NOTE: Most of my blog visitors find me via my TypePad hosted blog. It's a carbon copy of what you see here except many who go there don't know about ActiveRain, thus the references. I'm aware that if you're reading here, you don't need an ActiveRain history lesson! ;-) Blogs give you a voice, but...
This week I graduated a group of Realtors from The Floyd Wickman Program at Prudential Arizona Properties in Phoenix.  In a very rough market they did a fantastic job!  Broker/Owners who could use a bottom line boost and Realtors who are thinking of getting a "real job" listen to this:In just 6 ...
...Floyd Wickman!What a great post Pat!  I would agree, even if I didn't work for him now!Post:  All I REALLY needed to know I learned from Floyd Wickman
Long ago, when everyone was discovering email in mass I had a nickname around the office.  It was Agentjason.  Don't ask me how it one really remembers but it caught on.  Soon everywhere I went, Realtors and other industry in Austin would call me by that name instead of Jason Edwards...
"We want to wait until after the election to sell."Did you hear that lately?  I could tell which of my students had been out on listing appointments the last few months.  They were the ones who came up to me and asked how to handle it when the seller threw that line at them.  In fact if you've be...

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