mortgage: Iron Man $$$ - 05/01/08 01:43 PM
Robert Downey, jr is Tony Stark, a world-renowned weapons maker who's playboy prowess reeled in all twelve of one year's Playmates. His fancy world of fast cars and expensive booze is blown to bits when a convoy toting him through Afghanistan is hijacked by a group of rogue paramilitary types. As a hostage Stark figures out two things: 1) He must figure out a way to escape and 2) Upon finding his captors are using his company's weapons, put an end to the backdoor dealings of Stark brand ordinance. Iron Man provides a solution to both those quandaries. While a hostage … (4 comments)

mortgage: Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 04/28/08 05:04 AM
I could sense a heavy anticipation throughout the theater. The person next to me grabbed his coat and leaned towards the exit. I could hear the chatterboxes behind me gathering their belongings. There would be a race to get out of the theater and be the first to use some kind of play on the title. My idea was "it won't be so hard to forget Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Finally, when the Dracula puppet rock opera ended (seriously), I knew I had the movie in the bag. As I breezed towards the exit I dialed my wife to get my first … (1 comments)

mortgage: Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay - 04/28/08 04:59 AM
Kal Penn and John Cho are back. I love these guys. When I worked at KOSI 101 here in Denver I'd get all kinds of interview opportunities, but many of them weren't suitable to air between Michael Bolton and Amy Grant, so while Cher crooned her love pains, I recorded interviews on an office phone down the hall. You can hear the speaker phone awkwardness. Their first movie, dedicated to the pursuit of weed and Whitecastle hamburgers, became an instant classic in our household, and we don't even smoke pot. I think it would be better if we did. It's not … (2 comments)

mortgage: Revving: A Necessary Man Thing - 04/21/08 11:16 PM
Yesterday I put up some shelves.  I also punched some holes in the wall.  I didn't use my fist, and there was no Tequila involved, although that would be more graceful than what I did, which is lean all my weight on the drill until it slipped off the head of the screw and crashed through the fragile membrane of our home.  The first time I thought, "Wow, that's not good" in a sort of laugh-not-to-cry kind of acceptance.  The second time I avoided crying by yelling and throwing a screwdriver. I think I'd be less affected if I hadn't made myself … (7 comments)

mortgage: One Shining Moment, One Pitiful One - 04/09/08 05:38 AM
I watched the NCAA men's basketball championship.  I'm happy for Kansas.  As far as states go they deserve more credit.  It's just too bad they don't play their games along I-70. Afterwards, I waited for one of the players to hurt themselves while cutting down the nets. An NBA career ruined.  A free ladder for a lifetime of painting. I don't mean to be cruel, or doubt the tradition of taking part of the goal as a souvenir; it's just something I think to keep from crying. I must fortify my brain with the dark and sardonic.  Somebody please throw on some Girls Gone … (0 comments)

mortgage: Flawless $$$ - 04/09/08 04:33 AM
Demi Moore looks good. Her backless dress reveals a body made of rebar and tempered steel. Her graceful aging might only be trumped by her Flawless costar, Michael Caine. He just turned 75 and has appeared in every movie ever made. I have a feeling this won't be a big hit. It has some twists and turns that keep you interested, and Caine's old janitor comes with all kinds of surprises. But it's not a sexy romp with cool criminals like Oceans 11,12,13, or is a real intense thriller like some movie that one day might come to mind as an … (2 comments)

mortgage: Shine a Light $$$$ - 04/09/08 04:30 AM
After finally winning an Academy Award, Martin Scorsese can direct something other than sprawling period movies and gangster films. Here he takes some cameras to a rock concert and, without Leo DiCaprio, could very well be up for more awards. Shine a Light is for true Stones fans. It's little more than a beautifully shot rock concert at New York City's Beacon theater. And it is beautiful. It's full of color and detail, and you'd think detail would be an enemy of a sweaty sixty-year-old man. But Scorsese somehow manages to make them watchable. Even Keith Richards, a man whose hair … (3 comments)

mortgage: Rated R, for Really Not a Good Idea to Watch with Mother-in-Law - 03/28/08 06:34 AM
I’m not to the point where I’m going to join a council on morality, but something’s got to happen about all the nudity these days.  My concern starts with my visiting mother-in-law.  She’s taking a break from her duties as the treasurer of her church and star singer of a Baltimore area choir to visit our little family for Easter.  You can’t get more wholesome than that.  She even woke up at three in the morning Easter Sunday to watch the sun rise at Red Rocks.  This despite knowing that she would be able to see something similar at a more … (6 comments)

mortgage: By The Numbers: Ameriquest - 11/21/07 03:13 AM
$2,000,000,000,000Recent estimated loss to America's overall home values. (New York Times)30Number of states with regulators investigating fraudulent loan schemes at Ameriquest Mortgage Company, the nation's largest privately held mortgage company.62,000Number of claimants in class-action lawsuit in California alone, many losing homes or declaring bankruptcy.$325,000,000Money Ameriquest CEO Roland Arnell has set aside to settle his company's predatory lending practices.$76,192Amount of money in 2004 that Arnell donated to political candidates.1Ambassadorships bestowed upon Arnell. President Bush appointed Arnell as America's diplomatic representative to the Netherlands. Better put a finger in that home loan levee...No indictments, no lawsuits, no allegations of illegal misconduct, and not … (5 comments)


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