This lovely little car magnet caught my eye as I left the airport last week.  A visit to the web site quickly reveals that it's not a Realtor...but someone who buys homes as an investor.  Effective idea...worked on me.  I know you want to visit the site so here's a link to save you a few seconds...
I've lost count of how many times I've said "good is not good enough anymore" to an audience of Realtors. Over and over again, agents hear of the 80/20 rule. In terms of income available in the industry, that means that 20% of Realtors (the Great ones) earn a whopping 80% of it! Conversly 80% of ...
Is Eleanor Mowery Sheets really a good Realtor?  Is Dee Shultz really a good Realtor?   This weekend I have my students on my mind; next week I'll start session 1 with a group and graduate another.  The group I'm starting to work with has chosen to let me take them under my wing and remove their ...
Actually, I don't.  My knees were a little sore after a long distance run so I went to a shoe store that caters to runners.  After a foot scan in a really cool machine, I discovered that my arch is as long as you would typically find on a foot one full size bigger than mine.  This causes my foot ...

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