our Century 21 Bradley Realty Fort Wayne Real Estate Blog. We are both full time Realtors in the Fort Wayne area. Our blog consists of information about the Fort Wayne real estate market, fun things to do in the Fort Wayne area, tips on buying and selling a home, and we like to joke and have fun as well. Thank for taking the time to stop by!
It's Mid May and the real estate market in Fort Wayne, Indiana continues to be a seller's market.   'Clean and well priced' homes continue to fly off the shelves.  A lot of these homes are receiving multiple offers in the first 24 hours they're listed. While we can't guarantee this will happen to...
Amanda and I have always been entrepreneurs.   Amanda and I have not always been successful entrepreneurs. Back in the day we tried an ebay business selling over stock clothing, hitting garage sales and turning a profit selling items we found at these sales online, and we even tried multi level m...
  We've been full time Realtors in Fort Wayne, Indiana for eight years now.  2016 is our fifth year with Century 21 Bradley. There are plenty of companies that we could have chosen, but we chose Century 21 Bradley because of everything they offer their Realtors.   The staff is incredibly friendly...
Typically most sellers wait until early Spring to list their homes for sale in the Fort Wayne area.   2016 is NOT the year to do that!   SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Housing inventory is SO low right now it's ridiculous.   Sellers are getting multiple offers within 24 hours of listing.   Prices are slowly ...
What's going on in the Fort Wayne real estate market in January of 2016?  Let's take a look at the numbers.   Activity Snapshot - 8.5%  One year change in closed sales.+ 6.8%  One year change in median sales price- 20.5%  One year change in inventory New listings 1-2015:  710.    NL 1-2016:  677....
I (Jared) grew up in a strict household.  I was constantly being told what to do and what not to do.   DROVE.  ME.  NUTS.   It's always seemed like there were more "DON'Ts" than "DO's".  It turns out that my parents just loved me and wanted the best for me.  I can see that now. My mortgage banker...
That is a question we get all the time from potential clients and from the general public.   The answer is always going to depend on who you ask, so this is us, two professional full time Realtors that live and breathe real estate, giving our opinion of the Fort Wayne real estate market.   For se...
Years ago I had a friend that emailed me full of excitement. "Jared!  We are ready to buy a home!  We're pre-approved for $400,000 and here are 5 homes we want to see please." All 5 homes were right around that $400,000 mark.   Knowing that they had struggled to save enough for a down payment and...
Why do homeowners sell for sale by owner (FSBO)?  We would guess that 9 out of 10 do it to save money on commissions.  The other 1 out of 10 probably thinks they don't need a Realtor to sell their home. While we get it and understand where FSBOs are coming from, we think most fail for many differ...
Supply and demand runs all markets, real estate included.  The Fort Wayne real estate market has been a seller's market over the last year or so because of low housing inventory. There just aren't many homes for sale out there, and when a desirable home comes on the market, it's usually met with ...

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